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– Having a missed abortion or an incomplete miscarriage is bad enough. I understand that the last thing you want is a D&C or a curettage on top of that with all the risks that those procedures can bring for your fertility, as well. The good news even in this bad situation is that there are homeopathic remedies that can help your body to
resolve the pregnancy naturally. Hello, lovelies, and welcome to another one of my videos in which I’ll be sharing
a couple of homeopathic remedies with those of you that have a D&C or a curettage
hanging above your heads. Now, this channel, I
like to be super positive and talk about boosting your fertility, but I know that sadly,
miscarriages is a huge part of many of your
infertility stories here. So D&Cs are a big part of that, and I do get messages sometimes and I do get new patients that come to me because they need help avoiding a D&C, and then they become my fertility patient, but it’s just not possible
to help all of you, so I thought that a video would be great. Specially because perhaps
you have been searching online what can I do to
get rid of this pregnancy before my curettage
tomorrow or in two days or maybe even tonight. And I’m hoping that this way, I can reach out to you and
give you a couple of tools so that you have that opportunity. Now, it depends on
where you are right now, whether these remedies are
going to have an effect. They need to be the right
remedies at the right time, and you need enough time for your body to take up on the message
to resolve this pregnancy. So don’t see it as a miracle option, although it totally can
be a miracle option, but see it as something that you should definitely try before you go into surgery because you may already
know that having D&Cs can increase your risk
of getting adhesions and Asherman syndrome and that impacts your fertility further. So although right now you might not be thinking about getting pregnant again because you are mourning
the loss of this baby, this is something that you’ll
want to do down the road, so I’m sure you wanna set yourself up in the best way possible. So if you and I can avoid that D&C, I think it is totally worthwhile. And I also want to point
you towards another video before I get into these remedies. That is a video I did a while back, and that is on pregnancy loss. I will link it up here in the cards and in the description as always, and I hope that I’ll be
able to encourage you a little bit in this
super, super hard time. Now, let’s get into this remedy, shall we? So there are five remedies
that I wanna talk to you about, and at the end, I also
wanna share some remedies in case they don’t work and you still have to go through the D&C, but we want you to have some remedies to reduce the risk of those adhesions and help you heal better but I first need to explain
to you how to take them. A lot of people know that
homeopathic remedies, those are the little sugar pills, that the way to take them is you just put them in your
mouth and you suck on it. And that is great, that is an option, but I think when it
comes to avoiding a D&C or preparing for surgery, there’s a much, much
better way of taking it and actually an easier one. And that is that you take
one pill of the remedy and you put it in a bottle of water or in a glass of water
and that you sip from it at intervals throughout the day. That way, you get the message of the remedy a lot more often, but you don’t get the full
impact of the pill every time, so it is a lot more gentle, and it is more like a
coach that is alongside your body saying okay,
you know what to do, we need to do this, we need to do that, and just keeps encouraging your body. So all of the remedies I’m suggesting, I suggest for you to take it that way. It is also possible for
you to mix remedies. A lot of homeopaths will
probably find me blasphemous, but I find that this is really effective to do it this way, and I don’t want you to be in the position to take one pill and then have to wait and nothing happening. When I feel that when it is
an acute situation like that, just like fever or like labor, you need a more frequent
dosage of that message of the remedy telling your body what to do because your body knows what to do, it just needs to be encouraged. So since you probably
don’t have a lot of time, I also think that it is justifiable for you to mix different remedies to give yourself the best chance possible. But I will tell you which ones to mix and how to mix it. Now, all of these remedies, I
suggest in the potency 200C, it is also sold as 200CH or as 200K. I wouldn’t recommend anything lower, definitely not higher. If you can only get your hands on a 30C, then that’s fine. But see if you can aim for a 200. This is usually quite
easy to get your hands on either online or at your local store or hemopathic pharmacy. The first remedy is Pulsatilla, and Pulsatilla is all about letting go. And that is specifically when it comes to motherhood or childhood or pregnancy, anything that has to do with that. Sometimes I give Pulsatilla
to moms that are overdue because they find it difficult deep down, sometimes they don’t even know, they find it difficult to
let go of the pregnancy, but by taking the remedy Pulsatilla, the labor starts. Sometimes it’s the baby that has difficulty letting go of moms, so the baby needs the remedy. I think it works in the same way when it comes to incomplete miscarriage or a missed abortion. It’s like the body is not ready to let go, and that can be both
emotionally and physically. So if you find that you’re
crying a lot, as well, which is really understandable
in this situation, but even if you’re not, Pulsatilla is probably the first remedy that I would suggest for you to try. Now ideally, you take that remedy first and you give that a chance, but if you don’t have a lot of time, the second remedy that you can add in straight away is called Secale, and Secale is as remedy that
I use a lot in labor, as well, and that is for retained placenta. So it is very appropriate if you have an incomplete miscarriage, in that case, maybe skip the Pulsatilla and try Secale straight away, or just add the two together. But Secale is also very appropriate if you have tried the Pulsatilla for several hours or several days and it’s not doing enough, then you can just add
that in or switch to it. What I find sometimes is that women that have a miscarriage but it won’t stop, the bleeding won’t stop, it will just continue and continue, and there is still some
tissue staying behind, that the reason can be grief, that you are so upset over the
fact that that is happening, that your body isn’t able to process. If grief is a huge
issue for you right now, which will be in any case, but if you feel like deep down that is the reason that your body is not making an end to this
pregnancy in a proper way, then head on over to
Ignatia straight away. But again, you can add it
in with the other three if you think it’s appropriate. But you need to justify every remedy, and not just throw it together. Now the problem with a missed abortion or with an incomplete miscarriage is the risk of infection. This is what doctors usually say, that’s why you need a curettage because it might start to infect as the tissue starts to degrade. In that case, if that is already happening and your starting to feel very flu like and you have maybe dark and watery discharge for a longer period of time, then Aristolochia is more appropriate to start with straight away. And there’s actually a remedy
for a step further even, and it’s called Pyrogen, and that is when you are already
starting to enter sepsis. Now, hopefully you’re going to be clever and you’re not going to get to that point because you are going to
see your doctor in time, and you will likely have
had the curettage already, but for some reason should you be in this really difficult position, and you have access to remedies, then Pyrogen is something
you really, really need, and that will also encourage
the pregnancy to end. So it addresses both the
sepsis or the infection, as well as getting rid of the pregnancy. Now, if you’ve tried these remedies or you don’t have the opportunity to try, then head on over to these remedies. Make a combination of Arnica, Calendula, Bellis perennis, and Staphisagria. These are all remedies that
have to do with surgery, they have to do with bleeding, they have to do with
healing of the tissue. This will all help in pain management and healing of the tissue, but also reducing the
risk of getting adhesions and any kind of scarring that will set you up for more
problems in the future. You can throw a pill of each of these in your glass of water or your water bottle and sip it leading
up to the surgery, and then also sip it in the
couple of days afterwards. Now, it’s really up to you how much you wanna sip of these remedies. You can take several sips an hour, you can sip every 10 minutes, but what I find is that
usually intuitively this works out quite naturally that you start sipping it
maybe every five minutes and then the intervals
get bigger and bigger. If you take a sip an hour or a sip every two hours, that’s okay too. You will probably know, but do make sure that you are able to last a bottle at
least throughout the day if you intend to be sipping
throughout the entire day. And if you’re taking the remedies
to resolve the pregnancy, and you notice any
change in your situation, maybe you get heavier bleeding, or you get a change in color, or you suddenly get big clots, or yeah, anything like that, or you get more heavy cramping, or less pain, that’s a possibility too, then that means that your body has been triggered to do the healing, and then you should reduce
the frequency or stop and then pick up the remedy again later on if you feel like the
process is stalling again. Because remedies are all about stimulating your body’s healing mechanism, and if you repeat it too much, your body might get
frustrated and be like, will you stop yelling at
me with these remedies. So all you want to do is repeat the remedy as often as it’s needed for
your body to start moving. All right, so those are the remedies that I can suggest you to try. I wish you the very best. I send you a big, big, big hug. Take your time to mourn. Yeah, make sure to check out
the other video I mentioned. And in the meantime, see
you in the next video. Bye.

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  1. Scroll down comment for time stamps. I am not super clear on this in the video, but at 08:23 I am suggesting remedies to take before and after the D&C if you have to go through with it. I have had some questions about whether you can take these a;so if the D&C was a long time ago and the answer is yes. Make the mix and sip it continuously for an hour a day for 5 days, and then an hour a week for 5 weeks. If there is no change or not enough, seek help from a good homeopath to also address any possible scarring.

    02:37 How to take the remedies
    04:32 What potencies to get and where to get remedies
    04:56 Five remedies to help resolve the pregnancy naturally
    08:23 Healing remedies for after a curettage, avoiding adhesions/scarring
    09:38 How long to take the remedies for

  2. I did my D&C in February this year, doctor has prescribed me abortion pills but unfortunately I'm the 20% of people that the pill doesn't work on me. Now we are ttc again hope the previous d&c won't affect us so much. Thanks for your lovely sharing❤️.

  3. Thank you greatly for this video… I wish I knew this two years ago. Unfortunately I had a d&c and still morn the loss of my baby. Since the procedure I have had a constant pain and pressure in my lower abdomen (mostly on my right side) and have not been able to get pregnant. I also haven’t found any doctors who care enough to find the cause of this problem. Would two years after the procedure be too late to take those healing remedies you mentioned?

  4. I really wish I sought after videos like this before I had my D&C when I miscarried at 15wks. My surgery led me to the ICU for 3 days. It was an awful experience. I had 4 blood transfusion because my uterus was punctured. My heart went into a shock because I had no more blood to pump. I had no time to grieve for my child as I fought for my life. I wasn't given much options at all when at the hospital either. Crazy freak accident, I guess. It's been about 5 years now and I haven't been able to conceive since. Thank you so much for all your wonderful videos. I will make sure to forward your messages over to mothers around me.

  5. I am one of those who had to take d&c after a late missed abortion exactly a year back… I just couldn't come out of it mentally for pretty long..have been trying since then with no beats me up each month with all my other plans on and off since then..personal n professional.. thanks..!

  6. I wish I knew about this before my D&C in 2011. I will watch your other vid that’s suggested. This is all good information. I hated being not in control but I didn’t see another option at the time as I was wanting to get a horrible situation over with.

  7. Thanks for sharing this video. I hope I never need to use the information again but it’s definitely something I wish I’d known about with my missed miscarriage last year. I tried so hard to let me body handle it naturally but unfortunately some placenta remained and I got a major injection and ended up in hospital for 4 days!! Thankfully we got pregnant again as soon as we started trying a few months later and I’m now 22 weeks with our rainbow girl!!

  8. I miscarried naturally, I didn’t want to have a D&C. My doctor told me if it didn’t happen on its own, I would have to have the procedure done. I decided to wait and trust my body to handle it naturally. I told my baby it was ok go, even though I was extremely sad and it started to happen that day. Although it was difficult and very painful, I don’t regret my decision. I pray I never have to experience it again.

  9. I had one of those after having a miscarriage the crazy thing is is that I got pregnant again 3 months later! Needless to say I had no problem getting pregnant again…..

  10. Thanks for this great video Fleur. I’m 5 weeks 5 days today. I have been on progesterone supplements since my bfp. First it was 27 then it went up in 2 days to 38 and then in 3 days it went down to 19.8. Doc increased my dosage and we did a redraw today (awaiting results). My hcg has been rising normally so far. What do you suggest? Are there any homeopathy remedies for progesterone drop? Unfortunately many OBs don’t take this seriously like mine 🙁

  11. I fell pregnant this cycle last year and had a d&c at end of July last year due to a partial molar pregnancy. I was given the all clear to try again in Nov and we have struggled to get pregnant since. Thanks for making this video. I have been watching for a while now. X

  12. Could you please give advice on reoccurring UTIs and the impact they have on fertility and how to treat

  13. Thank you so much for this !!! I had two missed miscarriages five years ago Drs say that all is ok 🙄.. had two D&C as the pill did not work and en ended up going back to the hospital because they left some Tissues behind and I was having contractions to expel everything .. so traumatizing. I am scared this will happen again .. I get reoccurring uti a lot .. all my drs say that it doesn’t affect fertility is this true ? Thanks so much for all your help! We love you 😘

  14. I have been reading that pulsatilla is actually good for preventing miscarriage. I’ve had a missed miscarriage and have surgery schedule for next week. I have terrible pregnancy symptoms and want to avoid surgery but don’t want to feel pregnant anymore when I’m not. I’m not sure what to do.

  15. I wish I would’ve known this before my d&c in aug 2017 with my missed miscarriage. Unfortunately I went thru with the surgery, and then fell pregnant in aug 2018, which ended in miscarriage naturally.

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