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hey guys Paul here I wanted to do a art of fore today on how i cured my hay fever and to give you a bit of backstory for I cured it I think the last hay fever tablet I took was May or June 2013 so coming up to four years ago I used to take, I used to have hay fever either pretty much from when I was I don’t know it’s long back as far back as I can remember I got Craig on camera and he’s we’ve been friends for like since we were five-year-old I think Craig will agree that I’ve probably had hay fever as long as I he’s known … probably certainly as long as I’ve known you right (Craig OS yeah) I used to play golf, It’s an Art Of Fore because it was golf that helped me cure my hay fever. I used to play golf and have to take three tablets a day and have tablets in my bag because in case I got half way round and my hay fever kicked off and have to walk in the woods and I spent a lot of time in the woods I’ve just done on my last shot and I after learning about golf eventually i learned that ignorance is not bliss knowledge you need to learn stuff if you wanted to do something at golf you’d learn a bad shot happened for a reason so you go through and learn what happened. So eventually after 30 years of having hay fever and being sick of taking paying seven pound a wee or whatever I was paying for hay fever tablets i decided i need to know what hay fever is and most people when I talk to them don’t even know what hay fever is basically I thought what’s the tablet I’ll start with the tablet. The table is an antihistamine, so most people say well hay fever is allergic to flowers pollen trees grass i’m not sure people have different allergies to different stuff but the pill you take is not an anti pollen pill antihistamine pills so what’s a histamine histamine is the chemical that you create when you think you’re under attack from pollen let’s just say pollen for now so all of a sudden you’re taking a pill because you’re allergic to the chemical you’re creating so you’re actually allergic to actually allergic to yourself but it’s the pollen that you think that kicks it off so. The first part to fixing it is understanding that it’s an antihistamine pill so you are you are allergic to the histamine that you create, witch is, which makes which makes it…what I’m saying that you’re allergic to yourself so you have to understand that you taking a pill for the histamine not for the pollen not the pollen at all. it’s a big part to understand so go off and search it doctors I’ll do you know whether they agree or not they certainly don’t tell you so once you work out that you’re allergic to yourself then you have to deal with how do I deal with am i under attack or not. and it’s the simplest thing that i did with every day I woke up and went you’re not under attack you’r not under attack That’s all I did but I consciously did it i don’t know probably for a month I kept doing you’re not under attack you’re not under attack you know under attack and literally that day I never took a pill again Craig will tell you he used to have a packets of hay fever pills at his house in case I went around and I had a blast of a hay fever. Erm so he doesn’t have to tell you because you wouldn’t believe me if he did anyway So what I’m saying is all I did you may think it’s stupid fix but it worked for me i’m not saying it will work for you or not but this is all I did – I consciously went I’m not under attack I’m not under attack I’m not under attack and I’ve never needed to take a hay fever tablet again and like i said i used to take 3 a day to get around the golf course and i was playing golf most days I play more golf now than they ever did and, that’s all i can say is how how I cured my hay fever or some people will say how I manage my hay fever and that maybe what it is and what it’s not but you no doctors are not telling you pharmaceutical companies are not telling you because they like you on your seven pound a month habit week habit whatever it these days. But if you give it a try I’ll give you some links to some more in-depth stuff but it really is as easy as saying I’m not under attack but you have to understand why you are not under attack. so leave a comment let me know what you think like this like disagree with me that’s fine but just give me a reaction to what you thinking I’m not trying to sell you anything so I’m just telling you what worked for me. Come visit me see you all again soon. Cheers.

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