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4 thoughts on “How to: Common Bile Duct Measurements with Ultrasound

  1. My friend, cbd is not intrahepatic, may be you show the common duct, besides it brings color but we could be seeing the hepatic artery.No podemos ver el CBD dentro del higado,pudiera ser el cistico o el comun hepatic duct,ademas si no le pones color no puedes descartar a la arteria hepatica,que rueda anterir a la porta vein como variente normal,de todas forma gracia por el video.

  2. That is in fact the CBD. The CBD is part of portal triad with the portal vein and hepatic artery. When you find the Gall Bladder in it long axis, the Portal Vein (seen in short axis) will be the "point" on the "exclamation point." The CBD and Hepatic Artery will be the "Mickey Mouse Ears" seen anterior to the Portal Vein (short axis). The right ear being the CBD and left ear being the Hepatic Artery. Rotate 90 degree and measure CBD anterior to Portal Vein. Has nothing to do with intrahepatic.

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