Taking Charge of Your Health

You go to yoga, you eat your kale, but somewhere along the way a little bit confused and instead of alkaline water you end up with a bottle
of vodka. The next day you’re probably not feeling so well that’s when you leave my
herbal hangover powder to get you through it. This is basically my version of
rehydration salts so it’s going to get some fluid into you get some
electrolytes back into you and then we’re kind of improving on a little bit with home herbal medicine. So we’re gonna have some antioxidants and some herbs to help bring down the nausea. Pomegranate and lemon juice dried powders and really easy to
find online and they’re going to provide the antioxidant and the vitamin C for this mix. They’re also going to be the flavor base. On top of that we’re
adding some ginger because in herbal medicine we use ginger as an anti-nausea type medicine. So we start with half cup of the pomegranate juice powder and to that it’s
once a teaspoon of the lemon and half a teaspoon of the ginger. To that we’re gonna add just a pinch of sea salt. This if for our electrolytes. And to that we’re gonna add about three teaspoons of sugar. Really just a taste. I know a Naturopath wouldn’t usually tell you to put sugar in your water, but I feel like the special circumstance in this case we can get away with it. Last
but not least we need citric acid, which is a cousin of vitamin C and some bicarbonate soda. And they’re
actually going to provide a bit of fizz to make this almost like a sherbet when we add it to water. So it’s half a teaspoon of the citric acid, and a full teaspoon of the bicarb soda. Just give it a good stir through. This will store for anywhere up to six months if it’s kept nice and dry. So you just need one small teaspoon of
the powder, and some warm or hot water. It’ll fizz up. And then just give it a good stir through. The more of these you can get in a day the better because not only does that mean more hydration, which is what you desperately need right now but you’re also going to get to a therapeutic dose of that tummy soothing ginger.

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