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I’m 25 years old married with three kids I often have to wash the sheets because someone wet the bed oh and it’s me my sister recommended I by thick absorbent underwear products but I’m too young for that I’m also too old for wetting the bed why is this happening and what can I do well the medical term is called enuresis and I’m going to answer it based upon being a female of the reproductive age but once again it’s night time so time to talk about what sleep things can do this obstructive sleep apnea and people ask me why why enuresis wetting the bed why going to the bathroom at night because when you have untreated obstructive sleep apnea you get excess hormone called a and P and sense for Natura tick it means it makes you dump out salt in your urine and wherever salt goes dr. drew who follows water that is right and all this hormone called a ADH we’re talking about and that’s why people with sleep apnea have frequent trips to the bathroom it’s called nocturia and they could have enuresis and that’s why when they wake up in the morning they are so dehydrated because of all that fluid loss but you know what what it when I hear a reproductive age female I’m going to think about bladder issues I think she’s had three children so are you concerned about her support there and one of them is called stress incontinence but that’s not the answer you know why that happens to me of coughing and seizing she’s predisposed to it but this is enuresis it happens when she’s sleeping there’s no history I’m putting my bed on what they call overactive bladder syndrome we see it quite commonly with the detrusor muscle around the bladder gets a little irritated and I have seen patients that get referred to me because of this at night and there’s definitely things that we could do to help that I think this is another one of those where if this is happening best thing to do is get it checked out yes how much water is she drinking before she goes badly alcohol is there something she’s taking that makes her sleep so heavily am that she doesn’t wake up to go to the bathroom so know what the best part about this is we picked two of the not the most common things that sleep apnea presents with night sweats and enuresis so always think outside the box even the occasional adult bedwetting could be perfectly normal in fact we want to know how coming it was amongst our viewers we asked via our social media followers have you ever what the bed isn’t it all eleven thousand people participated in the poll fifteen percent answered yes drew of you know what the bedroom is an adult no I guess I have something to look forward to it’s really well taken even visa vie this that if you have never experienced something and something comes up out of the blue especially as an adult then you should be looking into medical reasons for example for as an adult one time I was having a dream that was up going to the bathroom yeah and I mean I was sound asleep and uh I woke up from my dream and I wasn’t at the bathroom so tired I wanted to believe him I was so tired from work I just wanted to believe that I was already up it’s so great she wake up from that bad dream you

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  1. I have done the exact same thing Dr. Dreamed I was urinating and urinating was what I did. Only I wasn't sitting on a toilet. Than

  2. I find that I can’t have any caffeine at night otherwise I wet the bed, I never put two and two together until I stopped drinking coke and had more water and after several months, I had one 1 can of coke at night and I wet the bed. I did a bit of research on this and caffeine can cause you to wet the bed

  3. I do this sometimes and I dream that I'm using the bathroom then I wake up I realize I wet the bed why is these dreams I have

  4. (I'm a teen). I was once really embarrassed because I was staying over at a friends house and I had a short dream and I was in the toilet, I woke up very quickly after this then started peeing. Luckily before she woke up I cleaned it up with blankets and my clothes (ikr gross)

  5. I have dreamed that I am in the bathroom and started going a little before I woke up. It’s probably pretty common, especially if you’re really tired.

  6. I had nighttime enuresis until I was 19. It was miserable. I had all kinds of tests and treatments and nothing worked and no cause was discovered. I took pills, wore devices and even had a cystoscopy which was pretty uncomfortable. All I can point to is that it runs in my family, but I think I set the record for oldest sufferer. I just want to put it out there that I had absolutely no control over it. I hated it. It was humiliating and had many upsetting side effects in my life, but I always felt this underlying feeling that some people thought I was just lazy or did it on purpose. Why the heck would I do that?! Geez. To anyone out there who suffers how I had suffered, my sympathies. My enuresis finally cleared up on its own my first semester away at college. Yes, I had a roommate. I don’t think she ever figured it out, but constantly keeping the secret was exhausting. Stop the shame, people! I wish I could have had someone who understood and didn’t get grossed out by me at the time. It was very isolating.

  7. My sister and I never once wet the bed as children, but one time when I was in high school right as I was starting to wake up I dreamt I had gotten up to pee and started peeing the bed, which woke me up for real. I was mortified but laughed it off. Never happened again.

  8. I wet the bed every night of my life until the age of 22. Back in the day, sleep disorders were not 'hot topic' so my bedwetting was thankfully cured with strong meds. But now I am thinking it has been a sleep disorder all along because I have also never woken up feeling refreshed. I thought waking up tired was normal….so if you are a bed wetter, please ask for a sleep study. I will too – 15 years later.

  9. This dude could tell me I have seven different diseases and would die in an hour and I'd be so engaged and happy😂😂. He's so animated with his explanation

  10. Wet the bed everynight tried so many things to stop. Still have it a few nights now, always dream I'm peeing and wake up wet. What causes us to pee In out sleep? Is bedwetting adhedrity because both my sisters use to bedwet everynight and my dad was a bed wetter and his dad was

  11. Bed wetting just requires toilet training. The way you toilet train an adult is to beat them severely with a bat until they learn not to bed wet. The more severe the beating, the quicker they will be toilet trained. How do I know this? This is how smelly indians are toilet trained to stop them from shitting in public places. Works every time

  12. I have been wetting the bed since childhood. I’m 20 now. Even though it’s not as frequent it’s usually at least once a month. It sucks and I don’t know how to fix it.

  13. 39 and still going through it. Never went for a night out with friends. No relationship. Growing up I was always blamed for it that u am being lazy. It's not easy to share this in my society.

  14. I have really bad night sweats sometimes I wake up thinking I wet the bed 🤷🏾‍♀️ I am 12 too old for bed wetting so I just tell myself that it’s sweat

  15. I see a trend that a big majority of the bed soakers here are women. I soaked the bed the other night and I'm still laying in it. I just moved to the far side.. it's no longer wet but now I'm worried about the mattress and if I've damaged it. This isn't even my cotton picking bed. Thank goodness it's in a spare room. I'll just blame it on the cat.

  16. Until the problem is sorted out it would probably be a good idea to wear a protective undergarment of some kind. Not too old or too young. Many adults have to wear incontinence products for medical reasons

  17. When I was 14 I didn’t want to tell my mom I didn’t want to tell her that I was wetting the bed and when she found out I told her I had to nightmares and I wet the bed

  18. It really pisses me off (pun intended) to see these so-called "professionals" making fun of a very serious subject. lol

  19. The young doc. is correct; it's best to get it checked out. Start with your Family Doctor and let them send you for a bunch of tests then refer you to a Urologist (Pee Doc) and maybe a Nephroligist (Kidney Doc).

  20. My bladder actually leaks on its own due to neuropathy and I need to urinate frequently due to an overactive and underdeveloped bladder and it’s only a little bit occasionally but it’s enough that my bedsheets will get wet when it happens because I sleep on my stomach due to chronic back and neck pain every day and night and I also have chronic pain in my hands as a side effect of my neuropathy because i have cerebral palsy and I was a bed wetter for years until I was 18 but I still leak occasionally at night and i would rather wear a Depend to bed just in case to protect myself from bed wetting accidents that way if I have to I could just go pee in my Depend if I can’t hold it because it’s hard to hold it when you’re sleeping and I’m sure a lot of people wear diapers to bed and I don’t have a problem with those who do, I understand we all need a little bit of protection sometimes because our bladders can’t hold it I’ve already ordered a sample pack of Depend Fit Flex and yes, they understand I can’t hold my bladder and sometimes it leaks ,maybe if I wear one to bed I don’t have to worry about accidents and leaks because if I pee the Depend will catch it and contain it because I don’t pee huge amounts at once so I think it’ll protect me all night long

  21. Fun (maybe not) fact: From like 3 or 4 when most kids stop using diapers & it becomes worse bedwetting until 7 9 12 or 15 years old it's mostly a boys problem but for adults in their 30-40 & up its mostly women problem 😮 I don't know the statistics in my head but you could google it. I never wet the bed after maybe 4 or something years old but I started doing it like 2 times per week in my twenties like 22-23 But i did so because I was drinking vodka every day & when I got put (against my will) into a treatment home for a year the bedwetting stop 😀 And I know it was my own fault blah blah I'm not saying all that for pity I just wanted to say that I can relate 💚💙 Mine didn't even last a full year & it was my addiction/own fault so hope that you who suffers from bedwetting find a way to accept your self or some magic cure is around the corner 💙

  22. I've had a few experiences as an adult and it doesn't happen often,wtf,so stupid and embarrassing as hell……I'm almost 30,I'm too young for this shit happening,I've always thought this adult bed wetting probably started at age 80 or 90

  23. that shit really sucks. thanks God I'm not going through this again. I use to he a really hard sleeper and bedwetting a lot when I was young till I was 14.

  24. Smoking 🚬 cigarettes causes sleep apnea and then the bed wetting happens that’s why I quit smoking and started JUUL I sleep happy and I can hold my pee even when am tired 😓

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