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(light instrumental music) – Hi everyone, hopefully you can hear me. I thought on the last nice day of the year I’d sit outside and film this today. There’s some landscaping going on near me. I wanted to talk about how I
healed my stenosis naturally, didn’t do any meds or
injections or anything. So, in the middle of 2014, one day, up. Don’t mind the guy spraying the grass. Anyway, so in 2014, suddenly one day I had a ton of back pain, it just snapped. I didn’t know what it was, and it had kinda happened
the year before that too, and it went away in two or three weeks with just some simple exercises,
but this didn’t go away. So I made an appointment at
the orthopedic specialist where I already had a physical therapist. They always take X-rays,
the X-rays showed nothing. But he prescribed physical therapy. So I asked for my same physical therapist, who put me through his battery of tests and took a guess at what it was. The thing is the insurance
doesn’t let you do an MRI until six weeks have gone by. So all of a sudden I just, with all that pain and everything, I had pain in my lower
right side of the back and then, a plant just fell, and then shooting pains down my
right leg, nerve pain. So, that I would feel all
the way down to my shin. So six weeks later we finally had the MRI, and I was diagnosed with what’s
called foraminal stenosis. Now this is different
from spinal stenosis, Spinal stenosis is right
in the spinal column, where there’s bony growth
on the inside of the spine and it’s constricting the nerve. And people who have spinal stenosis are probably in more pain than I was. The foraminal means that the stenosis, the narrowing, is going out the side, and for me it’s in the
lower back on the right, L two, three, four,
somewhere around there. And it’s probably in three places. So that’s why, and my physical therapist had guessed that that’s
probably what it was from what gave me pain
and what gave me relief. So to give you the time frame of this, the pain happened in
mid-June, I finally called to make an appointment
a couple of weeks later, and I got the doctor
appointment in mid-July. I started physical therapy
the last week of July, and then finally we did the MRI in early September, so six weeks later. The pain was a little bit
better then, but not much. And when I mean pain, I mean walking hurt, standing for long hurt,
I couldn’t mow the lawn, I couldn’t clean my house. I couldn’t do a lot of things
that normally people would do. And I had to breathe, just
breathe through the pain. And sometimes the pain would
almost take my breath away. It would take my words away if I was sitting in a group
and it was my turn to talk. If I got that pain I was just
like “uh.” (strained voice) So by the time I had that
MRI it was mid-September. I kept doing the exercises,
kept doing the physical therapy. Then in mid-October, a friend
of mine who’s a chiropractor, Dr. Denise Shostek, sent
me an article about an M.D. who did some studies
who works in homeopathy. And did some studies on her own patients who had spinal stenosis,
and they got better. And at first I saw the article
and I didn’t even read it. I thought pfft, homeopathy, pfft, yeah, okay, whatever, didn’t read it. I’m not one who responds to
herbs like most people do. I usually have no response. So finally in desperation,
I read the article, and I was just blown away by what happened with these patients. And most of her patients
were older than I am, and they all got better, and they had all been
in debilitating disease from the spinal stenosis
in the spinal column. So I looked at how much the
homeopathic remedies cost and they were really inexpensive. They didn’t cost much at all. And then I thought, well
what have I got to lose. But Dr. Shostek reached
out to Dr. Katchen, who had written the
article, and they spoke to say do you think that
Gloria will get relief? She doesn’t have spinal
stenosis, she has foraminal. And the doctor said, well, I don’t know. It depends on whether
some of the the stenosis on the foraminal side
is from the bony growth, ’cause that’s what this eats at. So I said to Denise, it’s so cheap, what’ve I got to lose, I’m gonna try it. And I’m going to give it
a minimum of six months, and I’m not even gonna judge
it until the four month mark. At the four month mark, then, you know, I’ll decide whether I
think I’m feeling better. So sure enough, four months into it, so I started the treatment
on October 23rd of 2014. Four months in would have
been end of February, and I realized, you know,
I am feeling better. I’m not 100% but I’m feeling better, and then the six month mark
was April 23rd of 2015, and I was definitely by
then feeling so much better. I could walk, now my
physical therapist told me I can’t race walk ever again. It’ll undo all my stuff. But I was, in the winter,
like in February or that I did go cross country skiing. He said I could do that. I haven’t, he told me not
to pick up running again but if I have to walk really fast, or jog, maybe I come out of a
store and it’s raining, that used to give me a lot
of pain but I have no pain. So I wanted to share with
you what these remedies are. I wasn’t familiar with homeopathy. So the first thing is something
called Hekla lava 30c. So let me see, I’m gonna show you this and let’s get the focus. It’s made by Boiron, this is the company, and it comes in a little thing like this, and they’re just, these little
white pellets are in here. They look like candy. And what you do with this, you take a jar, like a Mason jar like this. I got this at a craft store
like Michael’s or Jo Ann’s. You put six ounces of
filtered water in here and one pellet, just one. Put the lid on and put
it in the refrigerator. And I take one teaspoon
of this in the morning and one teaspoon of this in the evening. And then the second thing we take, I’ll put the formal name of it down below, but this is called Calc Fluor 6X. It has a longer Latin name. And these are little tiny tablets. They look like this,
and they’re sublingual. And I take four of these
a day in the morning. I put them under my tongue and they dissolve very very
quickly, and that’s it. So obviously if I’m using one of these, putting it into six ounces of water and taking one teaspoon twice a day, these are gonna last me a long long time, and that didn’t cost much. This was maybe $8 or something. And then this one, the
first time I bought these I only bought a package of
100 since you take four a day. Now I take 500 and this
lasts me almost six months. There he is. (laughs) And this cost less than $20. So that’s why I say, $25
every six months maybe. It’s so cheap, so I’m still taking it, I’m still doing the exercises,
I’m nearly pain free. And now it is November 2015
and I can’t say enough. I was also offered by the orthopedist, he also does those injections,
and I turned it down. And then when I talked about that later to my primary care physician he said yeah, that doesn’t work
for very many people. He’s had a lot of patients
do the injections, it’s like three injections, and he said hardly anybody it works for, and he’s even had them, my primary care, so they were okay about
me turning that down. Originally going way back,
I did do some pain meds, but when I mean pain meds I
mean like aspirin, or let’s see, one of these back and body type
of things that have aspirin, but then taking the aspirin
was making my ears ring, and when I told the
orthopedic specialist this, he said oh, you’ve gotta
stop taking that aspirin. If it’s making your ears ring
it’s too much in your body. It took the pain away but, you know, it’s not worth messing
up the rest of my body to take some kind, you
know, a regular pain med. He also prescribed, is it called Naproxen. I took it way back when it was
bad, when the pain was bad, but I didn’t take it every
day, again, because I’m small and just having the pain med in my body, that kinda gave my ears a
little bit of ringing too. So this is what I mean by naturally. So between the exercise on the one hand and then this homeopathic treatment. It’s not spinal stenosis so if you know somebody
who has spinal stenosis, this apparently works really really well. So with me, once in a while I
get a little bit of a twinge but it’s more like a pressure. It’s not that pain that
took my breath away. So if you want a copy of the
article that I mentioned, where Dr. Debra Katchen
lists out her whole protocol. It’s a very interesting article. The thing is Dr. Shoshtek sent it to me and it’s not available online, so if you would like a copy of that, click below the video to
open up the description box. My email address is
there, send me an email and ask me for the article by Dr. Katchen about the homeopathic
treatment for stenosis. I would be happy to email that
back to you, it’s a PDF file. All right, so thanks for watching. Please subscribe to my channel by clicking the button in
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