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Hey Foot Geekz fans it’s CJ here with
Heather from Divine Elements and today we want to talk about knee pain and how
Prolotherapy can help treat that or how naturopathic doctors treat that. Hi, I’m doctor Heather van der Geest and I work Divine Elements in Kitsilano and I’m a
naturopathic doctor and for the most part my practice is a lot of acute and
chronic pain management and injury prevention. So, that being said I do see a
lot of knee injuries and with knee injuries I’m not just looking at the
knee when somebody comes in with an injury I’m also looking at what, how
their whole like structural alignment is in place because sometimes if there’s a
knee injury it means that there might actually be something else out in the
body whether it be their hips are out of alignment they may have a flat foot or
their ankle has been injured and they’re compensating and that’s what’s actually
hurt their knee otherwise it could be from any kind of like plant and twist
type injury and that’s where we’re seeing a lot of like the ligament knee
injuries like ACL MCL. And how do you how you treat it with naturopathic medicine? I’m looking at
always trying to treat the root cause and trying to treat the person as a
whole so I’m gonna be looking at what their diet is like because if we don’t
have the proper nutrients in our blood a lot of our injuries are going to take a
lot longer to heal so that’s one of the main areas that I like to treat is or
one of the base kind of treatment things that I do. So you take the inflammation
down in the body through the nutrition, right? Absolutely, inflammation and also just
getting those nutrients into the blood so that there is those
nutrients to help it heal sometimes I’ll use IV nutrient therapy and what that’s
doing is it’s taking out the digestive system with getting our nutrients and
it’s putting them right into the bloodstream so our cells have first
priority over getting the nutrients that it needs in order to help the rest of
the body heal. So what’s inside the IV is there vitamins in there… vitamins minerals amino
acids and and yeah and different combinations of those in order to and
they’re specifically tailored for each individual so I always have a consult with
the patient to know exactly what they need so that I make that individual bag
that’s gonna help them the most. Okay so it’s different than what you would get
in a hospital bed for example? Absolutely, yeah so in the hospital you
may be getting like fluids if you’re dehydrated you may be getting
antibiotics you may be getting glucose if you’re diabetic and you’re really low
have low blood sugars but yeah these are mostly vitamins nutrients minerals amino
acids that our bodies need and we usually get them from food but sometimes
if we’re not absorbing things properly or we have an injury where we’re
actually just needing more nutrients to help heal that injury an IV nutrient IV
is a great way to go. And aside from using food as therapy, what
else can you use to treat a knee injury in that respect? Any injury so I may do
physical adjustments like a chiropractor where I’m I’m structurally just aligning
the body to make sure that it’s in alignment so when I’m treating that
injury everything else is also in place. So I’ll do adjustments I’ll do massage
and or just try to like release any kind of tight muscles because usually when we
have an injury the muscles around it will get very tight in order to protect
it and it’s our body’s own defense mechanism okay so then if it’s a lot of
like ligament or joint trouble then I’m giving you
what’s called Prolotherapy and Prolotherapy is an injection therapy
it’s also called regenerative injection therapies. It contains dextrose or a sugar solution as well as an anaesthetic like procaine
and we’re interacting that into the enthesis point or where the muscle and the
bone connect and just trying to help rebuild and strengthen those
ligaments and tendons that may have been either not fully torn but either slight
tears that need to heal up or if there’s any laxity due to repetitive stresses. Okay, and what about exercise therapy to try to make those muscles
stronger? Absolutely so once we’ve got that injury
stabilized then I’m gonna promote along with physio and chiropractic adjustments
I’m gonna incorporate some exercises into their therapy so that it builds
stronger and we’re able to get a more balanced group of muscles to work
together so that injury doesn’t continue to reoccur. Excellent, if you have any other
questions regarding knee injuries and how naturopathic medicine or
Prolotherapy can help relieve pain in those areas please post your questions and comments below. Or subscribe over there.

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