Taking Charge of Your Health

Hospitality is a question of people Each day at each moment
you learn something It builds an added value to you and that is just fantastic The world of hospitality
is a wonderful world where you can be happy
by making others happy The human to human touch is
the primary mode in hospitality when other aspects of the world
that human to human touch is going away It’s treating guests like
your best friends, like your family and making people feel at home The only objective is to give pleasure and to create a delicious memory We are merchants
of temporary happiness All of my experiences were really
valuable, for good and for bad It’s spending time to gather
that knowledge that makes you stronger Realize that everything is the long game a lot of things repeat
and they take a lot of time I knew I had to get over this hurdle It’s hard work before pleasure You have to work on you,
even if you’re on a negative day that you’re fully positive to people If you’re not gonna ask, nobody’s gonna
go out of their way to give it to you Ask and even demand
things from the world You should always observe
and analyze success There are always ingredients to success it’s really important that we take
steps forwards to be better I don’t think you ever get to the ultimate
and that’s what’s exciting There are many ways
to be happy in this job don’t become obsessed with recognition To be in an industry where you can dream
24/7 about travel what better life can you choose? Tomorrow is going to be brilliant! A lot of opportunity! Keep improving and
never stop going forward It’s undoubtedly the start
of an extraordinary adventure

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