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Welcome to Health Care at Home We have received a mail from a viewer Who has said that we have never shown any episode on Loose motions So lets take an action on your complaint. Today we’ll talk on loose motion I’ll tell you how to control the loose motions Take two leaves of sacred figs Boil them in 200 ml of water Boil it until the water remains only 100 ml And then remove the leaves, filter it out and then consume it. And your loose motions will be in control Apart from this I’ll give one more remedy to you Take one piece of soup nut and crush it into water. And boil the water a bit After 1-2 min of boiling you’ll get a foamy water And then let water get cool down Just consume 2 spoon of this water And your loose motion will come under control Apart from this I’ll tell you one more remedy Take Psyllium Husk, Its easily available in market Take 2 spoon of Psyllium husk and half bowl of curd Mix it well, and consume it And your loose motion will come under control Apart from this, you can also have Aegle Marmelos Its easily available in market, consume its juice, very good for loose motion If you don’t find Aegle Marmelos you can also take sweet pckle of it. Even that will help you in loose motion Wasn’t those an easy remedies? Wish you a great health wealth wellness & abundance, keep watching our videos Subscribe this channel, and tell your friends also to subscribe this chennel Get the health tips at home and keep the doctor away. And don’t forget to share our video’s Thank You.

5 thoughts on “How to Control Loose Motion with Home Remedies II घरेलू नुस्खों से लूज़ मोशन को रोकें II

  1. I am rumotoid paisent 15 years I take pain kiler n stroid now my digestive system is poor i go to letrin 3 times what should I do.?

  2. Hi sir myself Rahila Iam really great fan of yours .thank you for everything sir .your remedies has changed my life .my son he was having cough I just followed yours remedies … mashallaha….thank you again.

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