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someone posted a question regarding his son who is autism by birth. now, 25 years old but mentally he is just like 5 year old they are seeking advice on the cure for this illness the boy is handsome, good looking all seems to be okay but mentally weak Surah Al-Imran Ayat number 34 Surah Al-Imran Ayat 34 read 11 times and blow air on his Food, water, medicines, and on the boy as well. read ayat number 34 for 41 days without fail. apart from this. read Ya Qawiyyu Ya Qadiro 21 times and blow air on his empty utensils and then serve food and water or milk repeat this for 90 days (ya qawiyyu, ya qadiro) inshallah, Allah willing is a cure for anyone with autism or any mental illness.

10 thoughts on “How To Cure Autism In Islam| Quran Treatment for Autism| Autism ka ilaj Dua – Wazaif| Surah Al-Imran

  1. Bastard. Evil Hell-spawned pro-disease anti-science shithead. This vial homicidal sociopath pile of shit belongs in prison, then sent back to Hell where he came from.

  2. We're going through HELL with our daughter who's also autistic.. does this Cleric live in Pakistan or somewhere else? Can anyone please let me know?

  3. Surah aale imran ayat number 34 uske har bartan par khaane par amal kare 41 din tak
    90 din tak yaa qavviyu yaa qaadiru har khaali bartan par amal par padh kar dam kare.

  4. Mara bacha 6 seal k ha OS ko bahot gusa ata ha aur zyban bi clear nahi speech therapy la raha ha Kia main is k liya kar sakti ho

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