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good morning welcome back to Clareminded my name is Clare this video is copper tongue scraping benefits and how
does oil pulling whiten your teeth in ayurveda and not only does oil pulling whiten
your teeth but it removes toxins from your body it freshens your breath and it
cleans your digestive tract thank you for joining me so early this morning I
am going to show you one of my morning routines that is ritualized I do it
every single day right when I wake up so I’m filming this right when I wake up so
I can show you actually how it looks on the tongue and what the benefits are of
copper tongue scraping benefits and how to oil pull basically super simple
techniques so I’m going to start with the copper tongue scraping benefits and
then show you how to copper tongue scrap like in an action I’ll show you all the
AMA and toxins that I get out of my tongue we’re gonna start by a copper
tongue scraping and I’m gonna give you the benefits first so firstly here’s our copper tongue scraper I always use PAAVANI and the reason ayurveda always uses the copper tongue scraper instead of like sometimes you’ll
see silver is because the copper is actually bacteria resistant so by using
the copper tongue scraper you basically put it back to the back of your mouth
and you simply just scrape it down anywhere from like 8 to 15 20 times
depending on how much Ama you have in there but the copper
tongue scraper is so cool because it literally removes ama which, is toxins
in ayurveda, from your tongue so as we scrape it I’ll show you you’re
like ridding yourself of all these toxins and bad things that are on your
tongue and just ridding them from your body and by doing that we’re actually
stimulating our taste buds on our tongue we’re helping aiding our
digestion because when you think about it I mean you eat everything starts in
your tongue and if it’s coated with like gross icky toxins from the day before it
doesn’t have the like proper environment to mix with your natural enzymes and
your saliva to help really start the digestive tract which is exactly where
it starts well it starts when you see the food and then
moving into your mouth like the first step of when it connects to you in
your body so by having a clean environment on the tongue is essential
when you’re aiming to have a good digestion and another great thing is it
just removes bad breath no one wants that all that icky stuff on your tongue
a lot of people wake up with this in the morning and I mean I honestly can’t even
remember what I did before I tongue scraped because this is just an
amazing practice I remember I learned in my yoga teacher training we did a
morning full of kriyas we did a copper tongue
scraping, no we did a purge in the ocean very beautiful with all those women and
men and then we did copper tongue scraping and then we did oil pulling so
it was a full-on cleansing morning very very enlightening so we are minimizing
that and we’re just doing a shorter version of the copper tongue scraping
and then the benefits so now I’m going to show you how to copper tongue the
scrape your tongue so we have our tongue scraper here and
you hold it from both ends just like this and we’re going to open our mouth
very wide as wide as we can and then stick out your tongue as far as you can
and bring the copper tongue scraper all the way to the back of your mouth like
this and then we are going to pull it down
and you can pull it a couple times just start to build up that ama so we can see
it a little bit more and then just rinse it off so it will stick it all the way
in the back and just kind of scrape down our tongue to pull out those ama
and the toxins that are on our tongue right now It’s a lot that’s on there and honestly
the ama the toxins on your tongue can change almost daily and depending on
what imbalance in ayurveda that you’re dealing with right now it can have a
slight coloration so if you see more of a white coating on your tongue then
you’re dealing with more of a kapha imbalance but if you’re seeing a little
bit more of a yellow tint that’s more Pitta. if you’re seeing a little bit more
grey it’s kind of like on mine right now that’s a little bit more vata, so
they’ll have these undertones of these colors that can help identify which
dosha and balance that you’re kind of dealing with at this moment
so again just sticking out the tongue scraping it down really cleaning it out
as you can and then just rinsing it so as you can
tell mine is a little bit it’s white but it’s like gray undertone so
it’s a little bit of a vata imbalance that I’m kind of working through at the
moment I have been moving around a lot and in a fast-paced environment and so
keeping up with my practices is essential time and by removing these
toxins I am doing the first step and it’s a great morning practice so one
more time it looks much better than I did about
five minutes ago so that is copper tongue scraping I
highly recommend it do not miss a morning this is will change your life
this copper tongue scraper will change your life done easy. the next practice
that I immediately felt my copper tongue screaming with is oil pulling and I’ve
been using PAAVANI’s mint oil pulling oil which it has been amazing it’s got a mixture of sesame and coconut and delicious herbs that it has in there
it’s super refreshing and how does oil pulling white in your teeth well in ayurveda oil pulling and can not only just whiten your teeth but it can also
help remove toxins from your mouth so just like the copper tongue scraper we
kind of read out those toxins, oil pulling does the same affection which it
kind of like pulls out the toxins more so from your mouth and puts them into
this little swishing mixture and then you eventually spit it out into a trash
can .oil pulling can also prevent cavities it also strengthens your gums
because you’re swishing it around and you know whitens your teeth it removes
bad breath it can also help reduce inflammation it can help with any skin
problems because you’re removing those toxins from your mouth and pulling them
and spitting them out it’s amazing amazing amazing it can also help reduce
any headaches or hangovers that you may be dealing with and it also helps aid in
sleep a good night’s sleep so oil pulling can have like numerous benefits
and you do it every morning right after your tongue scrape anywhere from like 5
to 20 minutes before you brush your teeth and move on with your day you can
always like do meditation abhyanga, shower before or after and yeah it’s
amazing so I been using PAAVANI and the reason I use that I’m specifically is
because of the concoction and this tonic that they put together for their oil
pulling oil and all of their oil pulling oil is what they do is they use their
base oils and they actually bring the whole entire herb and they steep those
herbs in the base oil so this one has sesame and coconut as the base oil but
then they’re using whole stalks of cloves cinnamon
and turmeric amalaki which is good for pitta so it’s cooling in that way
and a few others that they kind of just steep in this concoction this mixture
which a lot of other ayurvedic brands don’t typically do mostly just add solo
essential oil droplets to the base oil which is great but the reason I love
that connection to PAAVANI is because they use the whole entire herb and it’s
a really such special practice in ayurveda so I’m really lucky that I have
found someone that actually connects me to the earth in that way so the way that
we’ll do this you’ll take about a tablespoon I’m just gonna kind of hawk
back and just measure it myself and you swish it around in your mouth anywhere
from 5 to 20 minutes as long as you can last you really want to swish it around
cheek to cheek through your teeth up and down on your tongue above your tongue
you want to feel it in your gums I get up get down move it all around so again
we’re gonna take about a tablespoon and then just swish it in our mouth for five
to 20 minutes nice so after five to twenty minutes you
spit it out in a trash bin. you want to spit it out
in the trash bin because if you put it down the sink or the toilet sometimes
the oils can harden up depending on which type of oils that you’re using and
can clog your pipes so do not spit it out in any of the sink or toilet spit it
out in a trash bin so that was a oil pulling and now my breath my mouth feels really fresh I’m gonna brush my teeth I’m going to
shower, do my abhyanga and have another beautiful delicious morning this is
copper tongue scraping benefits I gave you a copper scraping demo of how you do
it how it removes those toxins from your body I showed you the oil pulling
benefits and oil pulling can whiten your teeth it also removes ama strengthens
your gums it removes bad breath it can reduce hangovers headaches gives you
better night sleep and it is just an amazing practice you just swish it
around vigorously in your mouth and it is super delicious my breath feels
breath my breath feels fresh so again PAAAVANI is super awesome for your chance
to win please check out the show notes below for your own oral hygiene set that
you can start to incorporate into your daily practice my name is Clare and
this is Clareminded thank you guys so much for being here and I can’t wait to
share more on my video I hope you have a great fabulous day don’t forget to
subscribe to my page like this video and let me know if you have
these thoughts or comments in the boxes below I love you have a great day

6 thoughts on “How Does Oil Pulling Whiten Teeth Ayurveda | 👅 Copper Tongue Scraper Benefits (Paavani)

  1. Silver is more antibacterial than copper… That doesn't matter though; whether you use either metal for tongue scraping, there isn't enough time and contact to have any effect whatsoever. The silver oxide created through oxygenation is what is antibacterial, not the silver in metallic form. This is why surgical instruments are made using silver. As the metal degrades through use, its oxides kill any bacteria present. This is to keep the instruments sterile, not to sterilize what it's coming in contact with. And, not only are you not creating those oxides but even if those oxides were present, you're rinsing your mouth out and they wouldn't be having any effect.

    But yes, tongue scraping is a necessity.

  2. Hey Clareminded! 2 quick questions: Where did you study Ayurveda? Who is your favorite Ayurvedic practitioner? Peace and love.

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