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(gentle music) – Hello, my name is Jada, and I’m in sixth grade at
Riverside Elementary School, and my question is, how did George Washington
treat his slaves? – So, how did Washington treat his slaves? The short answer to this is that the conditions for enslaved
people at Mount Vernon were fairly typical for 18th
century Virginia plantations. The longer answer is
that it really depends who you’re asking. From Washington’s perspective, he believed that he
treated his slaves fairly. He wrote that he wanted to provide them with exactly enough food
and clothing as they needed without anything extra. It was in his interest
for his enslaved laborers to be healthy and to be able to work, but it was also in his interest to feed and clothe them
as cheaply as possible so that he could maximize his profits. So, of course, even though Washington believed he was being fair, from the perspective of enslaved people, it’s quite likely that they didn’t agree. We know that there were several occasions where enslaved people
approached Washington to tell him that their rations
they received each week were not sufficient to
get them through the week. We know that they had to
supplement their diets by hunting and fishing and
keeping personal gardens in order to get enough variety
to maintain good health. We know that they received just one or two outfits
of clothing per year, which meant that the clothing
wore out really quickly, given the hard labor that they were doing, and there’s at least one occasion where enslaved people were
forced to steal supplies in order to patch holes in their clothing. So, we know that they were
really given the bare minimum because it was in Washington’s interest to spend as little as
possible on the supplies that he provided for them. We also know that Washington did use several types of punishments
on enslaved people, including physical
punishments like whipping. We know from Washington’s secretary that, according to him, whipping
was only used in cases where somebody was determined
to be guilty of some bad deed. Of course, their guilt was determined by George Washington or an overseer. There was one incident where an enslaved housemaid named Charlotte got into an argument with an overseer, and he whipped her twice for, in his words, being impudent,
or talking back to him. He described the incident
to George Washington, who responded that the
punishment was very proper. So, we don’t think that whipping was a constant occurrence at Mount Vernon, but it did happen regularly, and it would have been something that enslaved people
knew was a possibility. Another type of punishment
that Washington used was sale to another plantation. We know that there were several instances where he sold an enslaved person away, usually after they had tried to escape and Washington deemed them too troublesome to keep at Mount Vernon. He also used sale as a threat to others whose behavior he didn’t like. When you’re thinking about
the threat of being sold, that really brings up a larger point about the treatment of enslaved people. Slavery was a system in which
enslaved people lived in fear. Fear of being sold. Fear of being separated
from their families or their children or their parents. Fear of not being in control
of their bodies or their lives. Fear of never knowing freedom. No matter what their clothing was like, no matter what food they ate, no matter what their quarters looked like, enslaved people lived with that fear, and that was the psychological
violence of slavery. That’s how slave owners maintained control over enslaved people. So when you’re thinking about how enslaved people were treated, the system of slavery
treated people as property. And when human beings aren’t
being treated as people, details like the clothing they wore or the food they ate or their housing really becomes secondary.

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  1. I know this is our history but I'm not sure such a young child should be involved in such a grownup part of the history. Maybe this question could have been asked by an older person who is closer to 17, 18 years of age.

  2. Sorry… I'm a descendant of William b travis, the general of the alamo here in Texas. I never invoke his name except to say that he was the owner of two slaves… People knew better back then… very well documented/painfully obvious. Some foundering fathers were not slave owners… washington was… that's that. (Great video!)

  3. I would only ask where you obtain your facts, has this been throughly researced or is it conjecture, I'm a history buff. Absolutely slavery is abominable, and even the just having or owning slaves brings into question ones morality, this is the 1st I've heard of President Washington mistreating his slaves, oh well after all this is youtube, could be fact, or could be just conjecture

  4. lady's reply back to little girl so lil one be careful of what you ask for. little girls replys WTF ! 😱😢

  5. People saying he’s in hell seemed to have forgotten the Torah Quran and bible justify slavery saying one shall serve his master as he serves god … y’all picked that part out though I’m sure

  6. We need to stop asking immigrants about ABORIGINAL history. You are not going to get the TRUTH. It was the dark skinned Turban Wearing Moroccan Moors that helped George Washington become the first man and the first MASON to wear the title of the PRESIDENT. To ask a European descendant how he treated the slaves, ask yourself what slaves? The white Irish was brought here from Ireland by the dark skinned Turban Wearing Moroccan Moors whom owned the First Slaves in Turtle Island Renamed America and it’s well documented. The Copper Colored ABORIGINALS, The Niiji Renamed Negro are the generations of Hebrews that wore the fringes as stated in the Holy Bible, NUMBERS 15:38-40, are what the Irish Whites and the pilgrims call, The Indians. It’s been documented that the Copper Colored ABORIGINALS Renamed Negro was ALREADY HERE, when the Whites came. Webster Dictionary of 1828 used to say that, but now because of this knowledge being widely recognized, one rarely can read it on the Websites anymore unless one has taken a copy of it before it was whitewashed. You go on the internet now it doesn’t say it as much or not at all. I’ve noticed this. One must know that in Turtle Island Renamed America, was indeed occupied and still occupied by HEBREWS and people who practiced the Egyptian Cults as stated in LEVITICUS 18:3 whom the Fez hat, Turban Wearing Moroccan Moors did with the Practices of MASONRY. They owned the white Irish slaves they brought here from Ireland and they helped George Washington become the first man and Mason to wear the title of the President forming the BAPHOMET Government System. One can see one of these dark skinned Turban Wearing Moroccan Moors who plotted against our HEBREWS especially Hebrew John Hansen whom was our Commander In Chief that wrote the articles of confederation and gave us our first official holiday called THANKSGIVING because it was the HEBREWS that wore the fringes of the generations Hebrews that fed our guests in our land given to us by God, who led our people out of the yoke of slavery, EXODUS 6:6 to this LAND FLOWING WITH MILK AND HONEY that America is known to as being still to this day. Our people with its leader, John Hansen or Hanson, however you spell his last name not only gave us the national holiday, not Abe Lincoln as white historians would tell it, but Hebrew John Hansen also designed the Government seal used to this very day in the White House to sign on Government documents and not too many people know this was a design by a NEGRO. In truth not too many people know that Negro John Hansen, A HEBREW Israelite, gave George Washington who worked under him, 800 pounds of Silver out of his own money, sent to George Washington In Valley Forge by John Hansen’s own Negro Brother because George Washington’s troops were leaving bloody foot trails in the snow because their shoes had worn off from all that marching. John Hansen a Hebrew paid for those shoes, but the European Colonists descendants don’t teach that truth in public schools and you rarely read it anymore because the European Colonists descendants are trying to wipe it out of the history of Turtle Island Renamed America. One can go to the Library of Congress and see an old historic painting of a dark skinned turban wearing Moroccan Moor sitting on a horse posing with the standing George Washington. Just so happens that a lot of our history is being deleted and covered up, so as to make it seem that the history of the Hebrews here in America is not true because the Europeans and Prime Minister Netanyahu in Jerusalem wants people to think that the Ashkenazi Jew is the Hebrews of the Holy Bible which clearly they ARE NOT. The Ethiopian Hebrews wrote the oldest and most authentic Holy Spirit inspired Written Word of God on the planet Earth and the oldest Christian Church is in ETHIOPIA. Turtle island renamed America and what whites renamed Africa are both one in the same, it’s all ETHIOPIA renamed Africa. The Mississippi River whom we Indians call the great river is what the European Colonists Renamed The Nile River. Genesis 15:18. Know who you are and keep true history alive. Shalom my people the Today’s African Americans. Peace and Love ❤️

  7. Awesome raw truth! I wish I had access to this truth when i was in 6th grade.

    I remember having access to only one black book from school library.

    It was about Phyllis Wheatly, first African slave poet. I made an A on a book report about her. I was eager to learn more about Black history. There was nothing else.

    As a matter of fact I never heard of Black history month until I moved away, smh.

  8. This is sad and embarrassing for the nation but I don't think you should start tearing down monuments just leave it as examples of History of our country good and bad

  9. This was when things were difficult life is very very difficult so that's why things like slavery existed you know what this is almost 200 years ago that's what should be told to that little girl and that we all pay the price to become Americans and they paid a very big price for all of us in
    the ancestors of that little girl They are our heros. They are Americans. And its difficult and perhaps better to not talk about this stirring up more controversy.

  10. All these people owned slaves and did bad things are going to hell they knew what they were doing and the ones be racist get whooped and everybody else be like "ooo why they do that I hate blacks"

  11. We still have slavery today. We just dont see it anymore since it has been outsourced to other countries, and we dont call it slavery.

  12. Wow this video is educational and honest without being political or biased … it tells you the facts and perspectives with honest academic integrity

  13. Cant believe there still probably is people enslaved who dont know slavery has been over for a long time

  14. enslaving others has not gone away. Our freedoms are relative There are always bosses in charge of you…cheap labor is a goal of all major employers.

  15. His face should have never been put on a $ 1 bill. Constant reminder every time I look at the all mighty DOLLOR.

  16. white. rich people. back then where to lazy to do anything themselves back in those days these just shows who Hipacritical America was and still is today

  17. I'm sure they had day rentals where they hang out by The LumberYard and just rent them out by the day for people that can't afford livestock

  18. He treated them the same way whites treat blacks now, laws don't always change things it's the HEART…FACT

  19. Like slaves. Don’t sugarcoat it. He may have been a better man then your average southern plantation owner but it doesn’t make it any more right .

  20. Don’t teach children lies. Teach them facts. Not all whites back then owned salves.
    Not all of them took part in the practice.
    Those like Old George did and was simply a white supremest racist POS.
    “Product of the time” BS is no excuse.
    Also due to his lack of not probably handling his slaves “so called freedom” they kept going down to his family. Most were never freed.

  21. It is objectively IMPOSSIBLE to own fellow humans as Washington attempted to –ALL HUMANS ARE CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD!

    Washington and his compatriots engaged in vile crimes against humanity including nazi level torture and brutality , kidnapping, murders , generations of human trafficking , immoral genetic experimentations , child abduction, sexual assaults, and labor theft…

    The extreme secularist, materialist order that these men established has been responsible for all manner of continuous domestic unrest and one military catastrophe afemree another up to this present time

  22. WTF is up with people infatuation with slavery?! We spinning our wheels by living in the past instead of moving forward. That kind of thinking and mindset won't take us nowhere. Personally I'm sick of my people being associated with slavery. When people think about us I want them to think about Doctors, lawyers, engineers, judges, military officers, politicians, explorers, ect… I don't want them to think about us in chains. Too often we use slavery as an excuse to not succeed and I'm not with it!!

  23. They were probably better off than Washington’s army in the winter at Valley Forge.

    But they were still slaves, an unjust system.

  24. Well… Washington used to bake each slave a blueberry pie, and rub their backs with fresh squeezed olive oil. He gave each slave their own house and each servant their own servant. Washington treated each slave as a member of his own family, and paid for each ones education.
    Geez…how do you think he treated his slaves…… perhaps like…. slaves?

  25. All the comments that say “ wow honest answer and not sugarcoated” are clearly paid for by the program or producer of the video. My goodness. We really scooped this low to justify a president whom owned slaves. The disrespect and disgrace is certainly at an all time high.

  26. The Americans and their History of Violence, Ignorance, Racism and Lies! Washington was a Racist and a Slaveholder!

  27. I doubt he was any better or worse than the average slave holder. But you can’t judge someone who lived 230 years ago by today’s moral and ethical standards.

  28. No one ever really talks about the Irish being enslaved by the British or the Jews being enslaved by the Egyptians or all those people in the holocaust and not just Jews but others who didn't like Hitler the black people were not the only ones enslaved and I do agree that slavery was a curse on this country but it had already been a curse on the world for thousands of years.

  29. I feel like this is honest but this culture loves to be too dramatic and "victimized" as much as possible to realize that whipping, short rations, and holes in clothes weren't such a big deal back then in that culture. I mean middle class wore the same clothes for months and had to rely on personal gardens instead of being hand feed like a king. Hell, my white land owning grandfather loves relying on his garden, wearing the same clothes over and over, and not accepting or getting extra "rations". The dude has paid for Medicare and still won't go to the doctor for anything lol Haha. But people nowadays like to make America and Washington sound horrific.

  30. Bullshit..he treated slaves like any other owners of slaves: deprived them of food as a from of punishment, beat them, whipped them, castrated the males, raped the young girls and women, shot the older slaves to death, feed them scraps and rotting food leftovers, made them work hurt or sick, broke there families up, sold off family members, etc etc etc etc. It's called being inhumane. Slaves were literally treated like cattle and not god humans.

  31. Slaves were expensive. They were kept healthy so they had the physical stamina and energy to do the work. The better job they did meant more favors and freedom they had. Friendly bonds of trust helped the slaves as well as the owners. Share-croppers developed after slavery was abolished. They worked for room and board plus a percentage of the harvest.

  32. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤬

  33. I cant imagine wanting this situation in my life . I would never want the whole slave/master way of life in any faciet of my life .

  34. Of course, conveniently manipulated American history to support its manifest. Consequently, today, we can't get rid of an ignorant president!

  35. 1861 rolled around and both the North and South paid dearly for the sin of slavery. It's what happened after the Civil War that is a dark stain on the fabric of America……

  36. I didn't know george washington had Slavic Europeans.."slaves" in servitude…all this time i know he had enslaved Yahudeans…

  37. It was quite common to own people at that time . It was no big deal . Serfs in France Russia etc . The white working class in England had it the worst apparently . Who said that people who saw the black slavery and whites in England . All empires through out time has kept slaves the one that changed it was the white English empire . The British Empire . You wouldn't think so to hear blacks talking .
    I find the blacks bitterness extradinary a form of mental illness . In Africa and the middle East there are hundreds of thousands of black slaves. We never hear a word said by blacks . Whites don't care any more they are so sickened by the blacks behaviour and attitude world wide .

  38. At least in Africa they would weigh about 37 pounds and have those giant starvation beer bellies, eyes bugging out ….

  39. Slavery was evil.The Bible never endorsed it – it only acknowledged its existence. Washington wasn't God. He lived in a world that allowed slavery – but Lincoln wanted to end it – but didn't provide measures to destroy it.A freed people were not given the tools of freedom.

  40. Horrible human beings.
    The best way to calm our angrier is to have there own kind tell Us in a calming way…Thank God is was you, and not Us.

  41. As a Rev i fell he was not a good person having people as property is a sin that will take the very life from us all .god did not want people as slaves how could you have slaves and say you where a godly man .only people comet such a Honorable thing the person who was a part of our constitutions Washington and Tomas Jefferson both had slaves to profit .in front of god on Judgment day they will answer to a god for what they did ;

  42. Slavery been around since forever, look at pompeii, Rome, Egypt, the middle east, west Africa and central and south Africa, actually the whole of Africa. The natives in the Americas practiced slavery. My mom's ancestors were black and owned 8 slaves in North Carolina. I hate that people act like only whites had slaves, ever nation on this planet enslaved people, treated women like crap and still happens till this day. But only one group of people put tried to put an end to slavery globally and it was Europeans, mainly America and Britian, slavery is illegal in most countries but still happens in remote and underdeveloped nations. And those aren't white nations, go figure.

  43. Sad tho she didn't talk about how Washington wanted all his slaves freed and even put it in his will… although it didn't happen… I still think it's important to note that he knew slavery was bad and wanted to end it even though he couldn't because it would start a war… which it kinda did…

  44. Still poorly dude its slavery common sense…only good thing he did was give sundays off and 4 days for holiday. Dude the gardens and hunting werent very often due to them working sun up sun down

  45. Don't forget whites from England, France,etc, were made slaves and sold to the Arabs, everbody one time or another was slave.

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