Taking Charge of Your Health

I’d like to start today by asking how
you feel about conflict and confrontation? Is it something that’s
quite big in your life or is it something that you avoid at all costs? Or
is it something you actually thrive on and enjoy the challenge of finding a
good resolution. So conflict in itself is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s part of everyday life. But conflict is all about emotions and if you are
struggling with a situation in your life where it has become overwhelming and the stress is huge, it may have some repercussions on your health. So for
example it’s not healthy to feel angry all the time. But similarly it’s not
healthy to suppress your emotions either. I’d like to use two example remedies
just to show how people deal with conflict and confrontation and how in homeopathy we can help. Now homeopathy is all about balance and achieving a
balance, so that people feel better able to cope, physically and emotionally
in their life. The first remedy is Pulsatilla. Now someone who may need the remedy Pulsatilla is generally very easygoing, very mild mannered, they are very sensitive to criticism, conflict and disharmony and they will avoid it all costs. It can actually be quite crippling for them because they don’t want to get into a
conflict situation and would rather avoid it. So on the opposite end of the scale
we have a remedy called Nux vomica and they would tend to fly into a fight mode
in a conflict situation. They can talk about their anger being uncontrollable, they feel really impatient, they are really snappy, they get really
frustrated very easily over things and they get furious at the time. And it’s
only afterwards when they stop to reflect back that they actually think that feels a little bit out of control. So homeopathy is great for both
children and adults and it’s all about trying to find a healthy balance. It’s about helping you remain calm when you need to, or helping you to speak
up when you should. Thanks for listening and feel free to
get in touch if you have any questions or I can help.

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