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hi I’m dr. Trevor Cates today
on The Spa Dr youtube channel i want to share with you in natural beauty tip
to get rid of the dreaded pimples ok so i’ve got three simple tips on how
to get rid of those pimples let’s start with the first one you’ve
probably heard of tea tree oil this is the research actually shows that this is
great for helping with mild to moderate acne this is great but the problem is a lot
of people don’t know how to use it properly but you don’t want to do is use
it straight undiluted directly under the pimple
because that can be irritating to your skin actually make your skin worse so what you want to do instead is take
your favorite serum or moisturizer and take just you know it just about you
know one dose would be one pump of this maybe two pumps and then all you want to
do is to use just a teeny bit of tea tree oil so for this for this amount all you need
is one to two drops of tea tree oil that’s it it’s really powerful so then
you mix it together and then you apply it to the areas where you have a pimple this is about a five percent dilution
this is actually going to be better for you then using massive amounts of it just a teeny bit goes a long way so if i
were to use this whole thing if I wanted to add tea tree oil to the whole
container of moisturizer I would want to put 30 drops in there in
a 1 ounce container so that’s a five percent dilution so in a one-time application that’s just
one or two drops so just use that use it directly in the pimple you can also put
it all over your face if you have more than one pimple now i’m going to show you how to make a
green tea ice cube to help you with your reducing pimples this was particularly good for reducing
those really swollen red and inflamed pimples you know what I’m talking about we’ve
all had him so what you want to do is you want to make a really strong green
tea you can use any green tea of course I
like organic it’s always great to use organic when possible make a really
strong green tea so in this case I’ve got one and a half cups of hot water and a green tea bag and we want to steep
it for about 10 minutes or until it gets to be a nice dark color that way you
know that you’re getting the benefits of the green tea those antioxidant
anti-inflammatory antimicrobial properties of the green tea so then you just take it and you pour it
into an ice tray try not to spill it too much and then
you just put it in the freezer now you can use to put some toothpicks
in there that makes it easy for you to pull them out if it’s been a while since
you’ve used an actual ice tray and that’s one of the best ways to do it so when you’re done what you do what you
have is you have your frozen green tea ice cubes now these are great and i’m going to
just demonstrate and what you don’t want to do is apply this directly to your
skin with the best thing to do because what you’re going to do is you might
actually damage your skin because it might be too cold for your skin so just get a thin cloth or a thin
washcloth this is actually one of my babies wash
claws and then you put put it on it over the washcloth and you apply it directly
the pimple now because there’s some fabric here you can let it sit for a
little while but you don’t want it to get too cold so my pimples here i’m just
going to hold it there for one to five minutes and it just again you don’t want
to get numb or be painful but if you could just hold it there and watch that
pimple disappear now i’m going to show you how to make a
turmeric honey paste these both of these ingredients both to work and honey are
antimicrobial and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory so they’re great to
make a paste to use directly on a pimple i’m going to show you how to do this
it’s really simple you have probably had these ingredients in your kitchen
already so just use equal parts of these so I’m just going to demonstrate by
using a half a teaspoon to use a half a teaspoon of turmeric and then a half a
teaspoon of honey now this is when it gets a bit sticky ok so now you want to put the honey in
and you’re going to mix it up and you’re going to make a pace so it will get kind
of sticky kind of messy a little bit here for a minute but as you’re mixing
you’ll see that it turns into a paste and once you get this mix really well
you’ll be able to apply it directly onto the pimple now this is also really good if you have
clogged pores are especially like in that t-zone area around your nose it’s
really great you can actually sometimes I’ll put it right around my nose and
that area or chin forehead and I can help with clogged pores as well but
we’re focusing on pimples today so when you get a nice paste what you
want to do is you just want to take a little bit of it and put it directly on
your people say my pimples here just put it right there and you leave it on you
want to leave it on as long as you can like 10 20 minutes
and then wash it off now the only thing i want to say about
this is that to break sometimes can stay in the skin and people that are fair
like me so if you’re concerned about that don’t
leave it on quite as long or you can also mix it with yogurt to make it a
little bit thinner and not so strong and yellow so as a recap you’ve got your tea tree
oil that you can use in your lotion or serum and just put just a dropper to mix
it put it on that pimple or all over your skin you got your green tea ice cube you
could put a little washcloth and use that directly on a pimple especially
those really inflamed red ones and then you’ve got your tumor honey paste that
you can use on those pimples as well so here are three simple tips that you
can do right now get started on these right away so they
can get rid of those pimples so I hope that gives you some great tips
on how to get rid of those pimples and so you can have that clear glowing skin and the confidence that comes with it so
if you need more help with your skin health and you’re looking for answers take my free skin evaluation just go to
the skin or click the link below it only takes a minute answer a few
questions and you get your own customized skin report and I’ll see you
next time on the spa dr. youtube channel

5 thoughts on “How To Cure Acne Naturally!

  1. I got rid of acne which I suffered immensely from for 20 years, by 1) stopped using soap/ wash face with water only. 2) face mask with egg white/tea tea oil drops. My face is still scarred permanently, but hardly noticeable now even when smiling. It was indeed the soap that was doing the damage, if only someone had told me that when I was 12 when it started. I wish there was some way of suing the doctor who recommended I use soap to wash my face to treat acne, as well as the soap and other facial wash manufacturers, the bastards could tell us it causes acne. Also, I noticed that stress, dehydration, eating sugar and chocolate also cause pimples, but they aren't nearly as potent as soap.

  2. For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that this   treatment provides the best results I have ever seen. I have tried everything. I used to have a cleanser and a treatment and a lotion. Changing one thing at a time or using just one of the three for sometimes weeks at a time to figure out what does and doesn't work "long term" was wasting so much time, and took so much of my money and effort! With this treatment, I can stop searching. Thank you for giving me the key to clarity!

  3. Dr. Trevor, can you address how to prevent acne. I have abnormally oily skin and my diet and health are exemplary. Not perfect, but really good. I like DIY remedies, but I would like to prevent as much of the condition as I can. I really do like the tumeric/honey paste and I will try it.

  4. i had the same problem about acne, in every other year i asked the dermatologist to remove it. unfortunately no positive results especially the last time in Nov 18, 2015 it gets worst, more and bigger! It was a nightmare for me since the laser treatment is very very expensive and it has no favorable results. two months ago i found a traditional herbalist from health forum, i took his email and contacted him, after some conversation he send me the cure for acne which i use to cure them. every pumps big & small they all cleared off. i'm happy that i got ride to acne. here is the email to contact the herbalist online. [email protected]

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