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Dr. Brownstein: Alright, so. I talk about—let’s do
the basics on people to help supply their body with the things it needs to
function optimally, which is how we were designed by our Maker. If we supply the body with the right nutrients,
it should do fine for a lifetime. So, I consider one of the basics iodine. Every cell in the
body needs and requires iodine to function optimally. We can’t function
optimally in an iodine deficient environment. I’ve tested, along
with my partners, over 6,000 patients. Over 96% were low in iodine, the vast majority
significantly low in iodine. When I talk to clinicians around
the country who are looking at this, they find the same numbers that I’m finding. Ty Bollinger: Wow. Dr. Brownstein: Iodine’s main job in the body.
Iodine has a lot of jobs in the body. The immune system can’t function without it.
You can’t fight infections without it. But one of its main jobs is in the endocrine glands.
The endocrine glands include the thyroid, the breasts, the ovaries, uterus
and the prostate. What are we having problems with out there? The
thyroid, the ovaries, the uterus, breasts, and prostate. I’ve mentioned the prostate,
I’ve mentioned the breasts. The fastest-growing cancer in the United States is thyroid cancer. We have uterine and ovarian cancer growing at epidemic rates. We’re having epidemic rates of problems with them. Iodine’s
main job is to maintain a normal architecture of those tissues.
With iodine deficiency, the first thing that happens is you get
cystic formation in the breasts, the ovaries, uterus, thyroid, prostate and, let’s throw
in the pancreas in here as well, which is also increasing at epidemic
rates…pancreatic cancer. Cysts start to form when iodine deficiency
is there. If it goes on longer, they become nodular and hard. If it goes on longer, they
become hyperplastic tissue, which is the precursor to cancer.
I say that’s the iodine deficiency continuum. The good thing about iodine is, iodine has
apoptotic properties, meaning it can stop a cancer cell from just
continually dividing, dividing, dividing until it kills somebody. Iodine can stop this continuum
wherever it catches it and hopefully reverse it, but at
least put the brakes on what’s happening. Over 80% of women suffer
from fibrocystic breast disease. That’s a precursor to breast cancer, which, as I
said, one in seven women have. I say it’s an iodine deficiency problem,
period. That’s what it is.

10 thoughts on “How Iodine Deficiency Contributes to Cancer – Dr. David Brownstein, MD

  1. Buy Nascent Iodine. (Atomic-Iodine) 3-20 drops a day 🙂 450mcg per drop. $50 bottle = 600 drops
    (Iodine also eliminates fluoride from the brain/body)

    The official/mainstream daily recommendations are all false and way off. You need much more then they recommend with almost all nutrients/minerals. Only protein/iron and B-12 is over done.

    For example: They require us to take 60-80mg of Vitamin C a day which is way off the actual amount you need. You actually need 2-3 grams a day to function at optimal levels and Cleanse the body of toxins and so on.

    They only require us to take 150mcg of iodine which is extremely low. Japanese women consume upto 12mg a day and are extremely healthy have you noticed their skin ? Some of them look like teenagers and are 50.

  2. totally agree that we must have all the  nutrients we need, which are often very deficient these days….he is right   the but is, we cannot  ignore at the same time, looking after the stress stored in our body mind systems –the most nutritious diet is very important, but so is healing our stored trapped emotions.

  3. How it comes to iodine deficiency? What changed?
    Is there any danger to take iodine, in case I belong to the 4 percent who have no deficiency? How much and how to take what ? This interview does not answer important questions. 🙁

  4. you can get iodine from seamoss, bladderwrack, alligator pepper, all sea vegetables like waterleaf. But the question here is that its only one aspect of many (as you can see he discussed just one aspect of the endocrine gland prostate, thyroid, breast, ovaries, uterus) but there are so many other glands of the endocrine – like the kidney adrenals glands, pirtuarity glands, pancreas glands etc. each gland has their working mineral. E.g
    Prostrate glamd is Zinc, Breast glands is selenium, the Thyroid gland is iodine and if you research these minerals respectively you will see that they play specific roles in feeding the respective glands. Iodine does and cannot cure cancer unless maybe you have thyroid deficiecy cancer issue.

  5. According to my medical dictionary the prostate is an exocrine gland, NOT (as stated by this doctor) an endocrine gland. It's quite possible, therefore, that it is not affected by iodine deficiency in the same way as the endocrine glands . . .

  6. Actually, what most people are overlooking is the fundamental fact that fluoride, chlorine, and hydrofluosilicic acid in most public drinking water supplies [in the United States, especially] work as halogens – they compete for and displace iodine

    Prepared foods, flavored drinks, food recipes, etc., use [halogenic] water in their process cycle

    The elements of group V11 of the periodic table [which includes bromine/bromides – found in most commercial breads] are halogens – they displace iodine

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