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Cardiac arrhythmia is a condition where the
rhythm of the heartbeat isn’t normal. When your heart rate accelerates, we call
it tachycardia—the swift heart. When your heartbeat falls, we call this condition
bradycardia—the slow heart. Tachycardia happens suddenly and its occurrence
isn’t connected to any physical effort. It can be a symptom of a more serious heart
condition, for instance a heart attack. People that suffer from hyperthyroidism, stress,
or fatigue can develop tachycardia. Most importantly, when the heart rate accelerates
rapidly, it’s time to call for medical help so that the person will have time (in the
event of a heart attack) to arrive at the emergency room for proper medical attention. With that in mind, let’s learn two ways
to control your heart rate in under a minute whenever you experience intense fear or elevated
stress levels. Keep in mind that if your heart rate happens
to accelerate due to the beginning of a stroke, then calling 911 is the recommended course
of action. That includes making sure that you won’t
harm yourself while trying to control your tachycardia. Therefore, these methods are best suited for
people suffering tachycardia due to problems with panic or anxiety attacks. 1. Use cold water Fill a sink or bowl with ice and cold water. When you feel a sudden increase in your heart
rate and/or your pulse, take a deep breath, hold it, and submerge your face in the cold
water. Keep your face underwater for as long as possible. The cold water stimulates the nerves necessary
for the brain to calm you and slow down your heart, thus ending the tachycardia. This trick is knows as the “diver’s reflex”
and should be used sparingly. Repeat the process until you feel calmer. 2. Control your breathing By controlling your breathing, you can reduce
your hear rate and eliminate tachycardia. First, take the deepest breath possible. Next, quickly release all the air in your
lungs. The most important part of this exercise is
to breathe at your lungs’ limit to force your heart rate to return to normal. Remember that breathing this way is more intense
than simply taking deep breaths, so doing this exercise for a long time can be harmful. So, do this exercise for no more than one
minute in order to alleviate the tachycardia and return your heart to its normal rhythm.

100 thoughts on “How to Calm a Fast Heartbeat (Tachycardia)

  1. I'm not sure if it's this,but it beats very fast and it feels hot like being boiled then I collapse, it attacks me twice in a space of less than 2min apart.

  2. I only has a problem..that I did'nt like to go outside for months Nd when I go then my heart beat rises Nd I fell dizzy is that because am not doing physical activity or I have techcardia

  3. I was watching Shane Dawson and out of nowhere my heart beats so fast and I got so scared then it stoped I just drank water and There is nothing wrong with me no panics nothing that's why I got so scared

  4. I'm watching this so I can finally sleep properly man this is always my problem whenever I can't sleep for some reason

  5. Spelling error in "2. Control your breathing.
    By controlling your breathing, you can reduce your hear (hearT) rate and eliminate tachycardia. . Thank you

  6. Thanks for the info .. I'll try this when another Panic attack happens😢..I'll try just about anything there so bad ..

  7. Uh so its night.. And i took the alcohol bottle instead of sprite (it was a looking like a small sprite bottle) and i just chuged one sip and suddenly my heart starting to beat fast. Is that normal bc i dont usually drink alcohol and i live with my parents .-.

  8. When I'm doing exercises that are running my hear goes really fast and I feel weaker and it goes on for like 2 years

  9. I don't know if it's just me but here is a nugget when I have a fast heart rate for no particular reason maybe I've been out all day and the body is stressed I drink some orange juice and it actually lowers my pulse I don't know why but I've seen it work a few different times maybe I had low blood sugar might be something to try out

  10. I still have it. When I was jumping, getting my clothes, It started to happen. How
    ?? it is still going on right now..

  11. Idk if I have anxiety but I do feel nervous for ABSOLUTELY NO reason …do have anxiety o something else?

  12. My resting heart rate was almost 200 bpm randomly. I quickly looked up this video and it calmed down so quickly. Thank you! (I don't get panic or anxiety attacks)

  13. A mi cuando mi corazon se acelera le pido a mi novio que me abrace poniendo su cabeza en mi pecho y asi las palpitaciones disminuyen

  14. I had 173 today I feel normal when I wnt home after work out I was shocked when I checked my clock is it normal taht you heart beat ir 173 while working out?

  15. When i wake up my heart beats like extremely fast. I obv know that it beats fast after waking up but it’s too extreme, I don’t know why.

  16. Once I couldn’t fall asleep for like the whole night and this literally traumatized me because now every night when I check the time and it begins to get a little late, my heart just won’t stop racing and it doesn’t let me fall asleep .As a matter of fact it’s happening right now at 2:00 am and I need to wake up soon😭

  17. This video made my heart faster how STUPID IS THIS OH THANKS FOR TELLING ME to call emergency for a heart attack and stroke!! Change the title!! My heart is sky rocket rite now

  18. Seeing all these comments makes me feel less lonely. I know it selfish to say, cause you guys are hurting too. And I hope you guys will get better. But whenever I go to doctor they tell me there's nothing wrong with me, or doesn't take me seriously cause I'm "Too Young" (21) to have heart disease.
    No one knows how scary and hard it is when you can't sleep at night for no reason.

  19. M 30 n i often suffers from tachycardia wn m scared or smone shout or screams on me either i speak in bit loud voice i m in problem i often take chill water or orange bar

  20. Ummm avoid caffeine (specially coffee and energy drinks) , sugar, soda for bout a week if it keeps happening see a doc

  21. 2019 anyone? I just prayed and later on my beart beat became normal again. Just have a strong faith to God don't forget to lray first

  22. Majority of the people in the comment saying they can’t go to sleep,but not in my case. I can go to sleep peacefully and quietly. But I do suffer from anxiety,or maybe I did. I sometimes think of the maddest scenarios in my head, which would make my heart beat so fast🙄 and I do get heart aches😕.
    If I’m really nervous,my heart beats rapidly🤥
    Anxiety’s the worst thing ever man😓
    Last time I visited the doctor about it,was around the age of 10/13 now I’m 16
    Any suggestions?


  24. My girlfriend suffer from this tachycardia😓😔😔..
    Its will make her any dangerous in future?😞..
    There is any treatment for this ?😔
    Frnz plz pray for her she is my life 😓..
    I'm afraid

  25. I had this before and my heart beat was beating 250. They had to restart my heart and it was the most horrible thing.. I’m watching this now cause it’s happening again and don’t wanna ring ambulance 😭😂 pray for me!

  26. Ik that I won’t have a heart attack because my tachycardias are not malignant but they’re bothersome and wow these tips really worked thank you S’:)

  27. I was working out today and started running my heart started getting louder and faster i couldve hear it louder and louder and i was out of breath i also saw alot of black dots in my eyes can anyone tell me what does this mean???

  28. this real bcz when im 11 yeafr old kid then i have this problem then next 1 year i go to pray bcz im muslim next my heart is come to normal bcz i take long bearth and slow out air then my heart be normal 100% true

  29. don't to the breath holding thing. i tried it and it actually made my heart beat faster!

  30. I got sats and my heart beats past 140 pm it comes uncontrollable it recently went from 140 bpm -190 bpm
    Every night

  31. The exhale should be long and slow by mouth. Inhale fast through nose if possible. To understand this, read up on sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems in relation to breathing and heart rate.

  32. I took my heart beat with my pulse app. Before I tried the breathing exercise it was 80, after doing their exercise it went up to 94, faster than it should be. What a load of absolute crap this is. Never trust a robot voice…they want to kill all humans. 😂

  33. My heart beats so fast randomly for 3 sec or less

    I was laying down when suddenly it started beating and I quickly Raised my body to a sitting formation then it was gone it was 3 sec or less is that normal?????

  34. my heart rate was 100 when i started to watch the video. by the time i finished the video it was 130. thanks.

  35. Im 13years old.Im healthy i play sports.Today i was walking and i felt super dizzy and my heart started to beat super fast.I thought that i was having a heart attack so i sat down.The fast heatbeat stopped in two minutes.What could this be.

  36. My pulse is almost always around 100, I’m quite relaxed, take life as it comes, I rarely get stressed so ‘relaxing’ to slow it down wouldn’t work. Even when I was teaching I didn’t get particularly stressed and if I did the cause was other adults not children 😂

  37. NP: “Has the doctor ever told you have a double heartbeat.”
    Me: “No.” I can’t have a lot of caffeine now. 😟

  38. Due to stomach problem my heart rate increases suddenly for a moment when i calm and lay on bed.then it's cold appers

  39. My heart starts beating very fast in the morning itself when m just sitting down and studying and I can feel the beats on my chest ! m I facing high BP ?

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