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Hospitality, biblically speaking
means love of the stranger so it transliterates from a Greek word
philoxenia. So what hospitality is not is
fellowship and there’s nothing wrong with fellowship, we love
fellowship. We love having our friends over
who think the way we do and they’re safe and we can just
catch up right where we left off but that’s not actually
hospitality, hospitality has the stranger in mind because we were
once strangers to the Lord. So that’s what hospitality is,
radically ordinary hospitality is a way of life that sees every
day as an opportunity to practice hospitality from right
where you are. So you don’t actually have to be
somebody else to do this, you have to be you. You know hospitality it’s a
universal command uniquely applied and I think that we all
need to think about how we’re all needed in this. There’s only one you and you
will apply this differently than I will and that’s OK but nobody
gets a free pass, you don’t get to not ever practice
hospitality. Now there are seasons when we’re
going to ebb and flow but if it’s a lifestyle of refusal
that’s called sin.

One thought on “Hospitality: What It Is, and What It’s Not

  1. Thank you… Hospitality and fellowship, they are different…. I didn't know that.

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