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How to cure kidney disease with natural remedies
The human kidney is like a filter for the body: it is immensely powerful but fragile
and susceptible to overload. When it’s not working, a foamy urine is one
of the first signs of damage you can see. What to do in this case? Some patients are already having results with
home remedies. They accurately modify their diets, avoiding
certain fats and including natural anti-inflammatories. You can do it too: in this video, I’ll show
you how to use quercetin – and a couple of other natural remedies – to make the urine
visibly less foamy in just a few days. Hello, how are your kidneys doing? this is
Katherine. Welcome to 00Kidney – don’t forget to like
and subscribe and turn on notifications from this channel to stay updated! Question. After talking to your doctor, do you have
any reason to be worried about your health? Or do you feel like the prescription your
doctor is giving you is enough? Let me know in comment section. In this video I’ll talk about various method
people are successfully employing to treat kidney disease and cure kidney failure. We will take a 3 steps based approach. All the facts I will provide are supported
by science. Step 1 will involve some easy dietary changes
that can give our kidneys a lot of benefits. Step 2 is about how to treat the underlying
causes and in step 3 we will cover how to use powerful natural remedies to start lowering
your creatinine and improving your GFR. Let’s get started! Step 1 saturated fats
As any nephrologist may tell you, the kidney is the second fattiest organ in the human
body, and it’s going to get the most benefits from a dietary intervention aimed to eliminate
the harmful dietary fat. In fact, in 2011, the “Journal of the American
Society of Nephrology” linked a diet too rich in fat to kidney disease. So, should you just remove all the fat from
your diet and try to survive on what’s left? Well, that wouldn’t be a good idea. Dietary fat is essential for our well-being. Ideally, to cure kidney failure, you should
be getting about one third – or less – of your daily calories from fats. That would be about 50 grams of fat on a 1500-calorie
diet. What will really help in our quest to cure
our kidneys, is the quality of the fats you’re eating. In particular, kidney patients have shown
to react very well to a diet rich in Omega-3 and with very few omega-6. To do this, my advice is to stop using all
cooking oils high in omega-6, like: corn, canola, vegetable, sunflower, sesame, soybean
and safflower oil. Synthetic, hydrogenated oils and margarine
should also be avoided. Replace them with raw olive oil, raw flaxseed
oil or, for cooking at low temperature, macadamia oil. To get best results is advisable to bake or
steam foods instead of frying or grilling. Omega-3 and fish oil supplements can help,
and it is also a good idea to eat fatty fish two or three times a week. Step 2 Treat the cause, not the symptom
There are two main causes of kidney disease: diabetes and high blood pressure. To deal with these,
early screenings and consistent prevention are essential. Still, what most doctors are doing is just
treating symptoms and complications. As a kidney patient, you will be prescribed
treatments to control potassium levels, to balance the fluids in your blood and to restore
the calcium you’re losing. Don’t get me wrong, all these treatments are
absolutely necessary if you want to stay alive. But is enough care put on treating the cause
of kidney problems? Some people think that just a couple of tablets
a day to keep blood pressure under control is not enough to cure kidney disease. So let’s go to the next step and see if there
is anything else we can do. Step 3 how to treat kidney disease naturally
Home remedy for the kidneys n1: bromelain People have been using this enzyme for centuries
thanks to its anti-inflammatory and pain reliever properties. According to the University of Maryland Medical
Center it is effective in reducing inflammation and swelling associated with infection and
injuries. It has also been reported to reduce amyloid
deposits in the kidneys. Bromelain is also very effective against high
blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Bromelain inhibits the ability of blood platelets
to stick or clump together. Dosage is 200 milligrams 2 times a day. It can have interactions with blood thinners,
increasing their efficacy. Always consult your doctor before making any
change in your diet. You don’t like taking supplements? Don’t worry, pineapple is full of bromelain
and vitamin C but very low in sodium and phosphorus. A very nice addition to your diet. Natural remedy for the kidneys n2: turmeric
Turmeric is a plant of the ginger family, and curcumin is its active ingredient. It has been used to treat a variety of ailments
for at least 4000 years. It is often used in combination with bromelain,
since they both have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and are known to enhance each other
properties. The recommended dosage is 400 to 600 milligrams
of the powder per day. Natural remedy n3: quercetin
Quercetin is a flavonoid with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Foods such as onions, red wine, green tea,
berries apples, Ginkgo biloba are very rich in it, so you don’t have to rely on supplements
to get quercetin. It has been researched in combination with
curcumin, and found capable of reducing kidney inflammation and improve the functionality
of the kidney. The recommended dosage for quercetin is 600
to 800 milligrams a day. Bromelain, turmeric and quercetin are often
used together as a powerful mix. I’ve put a link in description where you can
find the supplements. However, my advice is to work on your diet
before starting using any supplement. Adopting a diet rich in vegetables and fresh
fruits, and avoiding dangerous fats. This is all for today! If you liked this video, please like and leave
a comment. Thank you for watching!

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  1. If after seeing your doctor you worried about your kidney health, this video is for you. The facts presented here are accurately researched. There are patients around the world curing their kidneys, and having success at it, using just natural remedies.
    What Katherine did is trying to put together in this short video the best and most powerful home remedies to treat kidney disease.
    Feel free to leave a comment if this video was helpful or if you have any question!

  2. Kidney, heart, gallbladder and liver problems can be cure. There is always HOPE to cure kidney disease! Do not rush in for surgery unless you have cancer or you're 100% sure there's no other way.

  3. Your video provides misinformation and excludes some information. 1. Pineapple is full of potassium. Potassium is supposed to be cut down in a kidney patient's diet. 2. Another cause of kidney disease are autoimmune dieases. Autoimmune dieases cause high blood pressure which further damage the kidneys.

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