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Today I want to say, to my viewers ITP is a very serious problem, which is seen even in children and adults nowadays. In Ayurveda we are getting very positive results from our ITP patients. The child sitting here is Daksh. He was suffering from ITP. His parents are also here. Let’s come and learn about their experience and how Ayurveda did his treatment. What is your name? Arun Sharma. From where you are? Delhi What is your name? Sangeeta When did he have this problem? When he was 4 years old. How old is he now? 7 years This means that he was diagnosed with this problem 3 years ago. Yes sir What level of platelet count did he have at that time? When we came to you, he had about 13000 plus platelet counts. When we started your treatment, it took some time to recover, we thought it would not cure but now my son is fit and fine. Last year we did his Platelet Count done, it was more than 2,50,000. Last year? No, the last two years, he had recovered in 8-9 months. Ok and now we again met in Delhi by chance. Your son is fine for two years now? Yes sir, my son is absolutely fine now just because of you. You came to me two and a half years ago and after 6-7 months of treatment, he is fine. Meanwhile how he deals with ITP. We took him to Sucheta Kripalani Hospital in Delhi. They transfused platelets. Then the platelet count reached about 150000 but later it was reduced again to near about 13000. Then we came to you and took treatment from you. What treatment did allopathy give? They gave steroids but we did not agree. Then I read about you and came to you. Now he is fine. In allopathy did they give only steroids or any other initial treatment? They transfused platelets to him. Ok. How long did you continue treatment in allopathy for 6, 8 months or 1 year? 2 months When ITP was diagnosed, you underwent allopathy treatment for 2 months and then Ayurvedic treatment for 8 months. In 6 or 7 months, he was cured. After that, I told you, he is fine. When he was diagnosed, was it confirmed that it was ITP? Yes, sir, it was confirmed and bone marrow testing was also done. When the ITP was diagnosed, what did the doctors tell you? They stated that there is no treatment available in allopathy for ITP. We will give him steroids, the platelet count will increase but may decrease later. Some children may recover and some may not. They do not have permanent treatment for ITP. Then we came to you. How did you come to me? I was under a lot of stress for him. I used to search for the net for this. Then I saw you and your YouTube video and decided to come to Chandigarh to meet you. I remember, you were very stressed at that time. Yes sir, I used to cry a lot at that time. You also start crying in the clinic when you came at that time. But now you feel better? Yes, sir. God sees you were there for us. Any message you want to convey to other ITP patients? I want to say, there is no cure for ITP in allopathy. Vikram sir is very good. I also read about him. My son was in his hands and now he is completely fine. We also went to the Government hospital and suggested to the patients there that instead of wasting your time and money going here and there, they should come to Dr. Vikram sir. Did you go to government hospitals yourself? Yes sir, after your treatment he went to AIIMS and Kalawati hospital just to aware those who were in trouble like us and told them about you and your treatment. You went there for no reason? Yes sir, just for the purpose of telling people about you. Well, you want to convey your message to the ITP patients. Yes sir. You worked as God for us. God does his own work! Take care of Daksha and do not give any packaged food. In ITP the body makes antibodies against our own platelets. These days kids do enjoy the packaged food and love eating in the markets. Fast and packaged foods like Coca-Cola, soda drinks contain carbon dioxide which is acidic and it reduces platelet count. I always recommend ITP patient to take care of their diet and avoid milk and milk products. Did you follow a proper diet too? Yes sir, I followed all the dietary guidelines as you said. I also talked about some juices and gave you a diet chart? I gave him juice and syrup, as you said and also followed the diet chart. We didn’t give him any spices. I did recommend Red juice, Green juice. Yeah I did give him juice of Bottle Gourd and you did give him some herbal juice and water the way you told us. I do give a diet chart and you followed it. That’s a good thing, your son is fine now and got rid of ITP. I am very glad. Thanks a lot. Thank you, sir.

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