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Hello Friends I welcome you in this Channel Sorry from long time I am unable to post any new videos related to Technology The main reason of creating and uploading this video is to tell you all that I am suffering from Ankylosing spondylitis a kind of health condition due to which I am unable to post new videos Also from this video I want to address my colleagues , Relatives and Friends They are keep asking me about my health condition whenever they meet me they ask lot of questions about my health , how it happens, what you did to diagnose it What all you are trying What all you did till now to cure it, So I will try to put all this information in this video in short that will describe and help you to understand what all I have done and I am doing So one Micro Nugget to explain about Ankylosing spondylitis What all this disease is about How doctor diagnose it What all help modern medical can provide you and top of that Cure of this disease what I understand I will try to cover in this video I will also tell What is my current condition I will try to cover all this topic in this video I was suffering from Back pain since my college days It was diagnose in bangalore There in a hospital they asked me to get my HLA B27 Blood Test and luckily I got my HLA B27 + I was very happy at least After long period of Time My problem this disease will get some name attached to it and I will get a cure, but In allopathy or in modern medicine they do not have a cure for this one in short if I tell you I have visited every metro city of India , Delhi , Chennai, Bangalore Gurgaon, and even with my friends who are living abroad tried for a cure Everywhere they have same line of Treatment First of all they will give you pain killers Muscle relaxants after that if you are in worst condition They will put you on Steroid and at the end Biologic (Anti TNF) This is the only line of treatment they have In parallel along with this I was also trying Homeopathy, other home ways or medicine told by elder and Ayurveda From where ever what all everyone wants me to try I tried to treat it and exactly this disease have two state in one it will be active and sometime it will be passive But damage that has been made that is not recoverable because in this disease Spine vertebrae get fussed and it is known as Bamboo Spine Half of my spine is already fused now and other half is bend towards forward and right hand side So when I walk Its is difficult So purpose of creating this video to tell why I walk like this , what happen to me People keep asking me why I am losing body weight but this disease is not the reason behind losing weight, but While I was searching Cure for this disease I found on internet and pain killer steroid also started showing adverse effect on me rashes like mosquito bytes everywhere on my skin and ulcer on my mouth this was a big problem for me that I can not take more pain killers now But I was unable to live without painkillers So I was looking for some alternative way My wife found one video on youtube of Dr K K Goel who is from muzaffarnagar in that video he told about this disease he is very senior and suffering from same disease he is around 60 years old I will provide link of his video in description box below So what he told in that video after that I found many videos related to that on youtube Story of K K goel seems to me like it my own story its story of all people who all are suffering from ankylosing spondylitis in his video I found how he reversed his AS but in his case seems to me his spine is not bend like me So mainly I am struggling with my spine now once it is corrected I also think AS can be reversed because what all he told in his video after following it I have stopped Pain killers and steroids from last two months Major change apart from that I was unable to get up from bed without My family member support, My Wife !! Earlier my wife helps me to get out from bed After she helps me to sit on bed , with lot of pain I was keep sitting for around 1 to 2 hours but unable to move – due to lot of pain after few , with some support I was able to move after taking pain killers and steroid I start my day way to office This work around was working but in modern medical science , till you have accepted it is working without harming you this is your illusion internally it will affect your other internal organs in my condition it was happening Doctors keep telling me medicine that they are giving to me is now started affecting my kidneys and now they have to change it with some other brands or have to reduce power they also suggest that only option left is ANTI TNF Biologics ( for eg : – Adalimumab (Humira) I was also Frustrated In this disease after lot of pain in some point your mental condition will be in worst you may want to commit suicide, you don’t want to live it will develop suicidal tendency So you are taking medicines and that too are not working So when I found K K Goel Video on youtube I found that I am also suffering same way he suffered than I started searching for same kind of videos on youtube of TAP – SEWA – SUMIRAN and the way you take food can cure any disease So same videos I started searching for you will get all these channel links in below description how you can change your eating habits one of them is Shri B V Chauhan Acharya Mohan Gupta Ji I got to know about him through my friend and I got to know more about good eating habit from Sant Hirdaram Yoga & Nature Cure Hospital , Bhopal They all talk about one thing similar thing That you can cure any disease, not only AS you can say it’s a very small disease, with this style of living you can cure any disease just name it and when I listen Mohan Gupta ji on youtube He says , Body have magical healing powers , it can repair even broken bones, so deformity can also be cure by nature So I am waiting for that magic to be happen with me I have changed my life style Now in short I want to tell what I am doing in my day to day life how I am losing weight due to that its not my intention in morning first thing I have suppose I woke up at 7:00 am than I will take first Green juice at around 12:00 PM or post 12 not before that even no water drop before that , this is called intermittent fasting Means – Fasting is the cure for all disease so first thing by doing fasting of 16 hours minimum first thing I have as my breakfast you can say is at 12:00 pm that I tried to extend many times, is Green juice You can make green juice by using any eatable green leaves after drinking it around 3:00 pm or 4:00 pm I will have second juice sometime it is Sugarcane juice otherwise sometime it is Mosambi ( Sweet lime juice) or it may be pineapple juice after that third turn after sometime I take green coconut water or sometime if I am not on juice only diet or only not on mono diet as weekly I am following different ways I prefer raw Salad Main mantra you can say which if I will follow I will be able to cure my AS Akhilesh ji Maharaj from Merut (tap sewa sumiran ) says that to keep you motivated remember few saying Nashta (Breakfast) will destroy you I try to remember all this and keep my self motivated always not to get attracted towards breakfast at any cost since I started following all this small things I am getting lot of relief in AS pain I am not taking any medicine now mainly once my spine posture is corrected So I will be normal again I hope that day will come soon I am trying my level best, need your wishes if anyone of you are interested to know more about this therapy or anyone is suffering due to any kind of diseases and want to know about this ( Natural Life style ) this original Naturopathy this original Naturopathy how it can cure any-kind of disease those who knows me can directly contact me on my phone those who don’t know my personally can put there comments below this video , I will try to help in best possible way I will try my best to answer them will try to share as much information possible due to office work I might not get much involved into this there may be delay with that said I am ending this video , thank you all will meet in next video

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  1. Keep up the spirit high Bhai…. waheguru Kare aapki yeah disease jaldi cure ho jaye.however me also trying to follow your diet….for my tummy.. cheer's

  2. Sir you are simply great
    I will try let's see how far I can go
    I am 126 kg and that is my weakness un

    I like to over come . I will take suggestions..

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