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How to cure hiv and aids naturally home remedies for hiv please subscribe to my channel number nine licorice Licorice root has long been used to treat gastrointestinal problems it Is used for food poisoning Stomach ulcers and heartburn the active compound in the root that has the medicinal qualities is glycyrrhizic acid Classic acid has been tested for its effects on hiv a daily, dose of 1600 milligrams of classic acid was administered intravenously for a month to Hemophiliacs with hiv on six separate occasions Viral antigens were detected at the beginning of the treatments but, by the end of three out of five courses Viral antigens were undetectable in three courses and had decreased to low, levels in the remaining two Further studies have, also shown that Glycyrrhizin, significantly inhibits hiv replication in hiv sera positive patients number eight Probiotics and prebiotics it is a common misconception that the immune system is regulated by our glands However most would be surprised to find out that it may be the gut, where the core of the immune system resides Studies have shown that there is crosstalk between the microbes in our gut and other. Cells in the body responsible for the immune system and metabolism if Your gut bacteria become unbalanced this can have a knock-on effect on the immune system leaving the body vulnerable to pathogens It has long been known That hiv infection is associated with significant damage to the gastrointestinal tract in the gut wall Upsetting the gut, bacteria balance Microbial products leak out from the gut into general circulation This, leakage has been linked to inflammation an hiv disease progression Probiotics and prebiotics can prevent gastrointestinal infections and maintain an effective gut, barrier One study looked at 68 hiv patients, who were given probiotic yogurt Containing lactobacillus bacteria and measured their cd4. Cell count over the treatment period Average cd4. Cell count increased significantly across the group, by over 100 percent another study published in 2013 in the journal of clinical investigation Suggests that supplementation with pre and probiotics may be beneficial for hiv patients on arvs number 7 bitter, melon Bitter melon bitter gourd or carla in india is an extremely bitter Medicinal plant used widely across, asia it Is used to treat a variety of diseases as it has antiviral anti-tumor and immune system boosting properties Studies have shown that at antiviral properties extend to hiv and such, we have listed as one of home remedies for hiv One study identified a plant protein Ma p30 that is effective against multiple stages of the hiv, viral life cycle both in terms of initial infection as, well as replication of infected cells in Human, trials one experimental study showed promising results from bitter melon therapy One patient, was given 16 ounces per day of bitter melon juice for one year The patient noticed increased energy levels With improved stamina and appetite One year after therapy His cd4 count had increased greatly and his chronic sinusitis and recurrent respiratory problems ceased number six turmeric Curcumin, is the active ingredient in the turmeric plant and is the pigment responsible for giving the root it’s yellow. Color turmeric has long been known to be anti-inflammatory antibiotic Antioxidant as, well as antiviral It really is a superfood For medicine it was only a matter of time until someone tested it versus hiv Studies have shown that it is an effective home remedy for hiv The curcumin in turmeric inhibits infection and replication of viral genes it works by degrading a protein called tap, which plays an essential role in viral replication in Addition curcumin enhances the effect of conventional anti-hiv drugs, while reducing, their side effects as Such adding, turmeric to your diet should be a priority number five green tea Green tea has long been used as a herbal Remedy for a host of ailments through the ages but only now is it being studied as a possible treatment for Hiv it is a compound in green tea called egcg Which has taken the spotlight in the research the compound has been shown to prevent hiv from Successfully, bonding with the cd4. Cells it is this initial bonding, which is the precursor to the cd4 Cell destruction and subsequent virus replication The precise mechanism is currently unknown, and further research is being conducted to assess whether green teas egcg, compound could offer a range of drugs number four selenium Selenium is an essential mineral for the human, body and has long been, associated with the healthy functioning of the immune system It is also involved in antioxidant processes in the body preventing damage from free radicals and inflammation However research, now shows it to be one of the best home remedies for hiv in one study Hiv-positive adults with a cd4 count between 300 and 650 were daily 200 microgram selenium tablets or a. Placebo and then assessed over the next 24 months It was found that the depletion rate of cd4? Cells was reduced on average, by 44% showing that selenium supplements can, slow the onset of aids Another similar studies showed that daily selenium supplementation Can suppress viral load, and provide indirect improvement of the cd4, count number 3 zinc zinc Has long been known, to be an essential mineral for the healthy functioning of the immune system However research now suggests that zinc supplements can help with, some of the symptoms of aids a? Control group of hiv, aids patients was given zinc nutritional supplements over an 18-month period The results of the studies showed that those taking the supplements showed a four-fold decrease in immunological Failure in a 50% reduction in diarrhea incidents relative to the placebo group Number two black seed black seed nigella sativa Has long been known, to possess medicinal benefits and is widely used in alternative medicine However one study has produced some astonishing results as a home remedy for hiv a Patient, who was exhibiting late stage hiv With symptoms of diarrhea weight loss and multiple lesions Was given a black seed concoction of 1-0, mls twice, daily for six months at The end of the treatment the patient, was showing, no visible aids related. Symptoms Viral load, had diminished to undetectable levels and his cd4. Count had increased from 250 cells per mm to 650 cells a Cd4 count above 500 is considered to be a healthy normal level, these results Would be considered extraordinary even for the most successful antiretroviral treatment however there is more 24 months after the black seed treatment Had ceased the patient experienced no relapse in viral load and cd4 count Given the results one would almost be tempted to say that this individual had been cured However a note of caution must be made this study Was only conducted on one patient and while there is more anecdotal evidence for black, seed efficacy? Proper clinical trials on many people need to be conducted for confirmed proof number one Neem leaf Neem is a tree in the mahogany family meal in ac it is native to the indian subcontinent And widely used in herbal medicine One gram of a compound extracted from neem, leaf known, as ira b was given to sixty Hiv-positive patients on a daily basis for a period of 12 weeks? 50 patients completed the trial and the average increase in cd4. Cells count was significant Average, cell count increased by 159 percent over the period No, adverse side effects were reported in the liver and kidney functioning The exact mechanism for which the neem, leaf extract counteracts the virus is still unknown But the results were so impressive that neem extract is being evaluated as an addition to standard Retroviral drug treatment combination therapy, ie where several drugs are given simultaneously Thanks for watching See you in the next video

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