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transmission has occurred explains my man in your program teach there are some
blocked arteries yes there’s no need to go ahead and have
sticks there’s no need in alternative feels uk going in and and
removing a plaque out of the arteries why don’t we let mother nature god the healing take place if you get that
body of the right foot right before right supplementation in detoxify body will heals itself the bobby plump
view expert da indifference is six point nine fifty
others and what he did first of all we are all familiar with
our regular traditional medicines medical doctor and they are treating with drugs and surgery their treating
the symptoms of the patient secondly our alternative fuels an alternative to yours are using natural substances and they are also treating the symptoms of their patients the alternative
medical doctors nature patsick positions alternative uh… chiropractors who nutritionists what my program does is not treat anybody says symptoms i’m
removing the costumes you remove the casa sicknesses create those choose that patient’s body sports specific genetics it is done within five hundred food competing plans not a diet and that explains that goes over what
foods are causing sickness and disease in the body and those that are for a specific blueprint of that particular number two i am bringing the right nutritional
supplements it if i have yet to have a patient come
to me that breezy there there’s something else and by the way you don’t have to come to
me in atlanta georgia work all over the world by phone most of my work is by phone i am using for blueprint of that individual and getting the right combinations and the absorption and the
simulation of nutrients basically non-existent people are guessing and they are
experimenting because that’s all that’s out there my program goods beth this alternative really really given the right people who have no idea what’s right with and we cover that as well when you talk about that created for you talking about city headaches and settler everyone has a specific d_n_a_ contention that it builder one it’s the same one side’s never never
never fits all and so i am working through ancient pawar italians called housing with him didn’t gift from god would be able to
bring in misinformation and expressed through the cooperation its operational
matters it’s another name the sacraments different voters at
health food stores or on the internet essentially years going around the world defined first of all the integrity of that
particular manufacturer and do today produce what they say they’re going to
do which is on the labels and it took two years to put my
supplements together it is five oh nutrients therapy would you take a multivitamin and put it into your body you are putting isolated send synthetic
chemicals and they don’t work the body doesn’t
look at that is whole foods final nutria or plant nutrient therapy that ideas at the whole food intact and so it will safely x forty when it
doesn’t need with even the natural multivitamins with
people who are taking mammals antioxidants they’ve been taken out from nature therefore are not going to bring the highest level of operational
healing which marked the ticular program offers did you pick that sickness entries the sarajevo and modern medicine absolutely through this features part of
the housing i’m able to pick up sickness and disease way before modern medicines techniques machines and it is so exciting because the indians dissent diam picking up some things so overly weekend either reverses or stop its in
its tracks named explains my guard

24 thoughts on “How to Clear Blocked Arteries with Natural Health Remedies

  1. To bad all doctors didn't feel this.'s always about pop a pill and you're all better meanwhile all pills do is put a bandaid on situation instead of curing the's always about the body. Our bodies were built to survive until they're broken down by preservatives, free radicals, etc etc etc. …

  2. 2 bad habits that give you clogged up arteries, commercial butter& Chlorine in our water supply.  This creates free radicals that damage the walls of your arteries.
    When your artery walls get damaged by free radicals the the cholesterol heals the damaged artery walls.  

  3. We're living in a chemical world and they're everywhere, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.  We can't even take a hot shower with getting into the Chlorine gas chamber.  You have over 15,000 man made chemicals to deal with.
    Sad but true and the American diet has gone down the tubes.

  4. Vitamins can not work without minerals and vitamins & minerals can not work very well with live digestive enzymes.

  5. Diet with more fatty stuff will result to clogged arteries. Accumulated fats stocked in your arteries can also trigger serious heart condition.

  6. The body has its own intuitive healing process. Its called the immune system, it is the intelligence of the body. man must learn to understand it, learn to work with it. instead of ignoring it. Blocked arteries are believed to be the result of the body being too acidic.The body seeks then to be alkaline to neutralise some of its strong acids, but the body is constantly bombarded with acidic food stuff. The strong acidic content in the blood begins to scar the delicate tissue in the inner lining of the artery, thus causing the body to produce cholesterol in abundance, and to use it as a scab to prevent further damage to the tissue. This scabbing is what causes plague build up in the artery resulting in blocked arteries.

  7. I understand preaching health and know health I have studied it for years now and struggle to undo the bad things I have dun but I do think its kind of screwed up that this guy makes a video about being healthy and clearing blocked arteries then he is a fat person who dus not take care of his self

  8. vitamin D, K2 (MK7), A, E, high dose C, a plant based diet, no cooking with unsaturated oils (anything), eat nothing with trans fats (animal fats), L-arginine, 30 minutes exercise/day. K2 helps remove the calcium and direct it to the bones and teeth – 20% of the plaque is calcium. May you heal fast and well.

  9. the problem is, the food is toxic, and water as well. moreover, it is prohibitively expensive to eat right. drugs are the palliative treatment, which does NOT ultimately heal the body.

  10. believe that god will help U dream on  you have to help yourself and it don't lookgood on you what ever U are using ..

  11. Oh!. We are down to God again are we. A lot of Humba Zumba and Snake Oil. BS. Occluded Coronary Arteries ?. Then go and see your Cardiologist. There is nothing scientific with these Quack cures so do not waste your money on them. Best advice you can get anywhere. You better believe it if you want to go on living.

  12. This dowsing he speaks of is a type of divination and should not be used by those who are Christian. Look it up before you go any further then discern for yourselves.

  13. You should make it a routine works to have cups of lukewarm green tea to keep the arteries from bad cholesterol or LDL.

  14. This guy does not like you asking questions . he will tell you that he will not help when you want to know questions so how do we know if he is for real . there are to many misleading information out there he wants you to stop your medication and do his program but when ask you tell you you are negative well we are only negative if people will not answer the question that we want to know .

  15. Alternative Medical Doctors do not solely treat symptoms with suubstances. He has no clue what he is talking about, he just does a ritual, adjusts their diet and hopes for the best apparently. Dowsing with a pendulum and giving supplements is much worse than typical alternative naturopathy. Don't buy this bs.

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