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If you have pinkeye, or your child has it,
you may be tempted to rush to a doctor right away. But that may not be necessary. Allergies, viruses, or bacteria can cause
pinkeye, which is also called conjunctivitis. It makes one or both of your eyes red and
itchy. The affected eye will drain a lot or have
a white or yellowish discharge. The symptoms may last a week or 10 days, maybe
longer, but they usually go away without your having to go to the doctor. In this video we share our top tips to cure
pink eye. Any extra resources or information will be
included in the description so make sure to check it out. Our first tip is to try a compress. Choose a lint-free cloth and soak it in cool
water. Wring it out and press it gently to your closed
eyelids. Don’t press hard, as you don’t want to
injure your eyes. If you only have pinkeye in one eye, keep
the compress away from the other one, or it could get infected. If a warm compress feels better, then use
warm water. Don’t make it too hot – that could make
your pinkeye worse and burn your eyelid skin. Use a compress for a few minutes at a time,
several times a day. Make sure no one else uses the cloth. Our next tip is to try Eye Drops. The itching can also be helped with over-the-counter
eye drops. Here are some tips: Look for the kind that
say “lubricating” or “artificial tears.” Avoid eye drops advertised to treat “red
eyes.” These drops can mask the true course of the
pinkeye. If you have pinkeye that’s caused by allergies,
try refrigerating the drops. Our third tip is to Skip Your Contacts. If you wear contact lenses, you should go
without them until your pinkeye clears up. You may need to throw away your contact lenses
and case, because bacteria or viruses may be living in it and you can reinfect yourself. Our fourth tip is to wash up. If the problem is allergic conjunctivitis,
it’s very important to wash clothes and pillowcases often. Showering or bathing before bed might help,
too. If you know the source of the allergy, always
try to avoid it. If none of these tips work then you may have
to see a doctor. If your child has red or swollen eyes, it
may or may not be pinkeye. It could be a stye — which often looks like
a pimple or reddish area on the eyelid — or some other kind of inflammation. It also could be a different type of allergic
reaction. If there’s no sign of relief after you’ve
tried home remedies for a few days, call your pediatrician or your family’s eye doctor. You also should check with a doctor if these
are among the symptoms: Fever, Pain or Changes in vision. So that sums up our top tips for curing pink
eye. If you found any of it useful then hit that
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33 thoughts on “How To Cure Pink Eye In 1 Minute

  1. i had this and i went to the doctor and she gave me eye drops that didnt do much.
    so i made "chamomile eye drops " out of chamomile tea -it was very soothing and that helped! it really calmed my eye down ,which is what i wanted –
    i also put a warm tea bag on my eye-tea has tannic acid and they say thats good for pink eye -it helped with the swelling but didnt cure it and the swelling kept coming back.
    what really helped me cure my pink eye was "garlic tea" -it must have been an infection and even though i asked my doctor for antibiotics -she refused saying i didnt need those pills
    for something so small –
    i was like ok -but i should have demanded the pills because i couldn't go anywhere with my eye -and the funny thing is this type of illness is contagious!
    so dont be an idiot like me and demand the pills ! AMOXICILLIN or PENICILLIN -it could cut down on the time it takes to shrink the outside of the eye and help heal the
    infection on the inside! i mean who knows what kind of damage this could do to the eye in the future? plus if i had antibiotics it might help the spreading of the germs!

    so even though i had eye drops that just soothes my pinkeye from the pharmacy -and a home made version of eye drops that i made i needed to rid myself of this infection
    so i took fresh garlic -3 cloves -cut them up in pieces put them into a cup added my favorite tea bag added warm water and sugar -then I let it steep for 5 minutes and when i smelled the garlic in the air i knew it was ready and then i drank the tea -the next day my pinkeye was half way gone -it looked really good -i did the garlic tea again and the next day i didnt even remember i had the pinkeye until someone told me .i totally forgot -so yeah garlic tea!

  2. The PAIN. I’m miserable however I do remember in Highschool one girl got it on the volley ball team and then more than half the team and then about half our school 😂.

  3. Man I clicked on this video praying to god I could discover sum magic fuckin eye drops to cure this shit in 1 min. I’m bout to gouge my eye out

  4. Squeeze lemon juice or WD40 in your eye. If it gets really bad just cut off your eye lid. They use these readies in Mexico. So if you don't do them your racist and a Nazi.

  5. Okay so i can to this video to share how I cured my pink eye
    All I did is take a warm shower and then when I was done I turned the shower as hot as it goes and I stepped aside and let the the shower steam up

  6. For anyone thinking it can be cured in one minute, sorry but it can't, pink eye caused by a virus will last around 5 days and will go away on its own without treatment, while bacterial has to be treated as long as the redness stays, and then for two more days after or it will come back. If bacterial is left untreated, it can and will leave permanent damage to the eye

  7. I had pinkeye once. I caught it from someone at school I think (yeah they should have stayed home, the eye was super pink) and it lasted for about 9 days. Pinkeye isn't usually a big deal, but it is contagious, itchy, and lasts a while. For me, warmth helps best, so I took eye drops and put a heat pack on my eyes before bed. It still took a while to go away though, so I am just looking for better ways to get rid of it because I almost missed the bake sale at school because I had to stay home, and ya girl loves her brownies!

  8. I had bacterial pink eye.i t was so bad i had to go in and get membrain peeled from the inside of my eyelid. It was extremly painful and the doctor thinks i would have suffered permant vision damage if i had waited much longer to go get my eyes looked at. I had steroid eye drops and antibiotic cream. I recoommend if you get pink eye to get it looked at before it becomes a bigger problem. Better safe than sorry

  9. use milk….yes milk… our pediatrician told me this and I used on myself and my kids and dog. it could be the antibiotics that are in non organic milk. Not sure but the coldness feels great and-it has always worked!! quickly i might add!!

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