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Hello, I’m Dr. John Ree
I wanna talk about a program that’s extremely helpful if you have kidney disease, impaired
kidney function or if you’re on dialysis. Some time ago, blood tests of one of the dialysis
patients shocked me. In few months, his creatinine went from 7,42 to 3,92, eGFR from 14 to 32.
He was healing his kidneys, reversing chronic kidney disease… just following a simple
step-by-step program. I’ve decided to check this program, I’ve been
impressed by how well researched and comprehensive it is.
I’m now suggesting it to all my ambulatory dialysis patients, seeing improvements all
days. I’ve read this book, studied this program.
And, believe me, if you suffer from kidney disease, if you’re on dialysis or if you have
impaired kidney function, you should do the same.

25 thoughts on “How my patients avoid kidney dialysis – a natural treatment to reverse your kidney disease

  1. Hey, this is the same program that saved my daddy from kidney dialysis! Was searching for something new, and found this…
    however, this program is a great help for all those who have kidney problems, keep spreading the world!

  2. No problem John, feel free to reupload it to your website if you want.
    I've also asked my friend Angelique to put this on his Facebook page Health Support For Kidney Disease.
    Thank you for your efforts, John.

  3. Your father is a lucky man! I'm using this program too, I suffered from hypertension and my doctor diagnosed me an acute kidney failure. I was ready for kidney dialysis when I discovered this method.
    One year and six months are passed, and thanks to Dr. Capicchiano's program I still haven’t been through dialysis.

  4. well I've been on dialysis for four long years I don't want transplant I want to get out of dialysis but first I need to lower my creatine.  My creatine goes up and down like a yo yo one month it's a 5 then recently now a 9. Can you please help, I am really getting tired of this dialysis/

  5. I've been using this specific program for almost two years now (thanks to Mike suggestion).
    This program describes how a good diet – avoiding certain foods and replacing them whit healthier ones – supported by herbal supplements can stop and even reverse kidney disease.
    Before starting this program I had my blood tested regularly, my GFR was 26 – Stage 4 Kidney Disease. After starting this program it took just a year to go from 26 to 65!
    This program really works.

  6. Hello doctor my name is taby my aunty suffering from kidney problem and doctors suggest her for dialysis and we want to avoid the dialysis so plz could u suggest me the home remedies so it ll cure by natural way plz reply me

  7. Where can I find the information? I want to the website and it took me to some website that had other things on it. I really need to know!! Thank you.

  8. Hi Michael, I hope I will be able to help some of my friends and a relative suffering from kidney failure and undergoing dialysis with your video. I send them this link and the link where they can watch the video.

  9. Mr. Michael Wright I left a comment on one of your other videos where you gave your testimony and I am so inspired buy it and I do believe that when I start this program I am going to come off of dialysis also and once again I would just like to say thank you for sharing your story and may God continue to richly bless you in all your endeavors.

  10. Is this a real doctor? Certain people have a track record of lies and deceit. Example the history of this country among many others.

  11. I have pkd had my left kidney removed it was so large and painful..I have been on dialysis for over8 yrs I had three hernia surgeries and I have a prolapse been to five specialist that said no they can’t help even went to Stanford the specialist there said I have to much scare tissue and she can’t help..I not on the transplant list until I get this last thing fixed the prolapse then they said they put me back on where I was at the top..but top both doesn’t matter my coordinator said to me there are thousand at the top..and I can’t get this prolapse fixed..will this program help me?

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