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Hello everybody Dr. Bryan Dzvonick here.
Doing a short, 3-day water fast is one of the most efficient ways to rid
your body of toxins and to help facilitate healing. Here’s how to do it. Before you get started you will need to be evaluated by your physician. Hopefully
they know about water fasting and if they don’t, try to find one that does.
They should do a physical exam and check to see if any of the medications or
supplements that you’re taking would be contraindicated in the fast. So once you
get the green light you can start planning your 3-day water fast. You
should schedule it for a time when you will be able to relax throughout the
therapy because you want your body to conserve energy and be able to focus on
healing. So no running of errands or engaging in any stressful or physical
activity during the fast. This is a time to relax. I call the day before your fast
“the warm up day”. This is a time to let your digestive tract get used to the idea of
fasting so the only thing that you should eat on this day is raw fruit and
raw vegetables and the only thing you should drink is water. The fast starts
right after your last meal so if you finished eating dinner at 6 p.m. that’s
when you’re fast begins and three days from that point at 6 p.m. that’s when
your fast should end. This is a water fast so the only thing you will be
drinking is water and nothing else. So avoid coffee, teas, soda, herb teas, just
water and the type of water I recommend is mineral rich purified water or
mineral rich spring water and try to stay away from mineral depleted reverse
osmosis or distilled water unless you add trace minerals to it which is okay.
As the hours tick by on day one of your water fast you will inevitably feel
hungry. Hunger is triggered by the release of certain hormones at the times
a day when you normally would be eating and the hunger pangs last about 3 to 5
minutes. Drinking water could help. And it is very common
by day three to not have any hunger pangs at all. During the fast you’ll want
to engage in activities that keep your mind in the present moment so that
you’re not constantly thinking about eating. So I would recommend maybe binge
watching some Netflix, playing some video games, or enjoying a nice book or a nice
conversation with someone. Also you want to make sure that you are staying away
from food, you’re not handling it, not smelling it for obvious reasons. All
kinds of changes happen in your body during the fast and you may experience
some side effects. The most common is lightheadedness because your blood
pressure drops whenever you’re doing the water fast.
Some other common side effects are headaches, nausea, body odor, and excess
mucus production. And some of these other side effects are likely due to changes
in your microbiome, all the bacteria and yeast that live in your gut as they
starve because they’re not getting the nutrients that they usually live off of.
They will starve, their cells will open up and they’ll release irritants into
your bloodstream. Another thing that happens is your body temperature drops
so you may feel cold during the fast so it’s a good idea to bundle up. If you
find that you are unable to tolerate the side-effects of the fast or the side-effects persist for an extended period of time then you can break the fast by
eating an orange and if your symptoms improve then you can restart back on the
fast. If your symptoms don’t improve, you keep getting worse even after eating the
orange then you should contact your doctor. At the end of the fast you will
enter what I call the cool-down phase. This is a chance to get your gut
machinery rolling again so for the next 48 hours you should follow this plan
based on a 3 meal-a-day eating schedule. For your first two meals following the
fast you should only eat per meal, one cup of either honeydew or any other
melon, pineapple, or nectarines. For the third meal, eat eight ounces of
the fruit of your choice. For the fourth meal, eat 12 ounces of any fruit of your
choice. For the fifth meal, eat 14 ounces of any fruit of your choice. And for the
final meal, the sixth meal, make yourself a nice leafy green salad with dark leafy
greens, tomatoes, apples, avocado and you can make an oil… extra virgin olive oil
and lemon dressing. The meals after that can be your normal diet and the fast is
officially over. And there you go. A great way to rid your body of toxins and help
facilitate healing is to do a short 3-day water fast.
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