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I grew up with insomnia that ruined my life since I am a kid. My mother told me that she remembered I slept well when I was little but I have no memory of that. So I grew up like this, living terrible nights, until I couldn’t take it anymore. At the age of 28 years old, I decided to take care of it, so I went to an hospital in Paris, There are 9 months wait list in this hospital because a lot of people suffer from insomnia. They studied my sleep with electrodes on the head and they told me I had no problems. Starting from this I was very lucky because the head of the service redirected me to a naturopathe and sophrologue. She proposed re education in sleep. So I joined a group of persons that just like me, dont know how to sleep. The therapist hosted us every 15 days, for 5 times, and she gave us keys to learn how to sleep. Naturopathy keys, but also relaxation, sophrology, mindfulness, and a lot of good tips on physical exercise, nutrition, how the body works, and I also made some sessions of biofeedback, to understand how the body is when you are in a relaxation state, and every time a felt asleep, whereas at home i couldn’t sleep, so it was amazing! Meanwhile I was solving my insomnia, other things improved, my nutrition, my digestion, I had more energy, my skin was more beautiful, I lost couple kg, I told myself, it is unbelievable, I should have been told that for a long time that it worked like this! So in the following September I started studying naturopathy the weekend, in addition to my job. I had absolutely no intention to re convert myself, it was just a pleasure to study it for me and my relatives. And years after years I started a freelance activity, and naturopathy became my work! It was not at all what I planned. I often say that naturopathy choose me and not the way around, because I never thought of doing this job before, it just happened to me. This is why i tell to my clients today to follow their passions, and do what makes you happy, what deeply interest you, and don’t think in term of strategy, or opportunities. I really think from my own experience that what works is to follow what makes us feel good, and then after life continues and offers opportunities. I realized something very important in my naturopathy studies is that there is always emotions involved in physical problems. For my case it was a very strong anxiety, and a lot of fears so I worked on it in psychotherapy and short therapy, and I have learned the EFT (emotional freedom techniques) for myself. It is a psycho physical technique of stress management, in which we tap on points that are related to the acupuncture meridians, and we can use it on your own, in autonomy. This is what i like. Its like naturopathy, you can use it alone as long as you understand the technique. It is absolutely opposed to what we hear today in conventional medicine, because there, the doctor is right, and we just have to obey the recommendations. Whereas in naturopathy or in EFT, you learn how it works, and then you practice it on your own and take the benefits of the tools, so you are free. For those who don’t know naturopathy, it has 4 pillars: quality sleep, so its the sleep and also the break that we can have during the day, meditation breaks, contemplation breaks, yoga nidra, and all that allow us to recharge. Then there are the physical exercises: they give some movements to the body and eliminate the toxins. Then there is nutrition: people usually think that naturopathy was limited to nutrition, but we are not nutritionists! Nutrition is very important and mostly when we understand how to eat and what is good for us. It is not mainstream rules but a come back to yourself. And then there is the physical emotional balance: because if you’re good in your head, if you manage well your emotions and they flow properly, then the disease can not settle. This is all about balance. What did it bring me, all that I have learned? I gained in freedom, I have more audacity, more courage, because I was not very brave before! Life forced me to do so, and I am very grateful for the life I had because today I am able to travel the world, meet wonderful people, and discover fantastic things that I would never even imagine before. I don’t know what tomorrow will be like but I use to say I don’t know how i am going but I am going! So let’s go and I will see what will happen. Today what attract me is Shamanism, energetic care, things like that. What seemed to me completely abstract and far for me before, finally it became totally right today because the body is not limited to a physical layer it is also a matter of energy and soul. So I am focusing on this area that is passionating.

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