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Your doctor may recommend a
hemorrhoidectomy to remove your hemorrhoids if they do not respond to more
conservative treatment hemorrhoidal veins are blood vessels
within the walls of the rectum and anal canal now hemorrhoids also known as
piles occur when these veins become swollen
and the tissue around them becomes inflamed a swollen day near the opening up the
anal canal is called an external hemorrhoid a swollen vein within the rectum is
called an internal hemorrhoid internal hemorrhoids are classified by
how advanced they are first-degree internal hemorrhoids are
those that always remain inside the rectum second-degree internal hemorrhoids will
extend outside the rectum during a bowel movement and then returned to the inside of the
rectum on their own third-degree internal hemroids extend
outside the rectum during a bowel movement and then must be pushed back inside the
rectum fourth-degree internal hemorrhoids
always remain outside the rectum and cannot be pushed back in before a hemorrhoidectomy you may be
given local or general anesthesia for general anesthesia you will be given
medications to put you to sleep through a breathing mask or through an IV line a breathing tube will be inserted
through your mouth and into your windpipe to help you breathe during the operation
your surgeon will begin by using a scalpel electrocautery or laser to make an
incision in the tissue around the hemorrhoid to expose the swollen vein your surgeon may tie of the slow mundane
in order to keep it from bleeding when it is removed your surgeon will then remove the slow
lindane and inflamed tissue your wound may be left open or your
surgeon a suture it closed finally your surgeon will place
medicated bandages over the wound to aid in healing and protect from
infection the procedure generally takes about an hour after your procedure your breathing tube
will be removed you will be instructed to eat a high
fiber diet and drink plenty of fluids to help prevent constipation during your
recovery which usually last two weeks to two months your doctor may recommend warm bath
medications and/or stool softeners to make you more
comfortable in the days after your procedure most people are able to return home the
day of the procedure but some will need to stay in the
hospital for one to two days after you return home you should call
your doctor immediately if you experience fever excessive pain drainage from your wound
redness or swelling how to shrink hemorrhoids past in hemorrhage occurred when the veins in
the anal canal swell swelling happens when too much pressure
is exerted on the veins in the pelvis and rectum the veins fill
with blood to control down movement so if you stream or sit for too long on
the toilet you are exerting more pressure on the
paint which eventually become stretchy this stretching is
causes generated any form apps training as in
constipation or diarrhea increases the pressure on the evil
things besides information each in pain bleeding and leaking a
fecal matter can accompany the swelling at the very
extreme hemorrhage may require surgery there are
however things you can do at home on how to
shrink hemorrhoids fast the one apply a cold compress use an ice pack flexible enough to wedge
in your parent EM to come in direct contact with the affected region if unavailable you can make your own by
breaking some ice into smaller pieces putting them in a plastic bag and
covering with a claw applying an ice pack to the affected
area alleviates pain and irritation almost instantly as it numbs the pair
Neil nerve endings the cooling effect from the ice pack
also stops bleeding by causing the blood vessels to shrink
thereby restricting the blood flow in the veins to take a sit spam ascites path is a
simple yet effective remedy for hemorrhoids
fill it up with several inches and warm water it does not have to be a lot just enough
to soak your pals do this several times a day for 15
minutes per sitting while applying cold compress gnomes and
stops the bleeding thus its path promotes blood flow to the
region and encourages healing of 3 apply anti hemorrhoidal creams designed to provide immediate relief
these creams contain potent chemicals like mineral oil and zinc oxide which
sued the painful burning and itching sensation some even contain aloe vera which helps
reduce swelling keep in mind too that most are for
external use only but there are internal applications to
make bell movements easier and less painful of for swab with apple cider vinegar apple cider vinegar is a popular health
food that brims with medicinal uses although taking a spoonful a bit with
honey after every meal is a great way to treat hemorrhoids
results often take time you can achieve quicker relief by
applying it directly to the affected area put a few drops on a cotton swab and
slowly and gently rub it around the rectum it will sting at first but it will soon
feel better after a few applications do this several time today it 5 use garlic as a suppository not many
people may be comfortable with doing this but garlic is an effective home remedy
to relieve hemorrhoids and works faster than most peel the skin
off a clove of garlic crush it to get the juices flowing and
then inserted in the problem area of girl it contains anti-inflammatory
agent as well as other substances that help
damage so well as and blood vessels week after as garlic is also antibacterial it helps
kill rectal terms people who wonder how to shrink
hemorrhoids fast may be relieved to know that while very
bothersome at least and painful at worst the swallowing part
shrinking a week or two when given medical attention the
condition however returners when there is trauma to the
area during pregnancy or constraining well constipated or
experiencing diarrhea as a result hemorrhoids can become more
than just troublesome and interfere with normal day-to-day
activities requiring surgical intervention for long-term relief

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