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Alright this is John kohler with
Today, we have another exciting episode for your.. well, maybe not too exciting for
me but maybe for you guys, I Am gonna go ahead and talk some story and share with you guys. How
me and my girlfriend got parasites! got a parasite “maybe it even more than one parasite”
when we were in our trip to Costa-Rica. Mehn!!! This was not my first trip to Costa-Rica have
been there 2 to 3 other times and have never had an issue, have travelled all over the
world and never had any kind of parasite that have known of until now.
So, it actually kinda sad, why we were in costa- rica. We went to ‘PUNTA MONA’ which
is an off the grid, Tera culture retreat center that hosted the Costa-Rica  friut festival
and that was for a full week and so that off the grid living. I dont know if we got it
there, I can say for sure and can’t say exactly where we got it from. But, I do know that
I have checked with some other friends and people that have attended that event and know
body has had any symptoms like  me and my girlfriend has. That being said, after we
went to that event, we did go and stay at American style hotel and a bed in breakfast
place for one day. We went to farmer’s market and then went to a raw food restaurant. And so,
we eat food at the American style hotel which should have proper sanitation. And we did
eat at a raw food restaurant which is the last episode which that is ‘what it is’ and
is a raw food restaurant. So you know I could confidently say one off place that we ate
at or had food from or were in contact with some services had some parasite contamination
and consequently we got it, which really kinda sucks so the story goes is.
         Basically, on the flight back from Costa-rica my girlfriend like when
we were on the airplane she just like kinda in pain when we got off the airplane she’s
like really like 100 over, like nerve seizure and so much pain like 100 over like walking
like she’s in super pain. She’s like John this is part of the worse 10 days date I have
ever had in my life. In a scale from zero out of ten this is like a nine. She could
like bearly walk it like really terrible, we finally got her out and Kim around with
a car to pick her up took her home. She found out that when she stood up it was worse than
she lie-down it felt better so that what happen with her. And then like , I always kinda feel
fine. I felt something kinda weird going on in my stomach I wasn’t like i was in pain
or anything weird just kinda felt a little bit bloat of symptoms after I eat. And I guess
maybe like the next day that when it really hit me like. The next day, I had like a small
meal maybe like no more than a pound of food which is like nothing because it all seat
like hunt down a couple of pound fruit or something like that, like just having a small
meal which wasn’t even getting me enough calories to survive or to eat all of a sudden my stomach
was just hurt all of a sudden. I’ll bloat-out like really bad and I would have to lie-down
because it like the pain was just really! really! terrible so once I lie down it kinda
help a little bit and then over-time the pain kinda went away and then i was able to function
again till I eat again and I really have to like not eat a whole water quantity stuff
before I bloat up again and start feeling like stomach ache again of course I was also
having some bad gas and also stolling or some bad moment that were not normal that
maybe like more watery then normal and ya! So this is not a good thing and I was like
“what is wrong” what is wrong with us and stuff.
Then, I want online did some searches and bunch of different searches based on our symptoms,
I figured we have this parasite called ‘Giardia’, And so the only Way I know Giardia  is like
when I will sell like water filters, am like am having a good solid water filters water
borne illnesses you know fairly uncommon in the United State, but maybe more common in
undeveloped part of the world. You know! where they have faeces and streams and maybe they
dont just have the level of cleanliness and hygiene that we have here in the States or
other part of developed world. That being said, “Even part of the developed world can
get Giardia you know especially with pets. Pets are one of the major contamination vectors,
but anyways enough of that. As soon as we figured we have giardia and
that will cause symptoms like we got maybe another parasites but am kinda sure it Giardia
no matter what the parasite is, You know when am doing ….the treatment will be similar,
you know! I don’t have any kind of medical insurance so I just can’t go to the hospital
and say here is my insurance you know fix me up doctor, You know the other thing is?
I want you guys to remember that doctors are practising and I want that to be a disclaimer
right now. Am sharing with you guys what I did for this conditions, if you guys have
this conditions. I’ll encourage you guys to go to your doctors,  If you have a medical
doctor. And to do you know! what they say, if that what you feel right, or you know if
you want to take your health in your own hands which you know! I mean if I mix diagnose what
I have and am not doing the right protocols it might not be good I may really end up getting
sicker or possibly lose my life. But that’s the risk am willing to take right. So, but
am being smart about it right so am noticing where am at.
         Am doing my protocol that I will explain to you guys and noticing if
am getting better or worse and in general overall am feeling better than worse. And
i will say also i do have a back-up plan which is some drugs which is a ……. which is
a really powerful antibiotics which I do have in case it get really bad I will take that.
My preference is not to take antibiotics. Unless, is like you know! really bad  and
you trying to do the natural treatment because as much as you think the doctors have all
the answers you know what they have in their arsenal majority of the time is drugs. And
you know Drugs! you know on one hand they’re good things right they could help heal you
from certain conditions, on some other hands you gonna be on drugs for the rest of your
life for your conditions  because they will really not gonna heal you they just gonna
mask the symptoms. On the other hands, you know drugs!
They’re drugs “foreign chemical compound” that have an effect in your body, You know!
It could be a positive effect in the case of killing bacteria and could be negative
effect as in wiping out all your beneficial fluoride that you have worked so hard to make
or toxic effect that could cause toxicity of your liver or toxicity of many other organs
no matter what drugs you taking. So, I always want you guys like I do. I carefully
weight out like if am gonna take a drug what are some natural alternatives, not that am
all supplements things and live my life by taking a tonnes of supplement. But, I definitely
will agree that natural base supplements are better than drugs and when I have a condition
am not just gonna sit here and Oooh! just water fast John or juice fast to get rid of
the drug. That maybe the case but  you know I want to give it that extra punch, and this
is what I choose to do once again in my life right you guys wanna water fast or juice fast
do whatever you wanna do I wish you guys the best of luck.
Am just sharing you guys what I choose to do in this case and it working. So, I guess
we back track for a second to my girlfriend and she’s not exactly doing my protocol alright,
We are two different people, two grown minds. We do a lot of things differently, we do some
things the same but if she’s doing it a little bit differently than I am that is great. And
its interesting to see like how she is progressing and how i’m progressing. Arise and shine,
cleanse and that is how she’s dealing with her parasite. She’s going around as cleanser
where she can seal and bend that shake for one and half hours. There’s a herbal chopper
and some herbal nutrition pills. Pretty much the whole thing even drinking juice, eating
whole foods like fruits and vegetables for the most part. And so when she’s on the program
its been a week now since the episode started for both of us. When she’s on her program
she’s fine and then she stopped dealing with cleanse because  she wasn’t doing it perfectly
and she’s like I’m gonna not do it, am gonna do it later and her pains everything came
back really bad, meanwhile she got back on the program and then she went away again.
So, am thinking maybe you know……. keep flushing the stuff out we can’t get her strong
foothold  but you know although she’s taking some herbs maybe helping to control the parasite,
maybe it not really working that effectively. Meanwhile, I got a follow on you know! “my
opinion” am taking to follow on attack approach to the parasite. I got warn this parasite,
I told them I gave a farewell to this parasites you guys need to leave my body because it
war. Am taking you guys out if you guys dont leave, You could just go somewhere else and
infect someone or do whatever because am not going to the hospital environment for parasites.
     Sickeningly, I got a number of different product I am gonna show you guys. The first,
of which is this one is called “The parasite free” by body force. Power for knockout for
all stages of parasites including egg, larva and adults. And it says ‘Everyone as a parasites
also good for bacterials, viruses fungi, cold and flu. Preservatives free wild organic crafted.
This came very highly recommended to me by my girlfriend, she actually had two bottles
so she gave me one. So, I’m grateful it not too bad you know, I take i think, I was taking
like 5pills like once a day and I progress to like 7pills maybe like twice a day maybe
like morning and night. That is my parasite free herbs that kinda top things and I have
like few other things laying around to my order.
   So, I already have this laying around the “Ultimate model lauren” medium chain fatty
acid extracted from coconut oil. So it lauric acid which is model lauren and it’s like 95
percent and this suppose to be antibacterial, antiviral, anti all this other things. So
am taking this maybe like once a day “2 little tea spoon” things in there. And that was working
pretty good and then I did more research and am like mehn!!! I am killing this suckers,
what else could help me. Then I looked it up and this is like a pretty good product
it actually called “Burberring’ so it from burberry, So it will be good if I have a lot
of burberry to eat them. But, then basically concentrate one of specific nutrient in burberries
into this burberring which actually has some studies, scientific studies that show this
is effective with giardia,which is the perizone parasite that infect your small intestines.
And, so consequently that is why you know we had gas, bloating and diarrhea.
      What’s up!!! What we got on this program now and start doing then. My bloating
pretty much subsided I was able to eat almost back to normal. I have  tummy things that
I kinda feel a little bit discomfort maybe like one, Out of like scale of 1 and 10. I
feel something is not totally perfect with me but with most part am functioning normally
now, I have my standard energy and all this stuff once I got on this protocol. But, anyway
the burberring I take two 500mg capsules once a day. And, I dont take the capsule and actually
open the capsules and water it through my mouth, the stuff taste nasty! but if it working
mehn!!! I dont care. Of cause another thing to fight back bacterials
and parasites is good bacterial which are your friendly bacterial. Friendly bacterial
make up part of your immune systems this is one of the many pro-biotic that am taking,
I’m taking a wide varieties of different pro-biotic because certain probiotic based on research
that I have seen having shown to be more effective or not against things like giardia. So, I
order some special pro-biotic specific for this instances some even more actually kinda
hard to find varieties, I even have to find babies probiotic that had a special pro-biotic
in there, that we should have in our gut but I want to increase the quantity of them in
me to help get over this giardia. But, this one here is actually called the
‘Essential formula’ doctor probiotic. And this one have a life culture so I like this
one because this is one. Is not just your white powder stuff is actually your real food.
so they basically, get food from mountain of Japan they ferment it with this special
probiotic culture and then basic put the food mixture into the capsules then you could take,
It like food with probiotic living in there. And some very special shrimps and very powerful,
like normally if I get any kinda digestive upset if am in a foreign country I take four
of these and you know it goes away. Now, another thing that am taking aside from this guys
is, I think it very important to take some digestive enzymes especially in a situation
like this right? Different  Parasites and other things maybe living inside you worms
or whatever you know they’re made of proteins. And digestive enzymes that have high protein
is an enzymes that digest protein maybe helpful with the situation.
                So this one has ‘protia1: 20000hut’, ‘protia2: 4000hut’
and it has a lot of other different enzymes in there that may help digest cell walls and
digest different things in your intestinal tracts to help you keep clean and then running
well. So, I dont know if I should recommend this particular brand but I do recommend a
nice strong enzymes. So have being upping the dosage of the enzymes that have being
taking recently. Once, again you know, I dont know which one of this product is totally
helping ‘am taking them all’ because I don’t care which one works am taking a different
time in a day, am taking this in the morning, this in the mid-afternoon and  this our take
like around when parasites hunt , how take this at a different time, take this at a different
time all throughout the day before meals. Now of course aside from all
this supplements that am taking right and also modifying the food that i am eating.
I might not normally eat the food that am gonna show you guys in this higher quantities
but i am doing it now. Because, I have a situation with the parasite and some food have shown
to be parasites resistance. Why are some fruit parasite resistance? Because nature right,
nature as a deals with parasites, bugs, diseases and insects and fruits or plant have learnt
how to deal with this parasites or bugs or insects or bacterials throughout the millennial
so they have special compounds in there that are anti-parasitic. I mean especially some
of the herbs, that are in this parasite cleanse are that way.
But there is some fruits that are not even growing in my garden that maybe helpful as
this guys, This is just standard garlic right? Have been eating copious amount of garlic.
If you smell me lately you know,You smell like garlic emitting from pores when I wake
up. I could smell my hand I smell like garlic. So, I do garlic several times a day usually
in the morning, in the night. In the morning I like to make this drink here, this is just
my home grown ‘cucumbers juiced with garlics. So today I made like about 48ounces of juice
with a whole bunch of cubes with three nice size cloves if garlic in there it a pretty
strong juice. Like have been drinking this fry like last week and I just gave some to
my girlfriend everyday and she’s just like mehn!!! this is like too strong. I was like
mehn this is weak! I mean it kinda strong I just drink it.
I was like die parasites!!!, I’m one having one for her later tonight. That’s how I get
my garlic in me on a day time and then at night I usually eat evening meal with more
garlic. So, one of my favorite one that have been doing is mashup avocado with some bunch
of garlic maybe like six cloves in there,with some(………)one of my favorite piece of
all time. And the other favorite have been doing lately, is I take whole bunch of ripe
tomatoes I put them in a bottom of a blender, I blend that up with maybe like some flacks
or some walnuts or maybe some( ….) maybe like some handful worth and then I got that
liquid base going, then how add a whole bunch of red bell peppers, or ripe bell peppers
in there and then how add like another 3- 4 cloves of garlic in there with some Italian
seasoning blend that up, and that will be like my evening dinner.
And I got like another one, in the morning am getting my juiced garlic with (…..) and
at night am getting more like italian you know like ‘ ehmm’ (…….) tomatoes pepper
you know smoothie thing salad or whatever with more garlic. The other thing I will eat
sometimes is some freeze fry blueberries I have seen some research showing that there
is certain compound that can be extracted from blueberry that maybe an effect against
giardia. Also, now in addition to all this supplements
and the food that am normally eating, Am also eating high nutrient dent food because aside
from trying to combat parasites with different products and food that am eating. I also want
to ensure my body is still getting all required adequate nutrition incuding vitamins and minerals,
including zinc, including vitamins B12, vitamins D, vitamins K2, including my essential fatty
acids, because our bodies are complete systems. We require alot of nutrients to function from
missing certain nutrient, our body will not be utmost sustaining life properly and been
at the highest level having your immune systems running at the utmost peck efficiency because
you know in the end my immune systems is taking care of part of that parasites situation and
if am unhealthy because am eating junk food diet my immune systems will not gonna be strong.
By supporting my immune system with healthy diet including lot of green fruits, And then
fruits and vegetables as well as all this different supplements that I am taking. You
know! I figured am gonna get over this parasites soon enough and it already being over a week
and am definitely majorly improved from how it was, am not back quite to normal yet this
things happened and I just kinda! kinda! you know go with the flow. And just be happy that
am still alive that nothing worse as happened and you know am playing it smart too right!
As much as am trying all this things and doing my dietary things, “if” it get worse I will
go to doctor punch down I dint have much cash I need to punch down and get proper testing
you know to figure out what going on. The other thing that am more likely to do besides
just going to the doctor is you know go out to get testing on my own four different kinda
parasite to see what I have and then how find natural treatment to treat it.
Once, again this is what I choose to do.Once again you guys need to figure out what you
guys gonna do on your own accord. Once again you know my standard disclaimer, You have
a medical condition please, go see a medical practitioner that can help you out. Unless,
“you want to take your life into your own hands” which is what am choosing to do and
am doing this smart you know am not being stupid about it in my own opinion. That being
said, I’m gonna allow you guys to have your opinion about this people are going to comment!
“John you should go see a doctor on all this stuff. You know! I mean, Think about it! what
did people do before they were doctors right? About 400years ago before they were doctors,
we have all this natural herbal medicines like worm walls and all this different things
in here you know! (……………) Green walls and black walls, native people and all
this peoples new all the different herbs and medicine to take from the forest to get better
to heal themselves but now we just rely in doctors.
Now, there is another way and that is the way am choosing to do. Whether you choose,
that’s totally up to you. I better just make this video to show you guys what am doing
and what appears to be working at this time. So, ya! That pretty much it for now, I’ll
encourage you guys, if you guys live or traveling ‘you know,’ in countries outside of the U.S.
or outside developed nations. Please, take extra hygiene precautions into your hands.
Try to be sure of all the food you eat, normally when i go to foreign countries, like I dont
try to eat like a lot of leafy green, I try to buy fruit that are all you know peel that
I need to peel myself. And I try not to eat it at different restaurant, and think you
dont know who didn’t wash their hands or what happened I’m just try to minimise my risks
by controlling more of the food i eat. Make sure you wash the food properly very important
right, majority can happen because they didn’t wash their hands right ‘it very important’,
another thing that am doing am washing my hands even more prudently than I’ll normally
would to make sure am not gonna re-infect me or anybody else you know that I come in
contact with at this time. That’s pretty much this episode, If you guys
enjoyed this episode on “how I got giardia from Costa Rica”and how am dealing with it
“am gonna overcome it”. Please, give me a thumbs up. I wasn’t sure if I wanna do this
video to share it that I got parasites. But you know what! Here’s the thing most people
have parasites and you may not know it. So, I mean! The really good thing to do is just
get a parasites cleanse I dont think it can hurt you except hurt your pocket book by freezing
up some cash. But the best cases is killing some parasites and you be healthy because
of it, You know! those nothing at all except you lose some money. So, ya! Most people have
parasite go for parasite cleanses, Ya! You know what i mean?
I like to have some of this product around just incase some of this things that I take
regularly such as the probiotic and enzymes and even eat some garlic sometimes but not
in higher doses when I have this particular situations because I truly believe some foods
like garlic are not just foods they’re medicinal food, Yea! You could use them for flavors
if you like it sometimes but I use it for medicinal properties instead if using it as
simply just food and eating it all the time, but anyway that a whole lot of topic.
Anyway if you guys enjoyed it and want to hear more about this kinda stuff get update
give me a thumbs up. Also, be sure to leave your nice comment down below: And what you
will do if you’d this situation? and if you have this situation before, and you had to
prevent this situation from occuring in the future. We could all learn from each other
that just the simple goal on my YouTube channel. Is to share with you guys what am going through,
what am learning in my life. So, maybe one of you guys going through a similar situation
may also benefit. I wish you could subscribe right down below
to be notified my new and upcoming episodes that are coming out 5 -7 days you never know
what kinda topic I will be discussing or what you be learning on my YouTube channel.
And finally, be sure to check my past episodes, I have over 400 episodes at this time showed
you guys all aspects on how to live a healthy plant base fruit and vegetables dominant diet
the best way possible so you get the healthiest thrive.
Once, again my name his John kohler with We see next time! until then remember keeping eating
your fresh fruits and vegetables they’re always the best.

100 thoughts on “How I Got Giardia Parasite and My Natural Treatment

  1. John, I'm not a vegan or anything like that. But, I watch this channel because of growyourgreens. Just watching this made my stomach hurt for you two. I don't even want to imagine it. I got food poisoning once and it was HORRIBLE. I hope after a few weeks of this self treatment you will at least go get tested to see what if anything shows up. I have read that these parasites can do permanent damage and can actually get very large in your body. I understand why you're doing what you're doing and partially agree. But, PLEASE…go get a test to at least KNOW what you're dealing with. Then go from there. Good luck to you and Lauren. Be well!

  2. Shocking!! "Fruit Festival".. "Costa Rica"…. "Off the Grid"…. and would it have killed you to go to a doctor to get cultured and know for sure what is wrong with you both?

  3. I get giardia from time to time…. possibly from my dog!! It's easy to get it in mainland US now- restaurants, produce, etc

  4. Thanks for sharing. My brother recently visited Germany and Hungary. When he came back he was also experiencing some of the same symptom you described, and he is by no means vegan nor eats raw food. I will be sure to share some of this tips with him if he continues to experience the same issues. That being said, anyone can catch a bug when going outside or normal environment. Our bodies are not used to other climates and it becomes easier to catch stuff. Glad is getting better for you, I hope your girl friend is doing good too. Take care.

  5. Any chance it was food poisoning? In Sydney Australia about 20 years ago major dam had Crypto and Giardia and everyone had to boil the water before drinking it.

  6. Oh that parasite is horrible. I had it before. The poo is like Mud, Headaches, nausea or vomiting and the runs. Every time something goes into your belly, it hurts. We had it run through the family before.

  7. I would use your ozone generator and ozenate some cold water for about ten minutes and drink it.  Ozone kills almost everything.

  8. Cod liver oil fermented. 5ml twice a day
    Oregano oil several drops several times a day
    Minced garlic waiting 15 minutes then light coat of honey
    Kefir or other probiotics strong dose all day
    Iminoaloe several caps three times a day
    Lots of fluids
    Iodine selinium and salt water

  9. John, you certainly make some good points here and thank you for sharing. I just want to make some points about modern medicines that seem to get lost in the natural community. First many modern medicines were developed from natural sources -they have just been refined to enhance the active ingredients and eliminate others that may not be so good. Second, many of these "natural" products have not been independently evaluated and make claims that may be completely unsubstantiated. They also tend to be very expensive compared with a simple medication that can very effectively solve your problem.

  10. hey Jhon! I have been raw vegan for 10 years now and I got for the first time evere pin worms 2 years ago.. so I strted taking diatomacous earth and they were gone and ever since ive been taking de reguraly to keep them away… but they seem to have bee back a few days ago and it seems like the diatomacous earth doesnt work anymore… what would u recommand ? thank you

  11. I really don't think all those different treatments are necessary. I first got giardia a little over 3 years ago and was initially in a lot of pain daily for 2-3 weeks. I did a lot of research and decided to try grapefruit seed extract, which is very inexpensive. Take one capsule, open it and pour it into water, stir and drink. Initially, I may have done this 4 times over 2 days, and found that my symptoms went away. Many months later, I started having the sulfur burps, which are the tell-tale sign that the giardia has regrouped. I drank one glass of water with grapefruit seed extract, and didn't develop the stomach pains and other symptoms. Over the past 3 years, I've had about 4 recurrences of giardia, but the grapefruit seed extract has helped me every time since.

    If you or your girlfriend are still suffering from giardia, please try grapefruit seed extract & let me know if it worked for you.

  12. John, I hope you and your GF feel better soon. I'm surprised you are just "Guessing" on the kind of parasite. I would at least go to the Doctor and have them test you to confirm TYPE of parasite OR bacteria—You DON'T have to take any drugs the Docs recommend, but at least you will have confirmation of what you are treating. You don't want to progress to SIBO. Let us know how it goes. ~~Have you tried Papaya SEEDS? THX for sharing what you are taking.

  13. Could have been e-coli or really any intestinal virus, bug. These are the common symptoms that you had. Pain, bloating, diarrhea, nausea, weakness, etc.

  14. I've been battling giardia for almost a year now. The only success I've had is cutting out all sugars and eating brown rice and chicken breasts with pure mustard. Also I blend up raw garlic and drink it. This is a tough diet but you have to avoid the junk food that is everywhere you look at the grocery store. I'm an ex Marine and it's even hard for me to stick to this for longer than 2 weeks.

  15. I'm sat now eating coconut flakes organic to rid the fuckers, I want those big ones out.. No teeth hanging on with coconut flakes

  16. H. Phylori a bacteria that causes ulcers in the stomach can give horible symptoms too. Doctors will not tell us about how contagious this Bacteria is also.

  17. Could you please tell us John, could you and your girlfriend be contagious. I know you and your girlfriend are very hygiene cautious ect. but could you spread this parasite using a public bathroom ect. Just wonderring. How is it spread. I have read where the bacteria is found in some places in Florida for some reason or did I read wrong.

  18. I can tell in your face that parasite is taking it out of you … I hope you and your girlfriend feel better soon but if not please see a doctor if all else fails.. good luck

  19. I'm on Gerson Therapy, which is about 80% raw vegan. They recommend using food grade hydrogen peroxide to wash all fresh fruits and veggies. I bought a case of it and use it in the distilled water I use to clean all my fresh veggies. You don't want to soak them in it for very long, or it degrades the nutrients. But hydrogen peroxide is safe if diluted to the right strength. I buy 35% food grade, then dilute it to 3%, then add some of it it to my washing water. The end product is oxygen. It tends to evaporate, so keep it in a closed dark container, away from children and pets. It is a great cleaner in the bathroom also.

  20. Wormwood, cloves, and walnut hull extract. Dr. Hulda Clark's recipe. She has a good protocol for liver flukes, which can cause cancer. I wonder if wormwood was what made Absinthe so popular years ago.

  21. If you think turpentine is too strong, maybe try making tea out of pine needles. Make sure it's the right species of pine.

  22. could you not pay $150 for an urgent care clinic to get the proper diagnosis? you don't have to take the treatment they prescribe but they'd at least diagnose you

  23. It's good that you probably figured out what to do in this situation. I sometimes find it funny how you mispronounce words sometimes GEE-AR-DEE-A is how to pronounce that parasite. I've also heard you say Zeoxanthin, when it's zeaxanthin. Not that it matters, I know what you're saying but I know in one of your episodes you said you didn't like to read, so it makes sense that you would be mispronouncing some words. Keep up the good work you're doing, John! Next year, I'm starting a garden and will start watching Growing Your Greens. I've got some sprouts growing for the first time and it's very exciting to see them grow!

    Anyway, I'll keep this video on hand in case I get a giardia parasite, but the odds are small. I would like to do a parasite cleanse at some point as I used to be a meat eater and a dairy consumer in the long, long ago. I know you're okay because this video was made almost a year ago, so it must have worked or you went to a doctor (doubtful).

  24. Keep it up, natural products take awhile but they help you more in a long run. I was on a anti- candida diet in the past. It helped me so much, used to have problems with stomach acid and had to take previcid, which still didn't help. Lost a lot of weight too, felt great. Hope to go back on better diet after I get moving and many things over with.

  25. Do you not realize that all pharmaceutical drugs—and all products of organic chemistry, for that matter—are quite literally derived from nature? Are you terrible at expressing your disdain for the pharmaceutical industry, or more likely, are you just stupid? Go to a doctor. I don't buy your "I don't halve health insurance" don't have fucking HIV. Let me guess, you're against vaccines, too?
    No idea how I stumbled onto this ridiculous concentration of idiocy.

  26. —Also, since you didn't even learn how to SAY the parasites name, you might want to put your health in someone else's hands. Hahaha

  27. You can get giardia from supposedly safe city tap water. We have to filter our water because I’ve gotten giardia a couple times since moving here. It’s also common around small children and animals because the parasite survives well in feces.

  28. thank you so much for sharing this video. since I got from Panama I have a very bad skin reaction for 2 months, red bumps all over my body, I'm going to try this parasite cleanse.

  29. So sorry to hear about the discomfort. If I ever go to Costa Rica that could be me, so this is valuable information to be for armed.

  30. khem, as a microbiologist who's taking a parasitology course I should inform you – anti-parasitic drugs is not the same thing as antibiotics. Antibiotics are against bacteria. Giardia is not a bacterium, but protozoan (unicellular creature, that is more similar to us than bacteria). Tinidazole won't mess up your beneficial bacteria, as it is an anti-protozoan drug.

    Furthermore, in case of antibiotics and anti-parasitic drugs you can't say that the drug is just masking the symptoms. These drugs are literally killing the little critters that have invaded your organism and getting rid of the cause of the disease.

    Many dangerous parasites and bacteria can induce diarrhea and some may cause a lot of harm if you don't kill them right away. And tinidazole won't help if it isn't protozoan that's causing the symptoms.

  31. That "Parasite-free" stuff that you are talking about – it claims to get rid of all of the parasites. The problem is most of the parasites are biologically quite similar to us (unlike bacteria). This is what makes making drugs against them so complicated – the drug that kills a parasite is likely to harm us as well. The ones that are sold in pharmacy are carefully developed and tested to not harm us (or harm as minimally as possible). But products like "Parasite-free", if they really work, can be harmful to us. The mechanisms by which they work are unknown and these products aren't carefully tested for side effects. The fact that all ingredients are natural doesn't mean anything. Most potent poisons in the world are also natural, e.g., cyanide in apricot kernels and toxins in death caps.

  32. I'm with you. I had girardia 10 years ago. It took 6 months but I got over it. I have it again right now because I was cleaning the chicken water and some splashed in my mouth. I am better armed this time with info on you tube. It IS bad at first, then you have good days and bad…it gets better and better as your body becomes your warrior. Im going to try some of the wonderful suggestions on your channel because I am dedicated to staying antibiotic free. This girardia will not kill you and I have to say, if you get it again it won't be as bad if you have already recovered once without antibiotics. It's only been 2 weeks and it's not 100% gone but I'm feeling better.

  33. For symptoms: bees balm tea! It's like a miracle. Also called Oswego tea.
    If you can't grow your own and harvest. Try drinking lots of earl her a tea. It has bees balm in it…thats the "earl grey flavor."

  34. Wash your hands but don't wash your produce…🤔 makes perfect sense. Anyone knows to not load up on raw fruits and vegetables in certain regions.

  35. Don't wash your greens. Instead, boil some water, submerge them fully in the water for 10 seconds. Strain the water and blow air on the greens to cool faster. Since it's fast it will not cook the greens, but it will kill any parasites on their surface.

  36. You can get giardia in the United States as well:

    "Since 1971, Giardia has been the most commonly identified pathogen in waterborne outbreaks reported in the United States."

    Giardiasis outbreaks in the United States, 1971–2011

    "Giardia intestinalis is the leading parasitic aetiology of human enteric infections in the United States, with an estimated 1.2 million cases occurring annually. To better understand transmission, we analysed data on all giardiasis outbreaks reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for 1971–2011. The 242 outbreaks, affecting ∼41 000 persons, resulted from waterborne (74.8%), foodborne (15.7%), person-to-person (2.5%), and animal contact (1.2%) transmission. Most (74.6%) waterborne outbreaks were associated with drinking water, followed by recreational water (18.2%). "

    Chlorine and other water treatments may not kill the Giardia cysts.

  37. Wow John, sorry that happened but so glad you shared your story. Raw food restaurant, that’d be my “ guess” , but then, I’d never ever eat at any raw food restaurant. Just too many people handing my food, a real opportunity for anything to grow. But you’re a LOT stronger than me. Thank you always.

  38. I've Been on the carrot and apple juiced did first coffee enama th this morning and talk parasite I will do b** pork

  39. Thanks your guide saved my gut. I thought I had sibo which I kinda did but I had giardia which causes dysbiosis. I added more fermented foods and probiotics with silver diatomaceous earth and everything you took and I was good to go. Also added NAC to break up that biofilm first

  40. I live with people from the tropics. They are constantly going and coming. This is the second time I have gotten bad watery bm's every 45 minutes, nausea, suffer belching, and gas down below. The food served is not savory(very spicy(I get nausus) These people clean and prepare the food. We are not allowed to get out own food. Also limited to bottled water as were told it's expensive. I don't know if this is the cause but I'm leaning to it. how can I help myself. My resources are limited. also think I had alot of digestive tract problems when young (was out of school for weeks at a time).

  41. I was so sick by the time I realized I wasn't dying that I had to go to the ER. Unfortunately, I am currently on high powered antibiotic but wish I had had time to go after narurally. Thanks for sharing!

  42. 85% of those I test have giardia, 20% have either worms.. roundworms pinworms, hookworms, pork worms… or cat flukes (liver flat-worm). 10% have Lyme Disease. Giardia is resistant to standard treatments. I find they simply don't work. It takes from 10 days to 4 months to clear dependent on the combination of anti-parasitics used and the response of each individual. What works for one, won't work for another. You need to eliminate biofilms, prevent re-infection, repair the gut and rebuild the immune system. google wellnesspaul for more info.

  43. You might consider adding two Ayurvedic herbs, Neem (Azadirachta indica) and Kutaja (Holarrhena antidysenterica) to your protocol. I have traveled a lot in Asia and found these herbs to be very helpful.

  44. human version in clinical trial right now, we tested 4096 compounds to find one that would work, and is safe, including vitamins. The science supports this treatment.

  45. Wait, you spent the money to fly to a tropical island, but you do not have health insurance. OK, straight up that is foolish. You have no clue what you had. Pretty much blew all credibility to your video. Sorry.

  46. What do you think about eating fruit during a parasite cleanse? I know that it is not recommended because of the sugars (which the parasites love), but I've done a 14 day water fast, plus two weeks of green juicing along with the "Parasite-Free Body Force" pills. Is it safe by now to eat fruit while taking the pills?

  47. Im pretty sure Ive had it for the last 4 weeks, Ive been too afraid of garlic or any seasonings because I dont want any gas because of how bloated Ive been! But I might give it a try, Ive been doing the probiotics and coconut water to keep my energy up and only vegetables and blueberries.

  48. Just found this channel, been watching gygwj for a year or two now . Thanks for all the vids on both channels and especially this one currentlylol. Been goin to the creek a little past peak season, pretty sure I got some hitch hikers. Picked up some Scram anti parasite cleanse. Keep ya posted

  49. Y’all pure chilli 🌶 powder or raw is better is great for killing worms and I didn’t know I had round worms until I started taking chilli capsules 4 times daily and wow it works. But of course I also went and treated worms with combantrin and also mebendazole for 4 days 100mg twice a day and then keep repeating that cycle this until you,ya house, ya family etc is clear of eggs as they can’t be killed easily from the worm treatment.

  50. Dear John, I use MMS against parasites and that works very well.
    Also is it important to know, what parasites like to eat.
    Parasites like to eat:
    milk and milk products.

    With the carbohydrates it is important for you to know, that fruit and fruit juices contain a lot of carbohydrates.
    And I know you like to have fruits.
    The best way to kill parasites is to starve them and poison them in the same time.
    So do not feed them and then poison them, because that takes a lot longer.

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