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Eric Bakker: Greetings, greetings, Eric Bakker
the naturopath from New Zealand. Thanks for coming back. As you’ve noticed, we’re talking about weight,
we’re talking about weight maintenance, weight loss, the factors that contribute people from
gaining weight or losing weight. We’re going to do a whole lot of different
videos on this topic. We weren’t just going to be talking about
keto diets, keto diets, keto diets. That’s not what I’m all about. I’m more of a holistic practitioner. I like to look at a lot of different concepts
regarding weight loss, weight gain, and weight maintenance. In particular, weight maintenance is what
I’m interested in, healthy weight. The question now is how and why, or why and
how a disturbed gut makes you fat. Well, let’s look at it from the reverse angle. Fat people, or obese people often have a disturbed
gut. It’s very rare for me to find a very large
person, or even a significantly overweight person with a healthy gut. If you are a bigger person with a perfectly
well-functioning gut with no bloating, no gas, then you’re in the minority, I can tell
you that. We’re talking a person that’s reasonably big. I’ve yet to see that kind of person. But why does this happen? Why do bigger people have bad digestive systems,
or do bad digestive systems lead to bigger people? Well, health starts in the gut. We know that. We need to have very good levels of beneficial
bacteria. We need to have large amounts of these. We need to have the bacteria populations in
the [inaudible] under control. We don’t want gas, we don’t want bloating,
we want to have a nice, easy bowel function. One or two bowel motions a day with minimal
issues here whatsoever. Now, a healthy person will have that, but
when the bacteria population starts to become imbalanced, when the yeast starts to take
over, and particularly when a person goes on medications. You look at bigger people, many of them are
on medications for blood sugar control, cholesterol, diabetes kind of medications, these sorts
of things. Medications again, will start to create a
gut dysfunction. If you look at all the pharmaceutical medications,
they all have side effects. Most larger people take medications which
again, shunt them, in my opinion, into the potential for a digestive issue. Then of course more drugs come into the mix,
and they’re on the merry go round. I prefer people, if at all possible, not to
embark on pharmaceutical medications daily use long term. Then of course I’m going to get comments “You’re
an idiot. I need to take these drugs or I’ll die. I’ve got to take them every day.” I know that. I’m hearing that. For some people, they need to be on medications,
but for the majority of people can come off medications once they get things about in
their life back in order again. I’ve personally helped a lot of people achieve
that aim and get them off meds, because once they’re on that med merry go round for months,
and months, and years, the gut becomes dysfunctional, the liver becomes dysfunctional, the kidneys
become dysfunctional, and of course their health starts to go down, but that’s just
how it is these days unfortunately. Don’t try to stay on medications long term
if you can avoid it. Ask your doctor if your doctor can help you,
if he or she can help you come off that medication and find something that’s not going to create
such a problem. Disturbed guts make people fat because they
create fatigue, because they’re imbalanced, because they create all kinds of issues that
push the person into inappropriate eating and lifestyle patterns. I’ve seen this for so long now, it’s incredible. Once you go into dysfunctional pattern of
a life, often the eating pattern becomes dysfunctional, becomes hit and miss, both in terms of what
you eat, and when you eat it, and then of course that really affects the gut. Then you’re going to get more gas, more bloating,
and then of course if you … paracetamols, or ibuprofens maybe thrown in on the mix,
or medicines for period pain or oral contraceptive pill, whatever. All these things get thrown in on the mix,
and then of course the gut becomes dysfunctional, the liver becomes dysfunctional, and then
the person goes down. Most cases I’ve seen of a person who’s been
sick very long term, it sounds awful, but they started off on some type of pharmaceutical
regime, and that created part of their downfall. Or, they had a big emotional event like a
divorce or bankruptcy, and that pushed, shoved them into a lifestyle which created these
inappropriate patterns we were talking about. And then of course, the gut became disturbed,
and then the person gained weight. There’s always a reason why things happen. That’s the point I’m trying to make here. Your gut doesn’t become disturbed. It develops that over a period of time. It just doesn’t happen per chance. You don’t wake up, “Oh, my gut’s disturbed.” When you were a young person, you had a healthy
gut, so the gut got created to be disturbed through some pattern of dysfunction, and that’s
what needs fixing. If you can fix those sort of dysfunctional
patterns, you can often undo years and years of problems, health problems, and of course
excess weight can be a big health problem for some. That’s how a disturbed gut comes about, through
some pattern of dysfunction that led that person down that path. Then of course, when they’re down that path,
weight becomes the issue. Fatigue becomes the issue. Sore back, sore knees, and then emotionally
the person goes into a tailspin. I may have just described you out there, Mrs.
Jones or Mrs. Whoever, or Mr. Whatever. If you see something in that, these are the
sort of patients I’ve been seeing for years, and they’ll be around for a while yet. So, how do you not get a disturbed gut? By trying to do things the natural way. Things that I’m always trying to promote on
this channel. Don’t forget to click on the link below if
you want to look at some different diets that we talk about, and weight. I’ll have a good report for you to check out. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Paracetamol is the most distroying medicine for the liver. In the Netherlands is dramatic how much
    people use this , its the most dangerous
    medicine , even in hospitals people get much paracetamol, standard , every day.

  2. What should people use instead of pain killers? I only use them for period pains when I can't work with the pain, although i try not to.

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