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The hospitality program here at CTE
includes working at hotels and to get you into the restaurant industry. So it’s
not working at hospitals. Hospitality has to do with basically when you go on
vacation everything that is involved with that- the amusement parks, the hotels or
restaurants, when you get old enough the casinos, cruise ships or anything like that
The benefits of working in the industry is that you can travel anywhere
and everywhere that you could possibly imagine. Most hotels, like if you work for
the Hilton, you can stay at any Hilton around the US for like $50 a night and
then going anywhere in the world you can usually goes up to like maybe $75 a
night. So there’s that opportunity but then there’s also if you want to work
somewhere like overseas or even in another state or city there’s
so many opportunities because you can always find jobs in hotels and restaurants.
There is nowhere you can go that you can’t find a job in this industry. So the
skills that you will learn while you’re in this hospitality program is working
with people. You’re going to get all forms. You’re working with behind the
scenes. The people that we call the back of the house. So you learn how
to work with those. So you learn different people, different styles which
you’re going to need in any job you take after this. Even if you don’t go into
hospitality you learn to work with many different types of people. You also learn
customer service skills because you will be dealing with customers directly in
many of the positions so it’s anything you learn here even if you
don’t go in the hospitality industry you will still be able to use everything you
learn here somewhere else So the future for anybody coming out of
this program is incredible because the hospitality industry is one of the
fastest growing industries in the world. I mean you can’t turn around where
they’re not building a new restaurant not building a new hotel not building an
amusement park or not a new casino so this industry is never going
away. So the salary range that you can expect
is you can’t explain it because you if you
start on the bottom you’ll start at minimum wage whatever that is but the
ceiling is unlimited. If any of you know who Tilman Fertitta is. He’s now called
the billion-dollar buyer with a “B”. Research Tilman Fertitta. He started
here in Houston with one restaurant. He’s now one of the top people anybody goes
to. So after you complete two years in the program, each year at the end of
the first year you’ll take an exam and at the end of the second year you’ll
take an exam and this is through the Hotel and Tourism Management Program and
you will get a certification if you pass both. You’ll get a certification that you
can put proudly on your resume that says you’ve completed the program. You’ll have
documentation of the number of hours you spent in the industry so whether you go
straight into the industry which is why the hospitality program is so awesome
because you can go straight into the industry or you can go on to a two-year
school and get your associate’s degree or you can continue on to a
four-year school like U of H. Their hospitality their Hilton College which
is where I graduated from. But having those hours in the industry will work
toward toward your advantage.

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