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(music) Sarah Crost (Food and Beverage Voyager, Marriott
Resort Lincolnshire): The hospitality program at Northern Illinois University is actually
extremely strong in preparing you for career success. Racheal McInerney (Catering Sales Executive,
Marriott Resort Lincolnshire): I think tons of experience is what I loved about being
at NIU. I actually interned at the Holmes Student Center where I got to work in banquets,
in the student center’s hotel, and then the connections that Dr. Li has to facilities in Chicago, restaurants, and hotels. So much opportunity to just learn and figure out what you want
to do by resourcing those networks. Sarah Crost: Dr. Li was my mentor and she
made sure that I got to meet with other mentors in the industry and she makes sure that we
get to do all of these site visits like today at the Lincolnshire Marriott Resort so we
can start networking with all of the other people within the industry. Racheal McInerney: Reach out to your network.
If you are considering a certain arena of hospitality, but you are not sure that you
like that. Reach out to a resource and say can I come and shadow you for a day/can I
see what your job is like before I pursue this permanently. Sarah Crost: I would highly suggest going
to all of the career fairs that we have and it is just wonderful all of the connections
that Dr. Li has to all of these big companies and then we get jobs straight out of college. Kristin Duncan (General Manager, Marriott
Resort Lincolnshire): My experience working with NIU alumni in my current role, I have
always been impressed with their preparedness for the leadership roles that they have taken
on. They clearly have some terrific practical and educational expertise on the hospitality
business that helps them ramp up much more quickly into their professional roles once
they get into the hotel and corporate world. Racheal McInerney: The thing that
I love the most about my career is that everyday is different. I get to work with a lot
of great clients. Mostly here at the Marriott Resort we do a lot of weddings so I get to
work with brides and grooms on the most exciting day of their lives. It is a really, really
fun field to be in. Sarah Crost: What I really enjoy in my career and
job right now is that I get to meet people from all over. You have the regulars at a
diner, but here at the hotel our regulars are people from New Zealand and we don’t get
bored in this kind of position. (music)

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