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Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor natural medicine
and founder of Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. Today’s broadcast I’ll be talking about what’s
in the hot dog and I’m telling you right now it will probably scare you and blow your mind
but also be I’ll be sharing with you what are some natural alternatives to today’s hot
dogs. Let’s go ahead and get started and say, you
know, I know a lot of people in fact hot dogs are one of the most consume food and America
today. They are served at ballparks. They’re served at roadside stands all over
major cities and really is a staple, I would say of the American diet, but unfortunately
today’s hot dogs don’t stand up to the original of what they actually should or could be,
which actually can be healthy. What’s in a hot dog? You’re going to be surprised to find out here. By the way, hey, you should share this video
with somebody because I think a lot of people don’t realize what they’re eating on a daily
basis. Number one, corn syrup. We know that corn syrup and high fructose
corn syrup and you may not realize that when you’re tasting a hotdog, did you know they’re
adding all of this extra sugar to it? Well, this is a main staple of what’s in a
hot dog and it’s genetically modified corn that’s then processed into sugar. We know genetically modified foods have the
DNA of different viruses and pesticides wired into them. A lot of people if you would grab an apple
and spray it with chemicals, would you eat it right away? No. A lot of people are doing that on a daily
basis with their food but what’s even worse is when it’s actually wired into the food,
into its DNA as is corn syrup one of the main ingredients in hot dogs. Number two, sugar. So again people don’t think of hot dogs as
being sweet but if you taste a hot dog, it has a subtle sweetness to it because of all
of the sugar and corn syrup that’s added. We know the side effects of sugar are increases
your risk of diabetes, increases your risk of cancer, increases your risk of heart disease,
increases your risk of pretty much any disease known to man because it causes inflammation
and it imbalances insulin levels. When insulin gets thrown off, it can cause
other hormonal issues, cortisol to increase, human growth hormone to lower, and on and
on and on. These two reasons are big enough reasons to
stay away from hot dogs but we’re just getting started. Number three here, we know factory farm meat
is specifically pork. Now what you get is conventional pork and
we know that pigs themselves are scavengers. They love to eat worms and parasites. In fact, traditionally with certain types
of farms, they would have the hogs go around and clean up rotted fruit that had parasites
and worms growing out of it and that’s what they really ate. Really they will eat pretty much anything
out there today. I’m not even going to mention some of the
stuff they roll around in, in their own stuff. And so again factory farm meat primarily pork
is what’s in hot dogs. We know, and by the way, I just spent hours
writing an article on this about all of the parasites that pigs carry and what happens
to us when we actually eat the food. They’re the most toxic meat and toxic animal
on the planet and that’s the main farm meat. And that’s just them if they’re eating naturally. Now in a conventional state, they are fed
garbage and they’re also injected with steroids and antibiotics and growth hormones. So when you’re eating conventional farm meat,
especially pork, which is the worst of the worst by far, you’re getting steroids, growth
hormones, antibiotics, and estrogen mimicking hormones. You’re getting all of this bad type of omega-6
fats, which cause inflammation, unhealthy types of saturated fat and a number of other
chemicals all from getting this factory farm meat not to mention parasites actually in
the food you’re eating. That’s a big enough reason to stay away from
hot dogs but again we’re not done yet. Number four here, nitrates and nitrites, especially
when you’re eating something like a pork bacon, it’s full of these chemicals that cause histamine
reactions, it actually damage the health of your heart and your cardiovascular system,
and increase your risk of gut damage, increasing your risk of autoimmune disease all from nitrates
and nitrites. Number five here, phosphoric acid or phosphates. Now this is a chemical family that is used
in the treatment of several conditions but it’s been linked to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea,
and a number of other digestive disturbances there as well. Number six are just fillers in general. Again, one of the things that are added into
hot dogs a lot of times even is corn flour and other fillers, more genetically modified
material and that’s what gives it sort more fluffy texture. Think about it. If you have a steak or that type of meat,
it’s a very specific. Again, it’s more chewy. It’s a certain texture. The texture of a hot dog you can tell is this
mixture of this chemically farmed pork, along with sugar, along with other chemicals, along
with a lot of times GMO corn or soy, a lot of times there’s soy in there as well. That makes it kind of that mess. If you ever had like tofu or tempeh, that
sponginess, that’s typically from a soybean or processed wheat. So many hot dogs have three of the biggest
allergens in the world of processed wheat, soybeans, and GMO corn all in there as part
of the fillers. You’re going to have in a hot dog. Number seven, actually, the DNA of humans
has actually been found in hot dogs. Talk about toxic to the body. So again, listen, here’s the good news is
that you can find healthier alternatives. What I would recommend is going and looking
for several options here. One, buy organic when you’re buying a type
of a hot dog. Number two, look for beef hot dogs that are
made with 100% beef so organic beef hot dogs or kosher hot dogs. That’s what you want to buy. Those are much better options. There are also turkey and chicken hot dogs
or bratwurst or things like that, but again, you want to look for kosher or organic. One of the two, kosher or organic and made
with 100% meat like beef or bison or chicken if you’re buying hot dogs. So listen, on this video I’m not telling you
never to consume a hot dog. I’m saying never consume a conventional hot
dog. Instead go for organic, go for good kosher,
go for all natural types of meat ideally grass fed like beef, and again, you’re going to
be much healthier for it. So again listen, nobody ever benefited from
it, and again, I know hot dogs taste great, but you know what, I’m telling you right now
I prefer, I’ve had a grass fed beef hot dog not too long ago actually a couple of months
ago when I was in Florida, and you know what, it tasted better than that conventional junk
out there. So again, you can find healthier alternatives
out there I guarantee it. Guys, hey, if you’ve enjoyed this live video,
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100 thoughts on “Hot Dog Ingredients

  1. Hello Dr Axe. I know I am posting this under the wrong video, but if my adrenal fatigue is causing more low energy and lack of motivation instead of anxiety, do you recommend rhodiola instead of ashwagandha? Is there a brand you can recommend?

  2. A study on pig behavior saw that if pigs are given enough room and not kept in tight pens, they will all use only one corner to defecate. Some studies show they are more intelligent than dogs. It was brought before the Senate, that in many slaughtering factories, over 20 percent are not unconscious when put into the scaulding tank, and thrash in pain, but if it tastes good, who cares, right?

  3. Great video. How do companies inject human DNA in a hot dog? Are they using corpses? Who has human DNA lying around?

  4. wow that's gross. I will never eat any hot dogs again unless it's organic. human DNA in them. sick sick sick. the people who make them with that in it needs to be shot.

  5. Brave. Food industry is labeling information like this as domestic terrorism. We need good information out there like this to inform the consumer.

  6. Dr. Axe, thank you so much for the content you put out. Ive learned so much from you and at this point, I feel like a doctor lol

  7. Last time I looked those Hebrew National kosher hot dogs [that answer to a higher authority, as they'd say in their TV ads, contained nitrates/nitrites. Perhaps that "higher authority" they answer to is okay with that.

  8. I rarely eat hot dogs, because the ingredients were always a concern (unless I'm somewhere and there is nothing else to eat like a friends BBQ)…. though I admit they taste good.

  9. Anyone knows where to purchase organic hot dogs? I have never seen that option at any grocery store I have been to.

  10. I think that the best thing for my family would be, to grow our own fruits and vegetables and Raise our own 🐥 in order to ensure quality food and healthier lifestyle. Otherwise they're feeding us 💩 even if you are vegetarian or vegan or try to eat "organic"

  11. My biggest annoyance when it comes to food health topics is demonizing certain foods as being bad, such "chips", "pizza", "hot dogs", "chocolate", etc, etc. Yes, I understand that the typical, main stream, store bought version of a lot of these things are not healthy, but there almost always IS a healthy version or even better make it healthy by making it yourself and using good ingredients! Not all hot dogs are made using this crap. Even still, I wouldn't make them a mainstay of your diet.

  12. I don't eat hot dogs just because I have never liked the taste even as a kid but seriously it seems like EVERYTHING is toxic these days. I try to eat organic & eat a mostly meat free diet but even with that I find it all overwhelming sometimes. Lol

  13. Whole Foods has some good organic chicken hot dogs. No preservatives, no byproducts or fillers, food dies. I dont have the name right now, but they are packaged in the fridge section near organic chicken. I dont eat much meat anymore though. Down to fish, nuts, veggies and fruits. However, cant let organic fool you either…not always true. Especially with a processed food.

  14. Thanks Dr. Axe. Great information, specially about the Pork meat. I have lots of food allergies and as soon as I eat any kind of sausages my whole digestive system and skin will be messed up.

  15. What I don't get is why people would even want to buy hot dogs in the first place. Most of them actually cost more than "real" meat.

  16. Use to work where we ground the meat/bones of chicken to make hot dogs. Still eat them, never changed my mind. LOL Toxic pork! LOL I dare say sodas have more phosphoric acid by far than pork. I'd have to say your full of shit for stating Human DNA is an ingredient of hotdogs. Ingredients is something you add. Any food prepared by human hands can and will contain human DNA. Your a flake!

  17. So that's what messed me up, don't eat hotdogs if you have hyperparathyroidism, i think the chemicals especially phosphate spike the problem.
    Dr. do you have a say in this?

  18. It's not hard people pigs are disgusting they also eat humans !!! So why would the findings of DNA in the hot dogs be alarming.

  19. I love your videos but I don't finish watching most of them because they're too long (8 minutes in this century equals an hour 😳)

  20. Boy this guy is nice and not even saying that leftover feces is in Hot Dogs including teeth and it doesn't matter what kind of hotdogs you buy that's where all the leftover crap is. All the fat because they've got to make money somewhere and hot dogs is where it is. It's the sewage of all meat.

  21. I get sick when I eat them I can only eat chicken hot dogs… If I eat a pork chicken hot dogs I get sick my nose starts to act up I feel like my nose gets inflammation…

  22. Dr. Axe, I have attempted several times to receive the e-book "The King's Medicine Cabinet". I have provided 2 separate e-mail addresses, but no link is sent for confirmation. I hope this can be fixed! Thank you for all of the great health information. It is vital!

  23. Occasionally I eat the Applegate organic hot dog, but I noticed that one hot dog has 500 mg sodium. That can't be good for someone with hypertension.

  24. What I'm not liking is how he just Staples this gmo freekout statement. All food we eat have been modified or bread to grow in the way we want

  25. I'll be 71 in a couple of weeks… I have been eating Hot Dogs since I can remember and I have never been sick in my life !
    I think I'll run out and grab a couple of Chili Dogs right now !

  26. Strange…..I walk in with a cheeseburger and the alcoholic can't keep their mouth shut about my bad eating habits. I eat bacon and the seafood lover won't let me enjoy it. I heard this info about pigs from one of them, but when I pointed out the crab meat they enjoy comes from something that scavenges just like pigs do they didn't have much to say…. What gives???

  27. Huh???… what if an ORGANIC item has corn syrup???… idg it… if it's suppose to be organic… it's NOT suppose to be genetically motified!….?????

  28. Thanks for the info Doc, Can you make a video on what hot dog brands we should buy, ie. Oscar Meyer, Nathans etc…

  29. If you have to have it, just make them with fresh sausages where you actually see the meat/fat and it isn't just pink goo.

  30. please help me n my 3 growing boys. We desperately need an easy perfect diet to follow for everyday. No harmful chems. , sugars, fillers. Just please give me one weeks breakfast, lunch , dinner menu for 7 days to follow that will give us what we need to keep us healthy n strong. Good for our hair ,skin, heart, blood, body muscles. We really need it. My youngest is a little over weight and his blp. is a a lil high for his age (11 years).

  31. My dog refuses to eat hot dog, he smells them and turns away, even if I mix them with other table food. Why? Are dogs smarter than humans?

  32. Human DNA even found in veggie dogs. Think filthy BIG AGRA food-processing plants and people with bad sanitary habits. "Achoo!"

  33. I live in Central Jersey and have access to some great farms. I get wonderful organic, grassfed hotdogs. Keep them in the freezer and take one out on occasion.

  34. Dr Axe. I am wondering if you can help me understand why farm raised pork is toxic and free range , grass fed chickens are not? Most chicken with the title of grass-fed, free range, natural and I believe even organic are run behind cattle ( or other livestock) to eat the maggots and disperse the cattle dung. They also often get table scraps. Is there a difference in the two meats after processing? It would seem that they would both process the parasites the same.

  35. Do you people actually believe that pig farms feed their animals garbage? Like where do they get all of this parasite filled fruit, and why would they feed in to their pigs?? These type of videos are hilarious.

  36. It doesn't surprise me that human DNA has been found in hot dogs. The mob is always looking for new ways of making people disappear.

  37. Oh wow you just lied beef dogs are disgusting they do not taste better than the trifecta which is a hot dog chicken pork beef

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