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Good afternoon Doctor Vikram Good afternoon ji Dr. Vikram as this ulcerative colitis patient have come to you and have some specific and general queries so please guide him accordingly. Actually he came to me in September 2018. No I am coming before that. You have come before that but I have this first prescription of yours so when you came to us. I came in July. So you came in July and you have ulcerative colitis means you had. So what were the symptoms and problems you were facing before the July. There was lots of blood and mucus while passing the stool. How many times you were passing stool at that time? 8-10 times 8-10 times at that time he passed the stool. Was there blood too? Yes, blood was there in excess. So when you started your medicines for this problem within how many days you start feeling relief? I started feeling better within 20-30 days and after 3 months I was much better. At that time were you taking allopathic medicines or you had already stopped taking them. I never took allopathic medicines. It means you never took them. Actually I had this problem since 2015 and was visiting some local clinic for this problem. But there I got no cure for this. For this have you ever done colonoscopy? I did colonoscopy only this year in January and before that from wherever I took medicines they told me that I have intestinal infection. But they never told that it is an ulcerative colitis or something else. So after colonoscopy it was confirmed that it is ulcerative colitis. Yes, then I came to know that the name of this disease is ulcerative colitis. So after that you never took allopathic medicines. No, after that I searched over net regarding this disease and I came to know that in allopathy it has no cure. So after that you come to Ayurveda for cure, so you directly came to me or before that had Ayurvedic treatment from somewhere else also. No, as I had this problem since 2015 and visited clinics where I got no results after that I gave preference to Ayurveda only as I was not getting any results from allopathy. So I showed many places where I got some relief but not like the one I got here. As this problem started in 2015 and I started taking Ayurvedic treatment from 2016 before that I didn’t take any treatment just had some allopathic medicines from some clinics. So I took Ayurvedic medicines in 2016 got some relief from that but not completely then stopped in the 2017 as I think it will cure by itself. But nobody was telling me that I was having ulcerative colitis either it is allopathic doctor or Ayurvedic they all were telling that I was having intestinal infection. So you got diagnosed in 2018. In 2017 my problem got very serious and then I thought what type of infection is this which is not getting cured so in 2018 I did colonoscopy. So after that it was diagnosed as a ulcerative colitis. So after that also you never had allopathic medicines for this? No, after that also I did not have any medicines. So after that I searched about this over net that what is this problem and how it occurs. So in allopathy I didn’t get its permanent solution so while searching over the net I saw your video and then came you. So when he came to me in July 2018 for first time after that its December 2018 going on now. So to him I gave in my prescription is Kutajghan vati, Praval panchamrit, Arjuna, Vatsakadi churna, Pitta balance such types of medicines I usually gives to patient, when bleeding is in excess I add Coolstrin B and Coolstrin A also. So with these medicines he is 95% right. You are 95% or 100 % cured. I have 90-95% relief. You can say I am almost fine now. Almost fine ok, so now he have no blood, mucus in stool and stool is also coming normally 1-2 times a day. Now I have told him to repeat current medicine for one month and then after that we will stop these medicines. And now his question is that as I am cured, so for not having this problem again in future what should he do. Yes, what precautions should I take that it never happen again? First stop taking milk. Milk, cheese (paneer), buttermilk (lassi) these are three things which can cause this thing again. Secondly it can occur again if you had cough and cold and for that people normally have antibiotics. So instead of antibiotics have tea made from ginger, Tulsi and other Ayurvedic medicines you can use like you can have Ayurvedic cough syrups or sitophaladi churna, and there is kashar churna. Sitophaladi churna can be taken mixed with honey for cough. So don’t take antibiotics immediately avoid them, it will get fine even without antibiotics take Curcumin capsules. These days there are so many medicines. So stop taking antibiotics. Actually last time due antibiotics it got flare up as I was taking dental treatment and they gave antibiotics to me. They might have written amoxicillin. I don’t know the salt. So as he told he took antibiotics in dental treatment and which flare up the condition. So people who mostly cured take antibiotics which again flare up their condition. So there is no need of taking antibiotics as without antibiotics also cough and cold and other common problems get cured. What if it is very rare case then we can see what we can do in it and in that too with Ayurveda we can get some results. So do you have any other question? Can I have some natural supplement as I lost too much weight so that I can gain weight like gym etc.? For gym you already asked me that can I take Amway products, whey proteins. I strictly don’t recommend whey proteins. Whey proteins are also made from milk. Milk solids should be avoided. Don’t take any artificial protein. If you want to join gym start it after 1-2 months gap and start with light exercises. Avoid Kapalbhati. Do anulom-vilom and simple pranayama. Avoid heavy exercises for now. After 3-4-6 months when you start feeling good then you can do exercise. And as I told avoid milk, cheese, buttermilk and whey proteins. In natural proteins you can take sprouts, and gradually you can start taking green grams flour which is besan. And what about soya protein. You can take soya protein little bit and gradually you can increase it in diet, although nature have provided us with protein as wheat have lots of protein. So is there any other question? No Sir Ok so have only two questions one of antibiotics and what is second one. What precautions I have to take and for how long? For about 6 months you have to follow the precautions. Milk, cheese, buttermilk which I have mentioned here should be avoided for whole life. Can have cheese once in a year will not have any problem but try to avoid it. Milk have to be avoided. And what about non-veg? Look the non-veg which we get these days contains many hormones, chemicals, even they are injected with antibiotics so that non veg will not be convenient to you. But if you want then you can have it once in 6 months or in a year but it will be heavy for your intestines. It will not flare up but can cause the infection. As if it contains antibiotic. There was a patient two days back who came to me and have his chicken farm and he closed it as he told that he have inject them with lots of antibiotics to save them from many diseases. So these all are chemicals and it’s not necessary to have it in food. What about vegetables, kidney beans, white grams etc.? All these kidney beans, white grams etc. you can start gradually them after 2-3 months. What about all other vegetables, can I have them? Yes, you can have all other vegetables. All fruits and you can eat everything. You can have nuts also in very small quantity too. But don’t take cheese, milk, butter milk. Dr. Vikram I am also having one question that Ulcerative patients who get cured can take egg? They can take egg. It is also a source of protein. Thank you Dr. sahib. Thank you very much. They can take egg. But don’t take in too much quantity and don’t take regularly. Thank you ji.

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  1. Sir mujhe last 6 months se hyperacidity or pencil type stool aati. That means almost watery stool..doctors told me ki ye ibs hai kyuki mere saare liver ki jaanch ok hai ab aap btao ki mai kaise ye puri trh se diagnosed kru ki mujhe ibs hai. Or mai 15th January k baad aapse milna chahta hu

  2. Thnks aaj ke video ke liye…… doctor uc patient jab ek bar theek ho jaye …to uske bad hamesha ke liye use nonveg milk paneer chorna parta hai kya?

  3. Doc sahab as usual its a very good video n i follow you on youtube from a long time now.i have a question.Sir can a patient have curd in small amount in case of ulcerative colitis?

  4. Sir khana thik Se nhi pachta hai. Stool main Ek ya do bar hi jata hun. Stool mein tomato, carrot papaya khata hun to chhota -chhota part dikhta hai. Weight v nhi badh raha hai. Iska samadhan bataiye.

  5. Hi sir I'm suffering from solitary rectal ulcer. When I take allpathy treatment for it, while using the medicines it goes away but when I stop medicines it comes again. Sir, do you have treatment for it? It has become difficulty for me to pass the stool.

  6. Hi sir I live in Pakistan I'm suffering ulcerative colitis last 6 months …I want to talk with you …I want to treatment with ur medicine … I want permanent cure

  7. Hlo sir muje khana khane ke bad pet me jln hoti lekin jb me pentaprazol capsule leta hu to jln thodi km hoti h. Iske liye koi medicine btaye. Please reply fast and me kon konse product ko avoid kru uske bare me btaye.

  8. mujhe 15saal se asthma hain.saal mei bohot bar antibiotic lena parta hain.phir mujhw 5sal se uc ho gaya.usse piles fissur bhi ho gaya.

  9. Hello sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏
    Duodenum me ulccer hai abi one month pehle pta laga hai endoscopy karwane ke bad
    3.4 year se Gas bahut bnti thi
    Pain bahut hota tha abi v pain bna rehta hai head ache v hota hai
    Kon c medicine li jaye plz rply

  10. Sir Mai 6 months se ulcerative colitis ka treatment le rhi hu planet aurveda se.Almost SB thk h. Stool bhi 2 time jaati hu. Mucus bhi nhi aata. But sir bleeding Abhi bhi 2-3 drops AA jati h
    wo band nhi ho rhi
    Kya Kru??

  11. Hii sir iam from telgana iam suffering from UC last 2 years sir I want permanent cure pls give your treatment my whatsup no 9989428200

  12. Sir pet main dard rehta hai 2 sal se, weight vi 10 kg kam ho giya aa,mucus vi aata hai stool main,kavi kavi khoon vi aata hai but bahut kam,constipation rehta hai,sir eska upchar kiya hai,main bahut pareshan hu , please sir

  13. सर नमस्ते
    रिप्लाई जरूर देना pls
    मैं सौरभ राठौर जिला जालौन उ.प्र.
    मुझे 4 महीने से मुझे पता नही क्या पेट में है
    ग्वालियर का ट्रीटमेंट चलरहा है एंडोस्कोपी करवा चुके हूँ लेकिन डॉ.ने हमे क्लियर नही बताया कि हमे क्या हुआ है
    अंग्रेजी दवाइयां चल रही है थोड़ा बहुत आराम रहता है 2 महीने हो गए ट्रीटमेंट लिए
    1-मुझे खाना हजम नही होता था।
    2-मल फटा फटा आता था ,पेट में गुड़ गुड़ होता रहता था।
    3-और दिनभर डकार आती रहती थी।
    4-मेरे पेट में सूजन रहती है
    5-और बहुत स्ट्रेस भी रहते है।
    6-डॉ०ने बताया था कि आपके आँतों मैं सूजन और इंफेक्शन है ,छाले भी है ।
    रिलीफ तो मिल रहा है लेकिन ज्यादा नही
    इस बीमारी मैं हम
    दौड़ कर सकते है
    एक्सरसाइज कर सकते है
    योग कर सकते है प्राणायाम कर सकते है
    थोड़ी मुझे जानकारी दे ।आपकी महान कृपा होगी।

  14. Sir iam in big trouble, i was detected with UC this January 2019 , my symptoms started in September 2018, I suffered a total of 2 flare ups. Right now iam having pain in my lower abdomen after taking 2 months , iam very tensed that my flare up may trigger again bcoz before each flare upI have this kind of pain. Sir Iam from Assam for me it’s difficult to go in long journeys so plz sir i wanted to talk with you on phone personally.

  15. Good evening Dr. My wife has been suffering from this diseases since 2016. Actually we are from Darjeeling..i want your medicine. Where are you from sir?? Some doctor said… patient is having tb.

  16. Sir am drinking guvava leafs juice daily in early mrng instead of ☕ because suffering from coilits

  17. Sir mujhe ulcerative colitis Rog Hai iske liye main kya kar sakta Hoon upchar bataiye please sir mai garib hu sir

  18. Hlo sir mujhe dr vikram sir se milna hai vo kb tk aaye mere husbnd ko ulcerative colitits hai pr vo india me nhi rhte vo italy me h mujhe apne husbnd ke liye dwayi leni thi or sir se is baare me baat krni h

  19. Sir mere husband ko bhi ulcerative colitis h.2018 se start h.bhot dawa Kar rhe h koi fayada nhi ho rha h.ayurved BHI kr rhe h.fir BHI koi fayada nhi h.kaise apse sampark kare.pls tell me sir.

  20. Hello doctor I am suffering from Crohn's disease. Is there any treatment for Crohn's in ayurveda ?
    How can I contact you for further details

  21. नमस्ते सर मैं नेपाल से हुं।मुझे एक साल पहेले से colitis है । मै दिनका ३ वार 400 mg का mesacol 3/3 गाेलि एक साथ लेता हु फिर भि तवियत ठिक नहि रहता।क्या करु plz अापका सल्लाहके अपेक्षा मे हु।

  22. Sir muje ulcerative colitis 4 years se hai. Vegaz od medicine chalu hai. Kabhi kabhi 2-3 mahine Thik Ho jata hai. Vapis se problem Ho jati hai mucus or blood ata hai. Kya kru sir

  23. सर मुझे कोलाइटिस की तकलीफ है 78 सालों से मैं बहुत ही गरीब परिवार से हूं और मजबूर हूं इससे कैसे बचें please help me mo 9974991681

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