Taking Charge of Your Health

Alright this is John Kohler with
today we have another exciting episode for you and where I am here I’m at a Gardner’s
house and actually he doesn’t have an outdoor garden because I know you many of guys may
not have space for an outdoor garden but what he does have is a sprout and micro greens
garden so he’s growing things like the broccoli sprouts. One of the most anticancer foods in the entire
planet even more so than just the standard broccoli you eat the micro greens and the
sprouts four to 40 times going 100 times more potent than the large size vegetables and
in addition he’s growing things like the micro greens. He’s got barley grass over here that he juices
wheat grass and pea shoots and over another area he has a sunflower greens. So in this episode you guys aren’t going
to learn how to do these things is my okraw channel. If you know you guys want to learn how to
grow stuff, be sure to check the link down below were actually I did a grow video here
at Dave’s place showing you guys how he easily grows his sprouts and micro greens indoors
here in Las Vegas year round. What I thought I wanted to do in this episode
actually share with you guys more of Dave’s story basically Dave got into only growing
sprouts and micro greens because he had a health challenge much like myself. I had a health challenge and that’s why I
made major dietary changes to heal myself and what he found was that by eating raw foods
and not just any old raw foods but eating a specific diet, raw foods diet, including
lots of sprouts and micro greens he was able to heal his prostate cancer right. And many of you guys may have this challenge
or maybe other cancers and you know basically what I’m going to share in this episode is
actually Dave’s testimonial and how he found eating a healthy diet and how he literally
got rid of his prostate cancer and you might be able to do this too. So anyways let’s go ahead and get Dave in
here and learn more. So now I’m here with Dave Gill and basically
I’m here today to share his story and more about what he does in his life on a daily
basis to keep the cancer away right. I mean like I said a little bit earlier in
the intro, right, we both got into dietary changes to improve our health. You know, you are what you eat. I mean this is an old adage that everybody
has heard before but we try to take it very seriously because we have seen the direct
effects of eating an improper and unhealthy diet by both getting sick. When we probably both thought we kind of ate
healthy, but now we know we definitely eat healthy and we could feel if we maybe get
off track a little bit how our body reacts. So I guess Dave first I want to actually ask
you your story and how you got involved with eating, you know, raw, living foods. Well it started in April 2010. I went to regular yearly checkup and I got
my results back and all the sudden they said they need to, my doctor said I need to go
see urologist. A urologist. Yeah I went to see urologist and. He does the urine and stuff so that’s like
your genitals and all that stuff. Yeah, so I went to see him and he said you’ve
got a cancer. Wow. And I said, Okay, alright. It didn’t hit me, you know. So I told my wife I said well you know what
let’s go see another doctor. So we went to see another doctor in Vegas
and he said well I think you have something that we got to do biopsy. Okay so after about a week he called me for
a biopsy and I went to get the biopsy done and then I don’t hear back from him. I called him a few times and no answer. He said, well his reception said you need
to see doctor. You have to come in. I said uh oh. When they say that you know something is serious,
okay. So I went to see him inside and I had no one
to see him in his office. I had no symptoms. John, just absolutely. You felt fine, right. I felt like healthy as a horse. I’m eating my standard diet. I was a happy camper, right. So. That was a standard American diet which is
basically junk foods and animal foods and excess and just what everybody eats. Right. Right. So I went to see him and I went to his office
and he set me aside got my wife in there and he showed me all this biopsy results and he
said well I just wanna let you know, these are his words, he said you’re a very sick
man. Really. Yes. You didn’t feel it. I didn’t feel nothing. And when he said that I’m like okay what’s
going on. I’m like kind of shut out, you know, it’s
like I’m just trying to process all that information what he just told me and I’m just, I’m tongue
tied. I’m not talking. And also my wife is speaking for me and I’m
just like back thinking what’s going on. So we came home and then he said I have to
perform surgery. I say what does surgery involve. He said we will see. We probably have to take out the prostate
and then I say well I told my wife I said you know what. I don’t think I want to do anything with this
doctor because he’s so mean and he’s just blurting out that I got cancer. I told her, I said call your sister which
is she’s a, you know, head surgeon nurse at UCLA. We called her up and said set me up with your
urologist and UCLA went to see him. And as I walked out of the room he checked
me out and then I walked out of the room and they talk and they found me, my mom, dad,
my brother my, you know, my wife, and my nephew and I came in the room everybody’s quiet
like somebody had died. And I said what’s going on. They said well you know he doesn’t want to
do radiation or chemo. He said the prostate actually the cancer has
actually has gone beyond prostate. Oh so it’s spreading. It’s spreading. It’s in semi vesical. It’s in stage 3, okay. Stage 3. And now being told that by two doctor I’m
still not happy. I said, okay. You didn’t want to believe him, so what
do you think you’re in denial. I think I wasn’t in denial. Okay. And I didn’t think I have it. You know. Because you feel fine. I feel healthy as a horse. Right. I say OK let’s go go see another doctor. They went to Loma Linda University. Okay now Loma Linda University doctor say
well what did the other doctors say. I say I don’t care what he said. I want to know what you think. And she said, well these are her words. It was actually lady doctor she checked me
out. She say it’s very impressive. Impressive. I don’t know what that means. You know she says very impressive. And then she got. Then she got her other doctor in and they
say yes you have a prostate cancer. I said well I don’t know if I do or don’t. But I want to do another biopsy. Now at that time remember, I was naive. I knew nothing about biopsy. How it can affect you. How it can spread the cancer. Had I, if I had to go back I would never recommend
biopsy for anybody. At all or second one. No, I would not recommend biopsy just change
your diet to healthy diet then go back to the doctor in three months and see if you
can check up he can check up without biopsy and see if you still have it. So she did a biopsy and then she doesn’t give
me biopsy results. I say I need the biopsy results. Tell me what’s going on. She said well you don’t want to know biopsy
results because you have it. Okay. I’m not happy. I’m not satisfied. So I told her I said you know what. Doctor my Jesus is going to heal me. I just came out of me right. I’m a Christian. I said my Jesus is going to heal me and now
this is you know Christian hospital and she said tell Jesus, these are her words, she
said tell Jesus to take that cancer away from me. I said you know what I will ask Jesus to take
that cancer out of me, right. Then I say okay whatever what she said. I got to go see another doctor. So I continued. So we made an appointment at USC, another
rock star urologist. Right. And this guy had me wait three hours in the
waiting room. Because he was in surgery. Then he finally came out we went to his office
same thing my whole family and he said we have our work cut out for you. I said I have no idea what it means doc, speak
plain English. He said well we got to do surgery. Okay, I said well, what are you going to take
out. He said prostate. And then I kind of like shut off. Now my wife is speaking on my behalf because
I’m in that black hole again. Put in the black hole unable to speak. And she said. What about his manhood. I don’t know. Put that in there. I mean you have to edit it. Put it in there. Okay. What about his man manhood. Now my wife is just asking an innocent question. He said, well how old are you. And she said 46. It’s like it doesn’t matter anymore. Or he wants to live or he wants to keep his
manhood. Then she said well okay once you go in there
what else are you just going to take a prostate. He said no. We’ve got to take prostate out. Anywhere else we see cancer we’re going to
take that out. She goes, what do you mean? Bladder, we may have to take bladder out. We may have to take his rectum out and she
says, how is he going to go to the restroom. Well we’ll give him a bag. Oh really. What do you mean bag? Okay, well, bag, he’s going to go in a bag. And I like, I’m just like shut out completely. I don’t know I think I was in twilight zone
at that point. And I’m just walking out of the hospital like
a zombie. We got in the truck. I’m in the back door back you know backseat. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to say John at that point
because now it’s been verified by different doctors. Supposedly top doctors. I came home and now. I came home and I told my wife. I said honey I mean there that’s what they
want to do. I mean I don’t know. What else can I do. There’s no other option on the table at this
point. And my wife is very Christian and she said
honey you have to pray. Okay, you have to pray. If you do this they will kill you. Now she knew a little bit about chemo. I knew a little bit about chemo and all this
stuff. What it can do to you. She say I will not be sticking around to see
you die. Those are her words. Wow. So she’s going to leave you if you went for
that surgery. Absolutely. And she was dead serious because she knew
I was going to die. And she said you stay with the family. I’m not going to be here. I’ll be gone. I said now we have a little bit of argument,
a little bit of a challenge in our marriage you know and I’m like okay honey, I got to
do it. I have no other choice. This is what the doctor wants me to do. And at that point John, I just got into spiritual
mode. I said God and this is I’m just giving you
a synopsis okay so make a long story short. I said God either you take me, okay, or you
can heal me. There’s only two options. If you take me I’m okay with it. I’ll be with you. Okay, but if you want to heal me I promise
you one thing that I will glorify your name every video, every testimony that I will ever
get. Okay. So after that I start searching. I start searching. I google stuff and I don’t know anything about
raw food and raw food heals or whatever. And I came across this book called The Cure
by Dr. Brantly. Timothy Brantley out of, you know, Santa Monica
and I ordered that book on the spot. At midnight, book arrived. I read it page to page. Took me two days. From there on my journey began. I started reading book after book after book. I must have written, I must have read about
70 books on health and nutrition, cleansing and clonic and all that stuff. I even have a history on chemo. Okay cause I don’t know what the heck is chemo
and what it’s all about where it came from. I say I’m not going to touch that poison. And I started changing and I changed overnight. I didn’t have any sophisticated equipment,
John. I had [Unknown word] juicer which eventually
broke on me because I was juicing so much. All I knew was I need to start juicing. And I kept it very simple. I use carrots and I used celery and I’d use
red beets. You know any root vegetable I can stick in
that juicer. I used it and I drank it. And I started doing clonic, three, four times
a week. And also I’m losing weight. I was 160-70 pounds. So were you eating other things besides the
juicing or were you just juicing, so you’re kind of in a juice fast. I was on a juice fast but I was eating healthier
food. Right off the bat. Day one I gave up meat. I give up beef. I give up meat. Any type of meat. I give up eggs. I give up dairy. I give up drinks. Sugar drinks. Coke. Processed food, fast food, you name it. Anything that was not live, I gave that up
from day one. Then I started cleansing three four times
a week. I was cleansing machine. I mean I was going clean my board boy like
almost every other day. And as I was cleansing, I lost about 30 pounds. And all of a sudden I feel good. I say, wow. This is good stuff, man. So you already felt good when you had the
prostate cancer but now you feel better. I even felt better. I mean I felt vibrant. I felt full of energy. And then I said well you know what. After about three months I say, okay I got
to go see my homeopathic doctor who was in Vegas here and I told doctor, I said Dr. Roy
check me out. I wanted to see how I’m doing. Okay, checked my prostate. And he goes your prostate is normal. Normal? Did you get it double checked because you
didn’t believe the doctors when you had something wrong? Did you believe the doctor when he said it
was normal or did you get a second? That was good enough for me. He did PSA pass. It’s good, it’s alright. I’m okay. You better double check. I’m okay. If it’s good, it’s good. I know something was working and it wasn’t
the juice but I knew something was working. And I just reeved it up. From there on start reading more books and
I start adding other stuff. I start eating wheat grass and other vegetables
in there you know and just start juicing, and juicing, and juicing, and juicing. And I was doing about I would say 40 percent
cook food you know cook at home. And 60 percent juicing. And I was juicing about I would say about
50 ounces a day when I first started it. Okay, then I tapered off after about four
years, three four years to about 32 to 40 ounces a day. So that’s my journey. That’s how I began. Cancer was the big knockout. Okay. There’s other things that I had health issues
like I had allergies every year. I had nose bleed. I had two, three headaches a day. My cholesterol was high. I mean I had all sorts of issues. But meanwhile you were thinking you were healthy. Oh yeah, yeah, I thought I was living healthy
life. You felt fine. I felt fine. So after I changed my diet and I went to get
my bloodwork done. Guess what. What? Everything got normal. Wow. My cholesterol is like 160. Okay. My blood pressure is like 90 over 110. And it’s been like that for years and years. I had my blood sample the other day. Well two years ago and they did my blood analysis. The guy told me that he has never seen blood
like mine. He said everything is separated and you’re,
you’re, you’re awesome. I don’t know how you doing. I said I’m just doing juicing. Now this is despite the fact I’m working full
time. I’m working in a highly stressful job which
is real estate. Okay and I’m going all this stuff and I keep
all this up for the last seven years and I continue to do that. And I encourage the listeners that or viewers
is that just start out slow. Okay. If you start out slow and if you see the difference
in your health then you can and I can tell you I’m not going to guarantee you, okay,
because I don’t know how you’re going to do it. But I tell you something, if you start doing
something positive in your life. It will make a huge difference and stay positive,
stay strong, stay encouraged. Watch his videos. Trust me, I’m juicing my TV’s right there. Guess what. Every single day I watch John’s videos. Every single day I watch and even my granddaughter
watches and she gets a blast out of it. Okay. So I’m just saying it. Just didn’t do it. Just start out something. Just do it. Just pick up stuff and you know simple as
growing broccoli seeds. I mean it doesn’t take, you don’t have to
be a rocket science test to do the broccoli seeds. Get some seeds, stick it in the water in the
jar and rinse a couple times and just rinse it twice a day. They just helped themselves. You don’t have to do nothing after seven days
they’re ready for you to munch on. Okay. So that’s just basically my story unless
you have another question for me. Yeah, no, I’ve got a couple more questions
so I think some of my comments are, number one is, you know, it’s not only what you’re
eating like you want to eat healthy food but it is also very important about what you’re
not eating. So you’re not eating the junk. You’re not eating the processed foods, the
animal foods and excess and dairy products that are causing this problem in the first
place right. If you keep hitting yourself with a hammer
right it hurts. You know you’re going to just you know you’ve
got to stop hitting yourself with a hammer. That’s what you’re doing you’re destroying
your body when you’re eating and putting these junk foods into you. So that’s step one. Right. So he did that. He got rid of the junk but then also it’s
important to eat the most nutrient dense foods in the entire planet. So we want to eat the foods that can help
you prevent cancer. Some of these foods have been shown in laboratory
studies and in studies and published medical research to kill cancer cells right. I mean the broccoli sprouts super powerful
the wheat grass even things like carrots and apple skins not the inside of the apple the
apples skins are anti-cancer and you know things like bananas there you know they’re
healthier than eating junk food but they’re not as powerful as broccoli sprouts so it’s
not just eating raw food that’s important and it’s not just eating dehydrated foods
which could be considered raw or all these packaged raw foods. It’s about eating real foods. So Dave what are some of the most important
foods to you on your specific diet that you you believe have helped you immensely? I stick with broccoli. Okay. Broccoli sprouts that’s my number one. I have a purple cabbage used purple cabbage,
kale, colored charts, red beets, a little bit of carrots. Okay. Anything that’s anticancer is the main focus
for me as far as juicing is concerned. And I think that should be main focus for
you guys too because those items actually if you look at compared to the drugs and the
chemicals that the doctor give you paying thousands of dollars. It cost pennies. Okay. I’d rather take that every day and save a
little bit of money side to be able to buy those stuff and then be able to grow all this
stuff. Okay. Than to take a thousand dollars’ worth of
drugs. Okay, how much the chemo cost. Okay. Average cancer patient is warped about a million
dollars to the pharmaceutical and the doctors. Okay, so why would you why would you not do
it. Why would you not do it for your health. It’s not so. It’s not so difficult. I mean I don’t want to suffer I don’t want
to go through all the side effects of chemo and on the side effects of drugs. I’d rather have side effects of my juicing
which is all positive side effects. You know. It could be negative if you drink too much
and are not used to it. Yeah, yeah. I’ve thrown up beats before and wheat grass,
but you got it. You just got to start slow. Start out slow. Like I say start out start out gentle and
start out where you at. Okay. You don’t have to, I’m not a, I’m not a gardener
okay. Even though my dad was a farmer. I’m not a gardener. I don’t have his green thumb. So everything I grow is inside. And I think what I do is probably enough for
me and I feel vibrant. I feel healthy. I don’t take vitamins. I take many enzymes and probiotics okay. Those are my main and some powders. You know some stuff like superfoods and stuff
like that. Not on a regular basis. And I eat only once a day. I mean I eat only once a day guys. Okay breakfast I do lemon juice with the,
you know, with turmeric and then I have one my juice and then I at about 11:00 I have
my good salad. And then I have juice. And guess what. I’m not hungry. Now you may say how the heck you can do that. Well you know what. When your body gives enough enough enough
nutrients in you, you’re not hungry because your body gets everything it needs. You don’t need it anymore. I mean that’s just for me. I only can eat once a day. I can’t eat any more than that because also
when you start eating less your stomach also shrinks and you can’t eat too much food. I’m a little guy but I’m telling you I have
a lot of endurance. Okay. But all I’m saying is start out where you
at and you know try to do best you can. You know we all have our own journey. That is my journey. That is something that I had to do to be able
to live and to be able to survive. And I had motive because I wanted to live
I want to see my grandkids grow. You know I want to see my family grow. I don’t want to die. I’m not ready to die because I believe God
has reason for me. What I’ve been through and I think that was
now I look back I believe it was a blessing that I had to go through so I can share message
with you guys like that and I’m blessed to meet John and he being able to share and be
able to give me that platform to share with you guys. So hopefully this video will help you guys
as well. Yeah I mean I just want to say the same thing
you know I had a health crisis and unfortunately you know unlike Dave here who actually got
told he was sick and he had the option of surgery or not or doing something else. I wasn’t that lucky. I got sick. I was literally passed out taken to the hospital
and then I woke up in intensive care with IVs stuck in me. And you know. I was not guaranteed by any means to make
it out of the hospital. I asked a doctor, doctor when I’m going to
get out of here. He said you might not get out of here. And I don’t want that to happen to any of
you guys. That’s one of the reasons why I make the
videos today. Plus you know like Dave here I’m not saved
here because of my raw foods. I’m not saved here because of the doctor. I can write the check. Mr. Dr. one million dollars do not cash until
John gets out of here. Money would have done me no good and there’s
millionaires, billionaires, quadrillionaires that lose their lives every day because they
don’t pay attention. The most important thing that they own. Their health. So I want you guys to make it a priority and
I’m only saved today because I like to say from higher powers you know whatever your
God your belief system is you know I’m here today and I’m on a mission. Right. I’m on a mission to spread what I’ve learned
to help others on the planet cause what else can we do in our lives right. You could collect a lot of money but what
good is really that money gonna do. What are you going to buy all these fancy
things, but is that really contributing to to the planet to your fellow human beings. So I really appreciate Dave for what he does. You know he does actually one on one coaching
that we’ll talk about a little bit but he was a little bit different situation. I had no choice. I got out of the hospital and the doctor said
John you could have a reoccurrence. You made out of this but you might get sick
with something else. And I said well why. He said well you have compliment immune deficiency
which is basically in layman’s terms it’s a weak immune system that he blamed on defective
genes. And I found out that by hey, changing my diet. You are what you eat by eating healthy foods,
I can have a strong immune system and by eating crappy food, you have a weak immune system. So I want you guys to put good stuff in you. But once again you know I didn’t have a
choice when I got out. I’m like you know what. I don’t want to be in a hospital again. I don’t want to lose my life like that. I’m going to do everything I possibly can
to live as healthy as I can and that’s why I continue to do what I do now and it’s been
since 1995. Twenty two years now I’ve been on this program
and journey and I’ve learned so many things. What I’m doing now is way different than what
I used to do. So you know those of you guys I want you guys
to watch all my videos because I show what I do in my videos and over time you’ll see
that. Hey John used to do this, but now he doesn’t
do that anymore. Well cause I believe I’ve found a better way
for me and I’m not going to say what I do works for you like Dave. What he does works for him. We’re all a bit different. I don’t eat just one meal a day. I hope to get there one day but I’m a little
more active and I’m gardening and I’m doing all kinds of things. Running around traveling across the country
and making videos everywhere. I eat two to three times a day. Sometimes when I’m so busy I eat maybe only
two times a day. But of course every day upon awakening I like
to drink some coconut water and then I usually like to have a fresh juice. Also everyday juicing has been super important
and critical to me in my diet and my health and in my opinion it’s the first thing if
you guys haven’t made any dietary changes you guys should do to flood your body with
fruits and vegetables. So I think Dave, the next thing I want to
ask you is you know I wasn’t put in the hospital where the doctor literally steers
you into getting the surgery. I mean this has happened to both my parents. Both my parents have been in the hospital
where the doctor steered them because they have a cancer. They have a disease. We need to operate. It’s really urgent. And all this kind of stuff. And most people unfortunately succumb to that. Now I’m not going to say that it’s always
best to ignore the doctors because you know each person needs, you know, check in with
themselves and see what makes the most sense to them. But you know like I admire Dave because he,
you know, didn’t just trust the doctors. Number one he went back several times to figure
out to make sure what he had. And number two he actually educated himself,
right. Who’s going to, who’s going to do more good
for yourself than yourself. So I want you guys to get educated about all
these things and make an informed decision not just listen to your doctors, you know,
as much as they’re trained. They’re not trained in nutrition, right, and
nutrition, you know, in my opinion has a large role but it’s not entirely your health. You know stress is another important factor,
getting enough sleep, get enough exercise, your mental health is also important. But you know Dave when the doctors told you
had cancer you’re going to lose your life. You know you’re not going to be here. You know how did you feel and how what would
you say to people that are in that situation to help them move through that without being
so scared because I think you know if somebody tells you that you’re going to lose your life
and you have six months left then you must like sit that in your mind. Is that the truth? The doctor said this and then, you know, what
we believe we achieve and if you believe that then that’s what’s going to happen to you
but you know Dave didn’t think that. So what will you just expand on some of these
thoughts that I shared. Well one thing I knew is that I don’t have
to hurry into anything. That was it. That’s the key for you guys too if you’re
going through a certain type of sicknesses okay. Just because doctors say we’ve got to get
it done right now. Doesn’t mean you’re going to die tomorrow. Okay. It took maybe 30, 40, 50 years to get where
you at as far as your sickness is concerned it’s not going to kill you overnight. Okay, trust me I was getting hounded by doctors
with messages because they wanted to operate on me right now. There was a point in leaving messages on my
cell phone that I need to come in that I need to come in that I need to come in and see
them as soon as possible. Cause they were ready to cut me open. Okay. But all I can tell you at that point. Whatever you believe in, start praying. Okay, sit back start praying and think that
this is not going to kill you tomorrow. Okay. It took a long time to get there with our
bad habits. So I would say first thing is don’t get a,
don’t get anxiety attacks. So another thing I want to say is that you
know what we’re sharing with you guys today is our opinions and what we would do if if
this situation or some of these situations happen to us again. We are not doctors. So, you know, this is what we would do. We’re not necessarily saying or recommending
that you guys do anything. Please consult a medical physician you know
for specific medical, you know, what they would recommend. Yeah I agree. I agree. I’m not a doctor. I’m just giving my testimony what happened
to me. That’s simply that’s what I’m doing. And what you would do again if that was to
happen. Oh heck yeah. Heartbeat. Heartbeat. I’ll just reeve up my system because it’s
all about immune system. Okay because immune system is what heals you. Not chemicals. Okay, immune system was what take you take
you to the next level. Okay, your body knows what to do. Okay, body has balance and they are okay if
you keep your immune system strong. It knows what to do. It wants to live. Okay. It wants, your body wants to live. It’ll go to any length to be strengthened
so you can live. Okay. But when you put chemicals like John say I’m
not a doctor I’m just saying I didn’t want chemicals in myself. I don’t want to poison myself because that
will destroy my immune system and I would, I would not have been here seven years later. I can almost tell you that if I had done what
doctor wanted me to do. Yeah it’s quite unfortunate. You know I’ve known many people in my life,
you know, friends of mine, good friends that have had cancer and they’ve gone into the
hospital and, you know, they know what I do. They know what I teach. And you know I try my best to share the information. And you know each person has a different point
in their journey whether they want to, you know, do what the doctor says because once
again I mean think about it. Why is a doctor calling you to tell you to
get the surgery right. They don’t make any money unless they do the
surgery. They make a lot of money. I don’t really know how much money they make
for surgery but probably a lot more money than I make for spending a couple hours doing
something. So I mean just like yeah so I hope you know
I hope and pray that doctors are good but you know what. Once again you know the medical profession
is a business you know getting down to it and you know they think they’re helping you
by all means but there are other options so I would encourage you guys to look into them
before making any decisions. So let’s see, so Dave another part of your
component of what you did to trim your health around was juicing and I do need to give you
guys a disclaimer. I do sell juicers for a living. That being said I’ve also seen many people’s
elves turn around by buying a juicer or for not just buying it. That’s not good enough. But using it every day and making it a point
and a habit. You know it’s a good habit to do every day. So you want to talk a little bit more about
the juicing and how you believe it’s helped you and why that helps you and why you turned
to that first. Actually instead of making any, you know,
kind of dietary changes. Well juicing first of all is the fastest way
for you to get nutrients into your body. Okay. I cannot eat two pounds of vegetables however
I can concentrate into juicing and I can drink that up in matter of minutes. Okay. So I think having a juicer is very very key
component in your health. Okay. I have juicer. Seven years I have same juicer. Cost me 300 bucks. Okay I think that money was well spent for
me and I juiced because I know juice is gonna get me the fastest where I need to go as far
as my health is concerned because it builds up your immune system immediately and you’ll
see the difference. I mean for me it was immediate difference. When I started juicing and keeping my health. You know, healthier and healthier. I’d get healthier I get healthier. Now like I said that was just a big component
cancer. I used to wear glasses John when I used to
drive. You used to wear glasses. I used to wear glasses used to have the like. So on your license it said must wear glasses
or whatever. Yes, yes. Or prescription or whatever. Yes I went back to DMV I didn’t have my glasses
with me my wife say honey your license about to expire. Why don’t you get your new license I say
honey I don’t have my glasses she said why don’t you let them check if you need glasses
the lady said. You don’t need glasses. I said okay. Thank you. Now I’ve got my license. I haven’t worn glasses in seven years and
I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 18 years old and I’m 54. Wow. So literally besides getting rid of your cancer,
your eyesight improved. What other improvements have you seen Dave. Oh gosh allergies headaches nosebleed you
name it and I pretty much had list full of stuff but I thought I was living healthy and
this being only 46 years old. Wow. Okay. So what specific juices you know because I
know people with some health challenges might want to follow what you’re doing. It obviously worked for you not that I’m saying
it’s going to work for anybody. Sure. What do you juice? I juice all the anticancer. Okay. I do. Like the recipe and how much of each. I don’t have any recipe honestly. I think I put the most that I put in my juice
is the sprouts. So about half your juice right. Yep, half my juice I will say four ounces
of broccoli sprout juice. Not four ounces in weight, but I’m talking
about in volume. I do four ounces of broccoli sprout and I
would say I do 16 ounces of my other sprouts. Depends on what I have. It could be wheat grass, barley grass, could
be pea sprouts, could be sunflower sprouts. So that’s 16 of the sprout juice and four
ounces of the broccoli juice. So that’s 20 ounces of like highly concentrated
juice. Right. Right. And the other 50 percent of it would be just. Regular vegetables. Regular vegetables. You know I would say start with the greenest
of the greenest. I don’t know if that’s the word but start
with the most green vegetables and your juice. Okay. So what do you use? I use gosh I used bok choy. I use colored chards, kale, red beets, parsley,
sometimes I do cilantro. Sometime I do a little bit of ginger. Okay. So those are like my spinach. Okay. So I pretty much grab whatever I see in the
in the store and I shop couple times a week. Maybe I should shop more, but you know I try
to because my time involved. But those are my like six seven. You know go to, go to juices as well. Wow, you know, this is a first for me I’m
gonna have to say that actually Dave makes a more nutritious juice on a regular basis
than I do just for the fact that the sprouts that he grows and the micro greens that he
grows are 4 to 40 times more nutritious than the outdoor vegetables that I grow even if
I’m juicing a whole bunch of them. You know I mean I wish, I have to come over
here every morning and drink his juice. Sure. So yeah that’s super rich. Like I mean that’s one of the things that’s
been on my list for a long time is I need to start growing more sprouts and micro greens. I do have a plan and hopefully that’s gonna
start soon because once I have more quantity, all you do is, I’ll easily juice those and
drink them on up. So I think that Dave we’re getting to the
end of the episode today. True. But are there any other comments or words
of wisdom you like to share with people. Maybe if they have, you know, cancer or maybe
if they have some kind of illness you know because you’ve been doing this now for seven
years and been around the block and actually more pointed than that besides you’ve gone
through it. You’ve educated yourself a lot about these
topics. What would you like to say to anybody? Well again I just want to say the fact that
I see a lot of people going through in this type of situation and people tend to hurry
into stuff. I would say to have a good support system
around you. Good support. Okay. That’s important. That’s the key component. Otherwise you know doctor will pull you and
you will go their way. I’m telling you right now, they’re pretty
strong. I mean mentally you get, you get beaten down
when you have cancer especially you get beaten down and the last thing you want to do is
be discouraged and do what they want you to do because they don’t know about broccoli. Okay, doctor don’t, they’re not educated in
those things. Okay. They, they don’t, I’m not saying they don’t
believe it. They just aren’t educated. This is not part of their education. Okay. So I would say you do your own diligence. There’s thousands of videos online that you
can learn about other alternative way of healing yourself. Okay. I would say don’t rush into anything and having
a good support system around you is very very important because my wife was there and she
was my advocate. Okay where I was not able to speak she was
able to speak and that helped me because if I didn’t have my wife for me I probably would
have done what doctor had told me to do because I was at the level where I just want to live. That was my thing and I thought. I don’t have any other choice. And I just want to let you guys know there’s
other options. Now you know there’s other options. Okay. So the options are look at the other alternatives. And try and don’t, don’t rush into it. You’re not going to die tomorrow. Okay, I don’t care what type of sickness you
have. You have to just give yourself time, absorb,
think about what you are going to do, and have someone who believes in you and your
life. You know one person I just pray to God you
guys have one person who believes in what you plan on doing which is alternative. Okay. So you can turn your life around. That’s important to be you know you have to
surround yourself with the positive people who believe there’s other way of doing things. There’s always other way of doing things. Okay. And that especially a prove, a proven fact. It’s been done for many many years. Okay. There’s thousands of people doing what I’m
doing. If you go into the video, YouTube thousands
of people who got heal in this type would die. I’m not the first one John is not the second
one or whatever. There’s thousands of people. Look up look up the videos. Google it. We got so much technology to be able to learn. Okay. Be able to educate ourselves because if we
don’t take care of our bodies nobody else will. Okay. I’m not against the doctors I just want to
let you know doctors are important in certain situations. Okay. But I would say you have to arm yourself. Okay. You have to be vigilant. You have to take care your own health. Because nobody else will. Wow. And the other thing I’d like to add is that
not all doctors, you know, are educated the same way. You know there’s many holistic doctors and
even M.D that know their stuff that know about how to you know work with you and nutritional
programs to reverse cancer and other illnesses. So I’d encourage you guys to seek some of
those out. Go to some kind of health retreat. I know Dave went to Hippocrates Health Institute,
you know, down in Florida and that helped him and his wife, you know, immensely to move
in the right direction. You know, go see other plant based doctors
that have an education and not only the medical side and the regular treatments but also the
more natural side of things. So you know like Dave did, he, he went out
to many different regular doctors and got a similar diagnosis. But go around to other ones you know and I
want to let you guys know that although this has worked for both me and Dave. It may not work for you. You know this is not, there’s no like miracle
cured in the world or panaceas right. Raw food is not a panacea. You know your diet is definitely one component. I think a large component of health but it’s
not everything. You know I’ve known people that have gotten
the diagnosis of cancer or other disease and maybe they were actually eating a healthy
diet and then they said okay. The doctor said you could get surgery and
we could cut it out and or you could cut it just do whatever. So the person like said okay I’m not going
to get the surgery because surgery is always bad. And that we’re just going to do it on our
own. And then unfortunately they’re not here today. So I’m not going to say surgery is always
bad but you need to figure it out for you personally and make that choice. Maybe you want to get the surgery you don’t
want to get the chemo and the radiation and all these other crazy things and then you
just want to go on a healthy diet. So at least you’re starting with a fairly
clean slate even if sometimes when they go surgery that’s invasive that can cause problems. You know what I’ve learned in this life is
that there’s always pros and cons to everything and you need to weigh them out for yourselves
and determine what level of risk you want to go for you know and that’s totally up to
you. You know we are free pretty much in this country
to do what we want and I want you guys to have the education to you know to be aware
that there’s many options out there not just one option. It makes me sad when you know the, the doctors
scare my parents into doing something and they do things without consulting me. And even if they consult me they may not,
you know, do what I say. I mean I get them juicers, I get them blenders
and even to this day they don’t eat as healthy as I’d like them to be. Or I’d wish them to be. And you know the other thing is if you’re
watching this for a loved one you know you can’t you can’t make anybody else do anything. You know they’re going to do what they want. And so then you just need to love them and
support them in whatever their choice is because it’s their choice. And maybe it wouldn’t be necessarily your
choice and I know it’s hard sometimes you know. But that’s just life. And you know I try to do the best I can to
educate people and give people options and that’s why I make these videos. Not to tell you what you should or shouldn’t
do but to let you know that hey Dave healed himself through natural means and possibly
maybe you guys could do that, too. So Dave are there any final comments or thoughts
that I know I know you know you’re here to actually help people if they’re going through
a similar situation. So you want to explain what you do to help
people out. Well you know I tried to give them counseling
and I usually give them my testimony I don’t tell them what to do anymore as although I
have done that in the past when I first started I was being aggressive and telling people
this is what you need to do. But now I tell them you know I tell them hey
this is what I do. You may want to you know I send them text
and stuff. You know these are the thing that you may
want to check out you know and the rest is up to them John. I mean I’m not a doctor. I give them my testimony. I don’t want to push people to do that. That’s their own decision to what they want
to do with their lives. And if they call me or email me or text me
and I tell them hey this is what I’m doing. You know if you’re able to do it fine. And unfortunately the answer that I get a
lot of times it’s an, it’s an unfortunate thing that juicing is too much work. You know juicing I can do juicing because
it’s way too much work for me and I don’t want to turn around and say well how about
sickness and side effects of the drugs. You know how would you. You’re going to suffer through all that stuff. You know why would you want to do that. Why you would you want to put your body through
this type of stress, you know. Another thing, another component is important
I believe is positive mindset. You have to have positive mental attitude
because, I’m telling you, juicing and all this stuff is great but that’s just a part
of the component. Okay. Eighty five percent of the sickness is caused
by stress. Okay. So you got to lower your stress. I know sometimes it’s not easy to do. It’s not easy for me to do type of business
that I’m in. But take a breath. Take a breath. Relax. Okay. It’s important to keep other things aligned
as well in your life. Okay. You got to have a good family life. Okay. If you’re going through issues or challenges
in family. B. You know trying to strive to stay positive. You know I think it’s important as well as
eating healthy. That’s that’s all I got to say. Right. I mean it’s it’s up to you guys. You know I’m just here as I believe we’re
just here as the messengers and you know I’d just like to give people message and give
my testimony what God has done for me and I’m living proof. Okay. Nothing is guaranteed for anybody I can walk
out of there and get an accident. Okay. But you want to do the stuff that you can
do to avoid it just like avoiding accident. And you know cancer doesn’t just happen by
an accident. It happened because of bad habits over time. And it’s not going to be overnight okay although
it will help. But you’ve got to give time, too. That’s another thing. Give time when you going through this and
when you change your diet, don’t give up so fast. Keep at it, keep doing it, and you know just
go on go where you at. You know and go from there. And that’s that’s all I got to say. And I feel I feel saddened when I see people
going through this. It brings me down sometime even though I’m
positive person. I see people going through that every day
even in my business in real estate. I see a lot of agents going through sicknesses
because a lot of stress involved. I tell them but not everybody does it. I mean I think that’s also real important
is you know. You’ve got to value your time right and your,
the way you spend your time it comes down to like what you value, you know. If you value money above all else. You know you’re just going to work your life
away for money even if you’re losing your life right. I mean one of the things that you don’t know
about me or Dave is that you know once he had a health challenge. Right. He pretty much stopped doing everything because
he wanted to focus on his health. You know he got his house foreclosed on, you
know, he was living in a nice house and got all foreclosed cause he stopped working for
a little bit to turn his health around before he could actually you know go back to work
because you know he wanted to work on the most important thing first not making more
money with the real estate but with his health. Because without your health you have nothing
and likewise. I quit my job, you know, to stop working and
I lived on my credit cards for many many many years. And so I could have more free time to dedicate
to learning and changing my health. And so I mean I hear it all the time. John I don’t have much time to juice, you
know, there are juicers that are easier to use than others and the juicer that Dave has
I’ll mention what it is, it’s the Omega 8006. That being said I would recommend the Omega
NC 800 which is the upgrade model of the 8006. A little bit better. You know that thing that one takes me 90 seconds
to clean might take you two minutes. That’s super simple. And you know what is your time worth. You know if you don’t juice and you want to
go to work because you don’t have time to juice. Right. But then you lose your life. What good is the work. So I mean you’ve got to focus on what’s important. You know I never say that you know you need
to juice or you know I need to juice. But I want you guys to make a conscious decision. You know in my opinion if you juice you will
get healthier because you’re doing the right things to get good food and flood you know
fruits and vegetables in you and especially focused like Dave’s doing with the leafy
greens and the sprouts and micro greens. Those are some of the most beneficial vegetables
in my opinion. And literally you’re concentrating those and
also making into a very easy to digest way that’s also very important. Right. Many people have problems with their digestive
systems as I’ve seen after living the incorrect way and eating the wrong things and juicing
is just the first step in my opinion of starting to turn your health around. It’s something very simple and easy to do. You know like Dave I might take an hour or
two to juice but I’m juicing for me and my girlfriend and I might make a couple bottles
of juice. You know, thirty two, sixty four ounces and
every day I’m juicing something different. I’m not on that thing where I use the same
thing every day but every day I have a whole different combination of fruits and vegetables. So I have all different kinds of things also
many different taste sensation so I never get bored. But yeah, juicing really isn’t that hard if
you guys are looking for a juicer. I’m here to help you get the right juicer,
whether it’s you want to juice carrots, whether you want to juice more sprouts and leafy greens,
whether you want to have an easier cleaning, whether you want to get the highest nutrient
quality. Highest yields so you’re saving more money
on the produce or you’re not you know throwing or composting wet pulp. You know, check out my other YouTube channel. I have over 500 episodes on that channel comparing
and contrasting different juicers to one another so that you guys get the right one because
you know I believe it was my first death like Dave into getting healthy and it really made
a difference and wanted me and got me to actually go further and to do more. So Dave if somebody wants to contact you,
you want to share your contact information so they could reach out for you for some help
and support whatever. Yes, the best way to do is go to my website
and there’s a page on the front. You fill in your information and tell me what
you have and I can suggest you what I’d do, you know. And also on my website there’s stuff like
how to juice, what to juice, where to buy the juicers and stuff like that. We got all the links in there and I just want
to let you know that there’s no charge for any of that stuff I’m just doing something
that I believe I need to do and help other people and the website is G-O-D-S like God except the end RX like drugs
dot org. So like gods drugs, you know, basically dot
org. That’s my website. And yeah I mean that’s it. You know I mean I’ll be glad to help people
out. I’m not a doctor. Again I want to emphasize on the fact that
I’m not a doctor. I’m just giving my testimony and I tell people
this is what I have done. And this is what you would do if you were
in a similar situation. Right. Right. Yeah. Wow I think that’s amazing you’re helping
people one on one. I just simply don’t have the time between
traveling gardening and doing everything I do and making all these videos for you guys. But you know what I want to say that we all
have a role to play in other people’s lives to make this world a better place. Right. If everybody helped their fellow man think
about how much better the world would be. I mean we don’t even know our neighbors these
days right. And that’s why I make these views because
I’m alive today. You know and I want to make the world a better
place by teaching people how to grow their food at my website. and over 13 hundred
videos. So you guys can grow your food. And hey by the way check out the video I did
at Dave’s about how he grows his sprouts and micro greens. Super simple, super easy. I’ll put a link down below to that video as
well as to Dave’s website and contact information so you guys could contact him if you so desire. So Dave I want to thank you actually for inviting
me over to your place today. And actually I want to also thank you for
all the work you do to basically you know being there for other people you know having
somebody that understands what you’re going through could be of an immense help. And you know knowing something that’s you
know done a lot of research and you know, knows how he heals himself may be valuable
and very valuable to other people out there. So yeah thank you for that. Thank you John. Anyways if you guys enjoyed this episode today
with Dave and learning more about his situation. Want me to maybe do more interviews and things
with them in the future. Hey please be sure to give this video a thumbs
up to let me know. Also be sure to click that subscribe button
right down below so you don’t miss out on my new upcoming episode you never know what
you’ll be learning on my YouTube channel every five to seven days I come out with a new episode. Also be sure to check my past episodes besides
interviewing Dave, I’ve interviewed so many other people. You know friends and people that have healed
themselves eating a healthy raw plant based diet and can help you guys do as well as other
my friends who are medical doctors and other things. Also be sure to share this video somebody
else, somebody else that may be going through a horrendous disease in the body and this
may also help that as well. So with that my name is John Kohler with We’ll see you next time until then remember
keep eating your fresh fruits and vegetables and sprouts and micro greens. They’re always the best.

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  30. My urologist suspects I might be in the beginning stages of prostate cancer and wants to do a biopsy.

    I said no, I'll do every other test but that (he got an attitude). I was vegan for 3 years but stopped to do the keto diet.

    Luckily I always watched Okraw when in was vegan and I know enough to go raw vegan to heal myself.

    I plan on going fully raw vegan and juicing and then take tests again to see if I'm making improvements.

    I will be binge watching Okraw again to help stay the path.

  31. Here's what I've learned. Cancer releases lactic acid that juices help to keep in check. They also help to fight cancer, but unless you get to the cause of the cancer, it will come back unless you're tenacious with your diet, and live in a healthy environment. Parasites are often the problem, and can be hard to get rid of unless you also get rid of heavy metals. Hidden viruses, and bacteria from your teeth can play a role. If you want to live a life juicing, and eating one meal a day, you'll do okay, but you can never rest, and claim a cure as it is probably untrue.

  32. Hi guys, I've just tried to access Dave's page but I keep getting the same error message that it doesn't exist. Any ideas? Great work. Thanks a lot in advance!

  33. I could really do with some advice,..prostate is hard and MRI a year ago showed what appeared to be a tumour,..i listened to Dr morse and went on almost all fruit diet, and felt pretty good on fruit, but symptoms got worse and PSA went from 6-7 to 23 i am mostly raw vegan, no sugar etc and i absolutely GAG on green juices and smoothies,..its 2 or 3 hrs trying not to throw up and its the same with sprouts, tea and tumeric the same, feel terrible on this diet,..what to do? im running out of options

  34. I saw Dave on another youtube vid talking with a Indian doctor/healer attributing his recovery to the healer and his 'formulas' so this is not the full story

  35. John thank you for your videos! This is probably going to sound crazy, but please don't believe the coming alien deception garbage that they might reveal to the world motherships to "beam up" people to save them. They are demons or fallen angels, and Jesus warned of all that is happening and coming. He didn't mention aliens specifically but many many other things he said has already happend. It is to prove he is God. Damascus will be destroyed (Isaiah 17, Jeremiah 49-51) and many believe that will also cause Israel to be partly destroyed (Ezekiel 38-39) and I believe they will blame the USA also. Jesus fulfilled over 300 prophesies of the messiah from the old testament, and so much has been found like Noahs ark, the Red Sea Crossing site, and also Sodom and Gomorrah and much more proven. Hope you understand in time. God bless!

  36. Bro John would you please give me the contact number and e-mail address of brother Deva Gil? I am from Manipur India, I am suffering from prostrate since 15 years. I’ve been looking for better treatment. Recently I watched testimony of brother Deva shared with you, I really empresses with his testimony. I really would like to get some suggestions from him but I didn’t get his proper mailing address , contact numbers or website. I will remain grateful to you if you kindly send to me his address. You may send them to my mail “meitei [email protected]

  37. Thanks John for sharing such a strengthening testimonies to us. I am too Christian, I believe in Jesus, He will definitely show me the way to get heal. Thank you very much.

  38. 1. You didn't have prostate cancer

    2. You don't need surgery. Radiotherapy is far more effective than surgery.

    3. Your video is dangerous misinformation.

    WHATEVER:= I do agree giving up all animal products & junk food & sugar and resort to green Veg;= MAINLY BEET ROOT & TURMERIC & TAMIRIND & GREENS:= will help alot !!= BUT NOT SURE IF THIS HEALS CANCER COMPLETELY !! IT WOULD STOP WORSONING CANCER SPREAD; AND THEN YOU LIKELY SURVIVE IT AND (after long age) would DIE ((WITH)) CNACER RATHER DYING ((FORM)) IT !!!>>>>> = Cheers & GOOD LUCK !!

  40. Hey, great video, I subscribe now and get my juicer, I have enlarged prostate, I think I found the answer to this problem in this video. Gracias

  41. Thank you for wonderful interview video.

    Unfortunately when I click on link below, it doesn’t work.
    Is the another new link?
    Thank you again,
    God bless.

  42. Thanks for the video! Your experience has many similarities to my Prostate cancer journey (and it seems like many others too, which is great!) I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer 8 months ago and since there is so much anecdotal evidence for using natural healthy food alternatives and PC grows so slowly that it was worth a try. Western Medicine is so anxious to cut poison and burn our cancers. NOT FUN. Where is the emphasis in overall health of OUR BODIES? ? Briefly here is my story, hope someone out there finds it helpful. SUSPICIOUS DRE; MRI-5 (80% chance of Cancer cells).Diagnosis from Biopsy April of 2018. Stage 2 Gleason 7: 3+4 (Group 2: 9 core positive of 12 taken) I was prescribed these items by a well respected Naturalpath Doctor (N.D. ) in Santa Cruz CA, (and Costa Mesa also) PSA 7.1 dropped to 4.3 four months later. RESULT: Same Urologist performed another DRE test found a "Normal Prostate" and told me that he didn't think there would be ANY CANCER there.
    Will be biopsied again in 6-months to see if cancer is completely gone. I am very hopeful for more PSA improvement in near future, will check again end of November 2018.

    ZYFAMIN (New Chapter)– 2 Tabs 3x a day.
    POMEGRANITE JUICE 8 oz a day
    (POM Brand).
    HUGE MIX OF VEGETABLES ( pear and blueberries also )8-12 oz a day. (in form of blended smoothie. In ice cold beer mug with 15% creamy milk substitute, Cashew Milk etc. Tastes much better)

    CHINESE ACCUPUNCTURE FOR PROSTATE. (recommends 1 baby artichoke a day)
    Also 8-glasses of water and / or a Pear a day.




    1 TOMATO A DAY (COOKED, Very Important!)

    CBD EXTRACT 20-1 ( 15-20 Drops a day).

    GRAVIOLA HERB (Tincture drops 1 dropper a day; 4 pills a day; and the leaves boiled into a tea 8 oz a day. All can be purchased on AMAZON).

    Show less

  43. I'm probably developing the same cancer. My PSA level is high. My doc keeps urging me to get a biopsy but I refuse. I've read the procedure has a failure rate of 7- 20 %, which is higher than a simple surgery. I take dandelion root, willow, and lypocene to treat the possible cancer. I don't even know if I have cancer, I just know my PSA is up there (an enlarged prostate or infection has been ruled out)..
    I'm not good at diets or juicing, and I love meats and probably wont give them up. Anyone else out there treat their prostate cancer with herbs ?

  44. This testimony doesn't make any sense. First of all a blood test does not show up prostate cancer, just an elevated risk (he didn't mention the PSA test). The second doctor tells him he's a very sick man but want's him to have an operation, something that is seldom offered to people who are very sick from PC.  A simple scan would show exactly where the cancer was and yet this surgeon is telling him that he will have to see what he finds when he goes in. That is not how prostate cancer operations are performed. The prostate is buried deep within the pelvis and the cancer often can't be seen with the physical eye.

    So no scan was taken (a necessary step). No mention of what score was seen on the biopsies except a 3?!?!. Was it 3+4=7 or 4+3=7? No mention of what sort of cancer it was which is crucial. No Oncologist, just a bunch of urologists who seems to be lemmings. Believe me, PC patients will have an entire team which includes a urologist, an oncologist, a surgeon and a specialist nurse who will talk to you at length about your diagnosis and options including hormone therapy with you. Anything less than that is third world butchery. 

    The thing about prostate cancer is, its usually very slow growing. By the time this man was diagnosed he'd probably had PC for ten years or more. There are no trials that will tell you how long you will live for if you do nothing but it could be another 20 years, depending on the type of cancer.

    I believe that these foods are reducing testosterone in the body, which is a good thing if you have PC or are genetically predisposed to getting it. If you reduce the testosterone then you stop feeding the cancer. This means the cancer can't continue to grow, unless you forget the diet and go back to eating normally. 

    It sounds like this food is behaving the same way on the body as hormone treatment would do.

    I'm very skeptical about this story because so much of it doesn't add up. Its the sort of thing I may expect to hear from somewhere like deepest Africa but wasn't all this happening in the U.S.A?

  45. Not to be rude but you sound just like Patrick swayze (rip) but God bless you and this gentleman for sharing your testimony of healing. My God my heart cries for people who are not educated on the dangers of unhealthy eating and cancer treatments. I am a survivor of cervical cancer ! I as well asked God to help me..they wanted to terminate my pregnancy and rush me into surgery to save my life. I chose to go on a plant based diet after finding out the truth about these harmful treatments & surgery. My body started to heal immediately !!! Do not fear cancer or disease…it can be reversed with a clean diet. But God is your ultimate healer!

  46. Really informative. As a Believer myself, I'm saddened that his wife would have abandoned him if he chose to do what the doctors had recommended. I'm thankful they worked through that. Sounds like she has grown in her relationship with the Lord. So, there seems to have been healing for more than one person here!

  47. One final thought in that I appreciate you mentioning that there are no miracle cures per se. Food is medicine.; however, no one knows what the Lord has planned for any specific individual. In the final analysis, it is a journey of personal growth.

  48. I had to watch this again because the whole story is so odd.
    My husband had T3 PC at the age of 43. He had a radical prostatectomy with intra-operative biopsies. The cancer had escaped the prostate and just like this man, it had spread to the seminal vesicles but his had also spread to the lymph nodes closest to the prostate.
    The surgery was five hours and he had one overnight stay in hospital. After six weeks he was back at work; after three months he had a PSA test which came back the lowest it could possibly be. All subsequent PSA tests have come back with zero cancer. 
    Because my husband had intraoperative biopsies they saved 78% the nerves which means his manhood is fully functional and so is his bladder. That said, as his wife and as someone who loves him, I would of stood by him and supported him no matter what.

    This is such a frightening video because people with prostate cancer who could be cured through surgery, are being frightened away by this hocus pocus.

  49. My father was just diagnosed with prostate cancer this week… Ive done so much research, I've been talking to him… He does not eat healthy, we are southerners, so you can imagine how he eats… He is the best man in this world, no other man has measured up to my father… 7 children, best husband, works to provide for his family, would never let my mom work… He loves her so much, he wanted her to be able to enjoy being a mother and treat her like a queen… I hope my dad will change his eating habits and I hope Jesus heals him with the natural things he pit on this earth for us…

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