Taking Charge of Your Health

Yes, I came to STAC from Europe
specifically for the Hospitality Management program. I heard a lot of good stuff
about it and I really wanted to try it out. And looking around trying to find a
school to transfer to, I came across St. Thomas Aquinas, and found that I
really did fit with Hospitality, and I applied to the school was accepted, and now one year later, here I am! I have found the learning environment at St. Thomas
Aquinas to be better than I, anything I could have hoped for at any other school, and the courses have been very different from a traditional
classroom setting I’m used to but had proven to be very very effective. Why I
chose STAC, why I chose to come to a Hospitality Management Program here,
because I saw online that it’s really good and I heard a lot of good stuff
about it, and also in New York, tourism hospitality is a really a big thing. I
feel that St. Thomas Aquinas has exceeded my expectations from going to
school. I’ve looked, I’ve been in other schools before that have said “oh we’re
there to help our students, we’ll always be there for them,” and I was told by my
professors at other schools that they gave up on me…and coming to STAC, all my professors have been there to help me after hours or even during class to make
sure that I exceed and understand the material that I’m being taught.

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