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Hello my friend are you suffering from tonsillitis. your tonsils are probably inflamed and sore Is the horrible bacteria causing all the pain. Why don’t you follow me I am going to show you a quick massage to promote blood flow to kill the bacteria. The left finger and thumb massage your throat downward 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 Now with your left thumb push into your throat 1 2 you will feel a tickling feeling if you are applying the right pressure 3 4 5 This time, push it in, breathe in. and breathe out HA. 1 HA 2 For fast result, exhale with the HA sound as loud as you can HA 5 1 HA 2 HA 3 HA 4 HA 5 HA Now open your jaw as wide as you can 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 Now swallow your saliva ready, 1 2 Your tonsils may feel uncomfortable. Don’t worry this is normal 5 1 2 3 4 5 Your left palm pat on your chest 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 Stop. Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth 1 HA 2 For fast result exhale with a HA sound as loud as you can. HA 5 HA Hold it for 5 seconds 1 2 3 4 5 5 more 1 2 3 4 5 and relax I have now a glass of warm water and a spoonful of salt and place into the water and dissolve it I am going to gargle it 5 times ready 1 2 3 4 5 Do this 2 times a day morning and evening for 3 weeks and let me know how you get on. If you click on the notification bell you will be the first to receive my new natural method videos.

100 thoughts on “How to cure tonsillitis naturally!

  1. I tried this after having tonsillitis for a couple of weeks and it didn’t help. I’ve got an appointment to see my doctor in a weeks time. In the meantime I decided to try gargling warm water with 10 drops of tea tree oil , salt and apple cider vinegar. My god it was vile! But you know what! It’s getting better! The white ulcers have gone and its less swollen. I haven’t had to take any painkillers and I can eat whatever I want now.
    I will still keep my appointment but I can honestly say that I can live with it and it’s not impacting on my life anymore.

  2. Wow hahahahah I know that my tonsillitis wasn't that bad, but after not even doing all of the execrices because I'm not home and it's embarrassing, it's stopped 80% of pain and can now swallow and talk normally 🙂

    Edit: When you open your mouth wide, I automat kinda lightly breathe in, normal? Well when I exhale, I feel like I've done a 100m Sprint and feel so out of breath.. hmm

  3. hi
    my child is suffering from enlarged tonsils from past six months. he is 6 years old and not gaining weight as well.
    can I use this treatment on him as well

  4. My brother have a problem he says
    He feel like something walking inside of sore throat if he want to remove it it can't
    What does it mean
    Finally he think maybe attacking by which craft.

  5. Iv literally thinned up because I've not been eating for the past three days…this pain is unbearable…. I'm gonna try this right now and give back my report

  6. Pain isnt completely gone but the relief i recieved being able to swallow was incredible, thank you ive subscribed.

  7. I tried all these steps and it was still giving me a hard time finding sleep.. but once I took 1 pill of ibuprofen and waited a couple of minutes.. I no longer feel headache or ear pain but you will only feel a little bit of pain when you swallow, it’s not as worst as before! I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling that can’t find sleep.. trust me it works I’ve been up and it’s now 3:56am and I can finally get some sleep .. I was struggling and googling helpful tips.!💯

  8. Bless you bless you bless you this had instant results- of course not totally cured but right after I felt this huge change.. I was coughing out lots of saliva and then I saw my tongue had become a round 60% cleaner (tonsillitis makes your tongue go white) and completely clean down the middle! Might I add that I also had an ayurvedic digestive medicine for stomach gas at the same time. Thank you for this video friend!

  9. I was making surgary and aftar one yer he comback agan so i mast tryat at home this way ?
    and this is is like imrgans i lik to gat answr fast my tonsil is giving me big broblam he has a vios saund olso

  10. Will this work for enlarged tonsils as well? My child suffers from enlarged tonsils and is unable to sleep well at night.

  11. thank you for this video it really helps me as of now. I suffered too much pain because of tonsillitis but I followed those instruction and it was absolutely amazing 💖

  12. Thank you so much i will try this and it will hopefully stop forever. The problem with me is that I get my medicine and treat myself but after one or two weeks it happens again i just want it to stop forever.

  13. Hello ! I have recently developed white lines inside my cheek (Linea Alba). It does not hurt. I am taking antibiotics, but no improvement. How can I get rid of this? Kindly suggest.

  14. Hi sr. I just did it. I got a question, when I do that , all the tonsils stones that were in the hole will be gone? Please help me, that gives me bad breath:(

  15. Thank you so much brotha!! saver.
    Did this twice back to back and baaaam.
    A good prayer helps to guys.

  16. Hi
    I am trying this. My left tonsil and adenoid are a nightmare. Although I got all viral tonsillitis.
    Should I gargle more on my right side?

  17. i have my 5 years old daughter, she has big tonsilitis, and the doctor said its abnormal.. and with her age ,she cant go surgery.. but its not make her pain.. only when she eats some sweets her tonsils make her pain that sometimes cause fever
    can she do this exercise to make her tonsilitis small?
    i need your help.thanks

  18. Can this be done more than twice a day if you have persistent toncilitis . It really does work however after the three weeks of doing the exercise my toncilitis eventually comes back. Please help.

  19. I’ve got this it hurts so much every time I go bed it gets worse someone pray for me 😩😭when I wallow my spit it feels like a knife is going threw my

  20. Austin what do you mean do this for two weeks man, i literally cant swallow and i need relief as soon as possible

    Also how long should i wait before eating or drinking anything after gargling salt water? Wouldnt water wash the salt away?

  21. Got a bit relief from this method, but now I am on my 4th day in and I am still getting a fever, and one of my tonsills is bigger then the other one. What should I do?

  22. omg its like a magic!😍cant believe that the pain go away as I this❤I already gargle warm water with salt before I found this video but it works and I will do this 2x a day for 3 weeks as you recommended❤

  23. Thank you very much for this video! I had a white spot on my tonsils for a couple days and it was uncomfortable so I checked out your video and just starting doing the throat exercise. The spot on my tonsils literally fell off into my mouth. I felt relieved 😌 can’t believe it!!! I haven’t even got to the stage of using the salt and water. I eventually did use the salt and water and that made me feel even much better.

  24. Thankyou so much for this, I thank God that I found this video it really worked for me. I could barely swallow food but after doing this I could see and feel the difference and I’m able to eat regularly! ❤️God bless you.

  25. Can you do a video of infection in the throat, my ears also hurts a lot ive been like this since this past week and ive been trying to get rid of them so I could eat and drink good, I feel like going to the hospital 🙁

  26. Hello Sir, I get these tonsil stones every month for the passed 2-3 years. Do I need to do this methode forever? Or this 3 weeks will put them away forever?

  27. it helped ! i will try this more often and see if helps me feel completely better soon

  28. This completely took the pain away thanks so much I’ve had swollen tonsils and couldn’t swallow more than 4 times without taking a break now I just ate more than I’ve eaten the entire day and it didn’t even hurt again thanks so much😁

  29. Hey ! I actually went to the doctors and they gave me 2 types of medicine and an injection shot ! The next day it was totally gone ! And I felt free and happy to eat again !!! I recommend going to the doctors ! 🙂

  30. I started it today and i felt better very quickly , i will report again after the three weeks . Thanks a lot.

  31. I don't know if what I have is tonsillitis but I think it is, only one tonsil is swollen and everytime I swallow it also makes my ear hurt, I get ear infections alot so idk if this could also be the cause. The one tonsil got less swollen after passing down a banana by that I mean take a bigger bite than usual chew it like 3 times and try to swallow the banana a little whole wherever your tonsil is swollen it hurts but it helps. By the way what foods should I avoid while it's swollen for example like no cold foods, drinks, no ice cream etc… so I can help it get better faster it hurts when I eat and should I be brushing my teeth daily still I'm just scared it might make it worse please reply and thank you so much for the video I'll try these methods since alot of the comments say it works. I hope to get back to normal and the same for everyone!

  32. I went to the doctor because I got tonsillitis and he just told me to take ibuprofen and vitamins c and I still feeling horrible I am have chills and headaches about tomorrow i am going to the doctor😥

  33. It helps me..but is not properly cured…20 pecent is still thre…i hav done for 21 days…tell what to do now

  34. My palatine tonsil is swollen but I must admit it does help relieve the pain a little , i will keep trying this thank you

  35. This is so annoying, I kinda feel hungry but when I eat it feels like I don’t wanna eat anymore. I can cope with the throat pain but not eating is shit because you get headache and You feel weak.

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