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Surprisingly, most people tend focus on doing
a liver cleanse and also a colon cleanse. I believe those two cleanses are very important,
but what I believe is probably just as important and one of the top three cleanses people should
be doing on a regular basis is a kidney cleanse, especially if you’ve ever suffered with any
type of infection, any type of fluid retention or especially any type of urinary tract infection. This type of cleanse is absolutely essential.
In order to do a kidney cleanse, I’m going to talk about the best herbs, the best fruits
and the best vegetables for doing a kidney cleanse. First off, when it comes to herbs
the best three herbs are going to be Nettle, also known as stinging nettles, burdock and
Rehmannia. Stinging nettle is really high in vitamin
C and this herb has been shown to help to start filtering out extra fluids through the
kidneys. So again, very, very effective for that, so you want start using nettles. What
I recommend is getting it as a tea and doing three glasses of nettle tea a day. Also, another
tea you can mix in is burdock tea, and then you can get a Rehmannia supplement, that’s
R-H-E-M-M-A-N-I-A [sic]. Rehmannia is that Chinese medicine herb that’s been shown to
help cleanse the kidneys. Now, as I move into food and talk about food,
what you want to know is when it comes to supporting your kidneys, your kidneys are
responsible for detoxifying your body and getting rid of certain toxins, and balancing
out fluids in your body which is very important for circulation and also even for microbial
balance in your body. So as we start to look at the health of your
kidneys, you typically want to consume foods that are nutrient-dense that are very high
in electrolytes and antioxidants. So remember that. If you want to heal your kidneys, you
want to consume foods that are high in electrolytes and antioxidants. By the way, kidney cleanse
is great for anybody with kidney stones as well. Let’s talk about the best fruits specifically
for the kidneys. Number one is cranberries, number two is black cherries, and number three
are blueberries. These are very dark antioxidant rich super fruits that are nutrient dense.
So again drinking cranberry juice throughout your day or making a morning smoothie and
throwing cranberries in there, whether they’re frozen or fresh, either way, but cranberry
is an amazing superfood. You can even buy cranberries at your local health food store
and actually do a kidney cleanse juice. Ideally, if you’re going to do a kidney cleanse
it’s going to be celery juice and cranberry juice. Those are by far the two best things
as you’re cleansing your kidneys, cranberry and celery. They work fantastic, so if you
want to do a vegetable juice you could do that as well. Again, blueberries we know have Resveratrol,
we know black cherries have a very specific type antioxidant that’s great for GAL and
eliminating uric acid. We also know cranberries contain a certain compound that actually kills
infections and it’s great for UTIs. Remember, if you’re trying to do a kidney cleanse get
these three berries every day, cherries, blueberries and cranberries. The third thing you want to do as you’re doing
a kidney cleanse is you want to add certain foods into your diet that support the kidneys,
the adrenals and also cause your body to increase circulation. Number one food is got to be
beets. Beets are high in what’s called NO2, that’s nitric oxide, which is really good
for naturally cleansing the blood. So beets are a blood cleanser but also a kidney cleanser. The next food is going to be seaweed. Seaweed
is incredible because it is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Adding
a tablespoon of spirulina or chlorella, or just even a teaspoon, or green superfood powder,
to a smoothie in the morning is a great idea or if you do that juice mixture. But again,
seaweed like spirulina, chlorella or even doing a seaweed salad or kelp noodles, those
are all great ways to help cleanse your kidneys. The next food is going to be lemon juice.
Doing some fresh-squeezed lemon in some water upon wakening is a great thing to do as well. And then last but not least in terms of veggies
is going to be spinach. We know spinach is a power house food. It’s high in B vitamins
and high in certain antioxidants that help cleanse the entire body, especially the kidneys. Now, let me talk about putting this whole
thing together. What I’d recommend in a kidney cleanse program is to do a three-day cleanse
where basically the only thing you’re consuming is a veggie juice that’s made of . . . or
a smoothie, you could do this as well, but it’s celery, cranberries, blueberries, and
then you’re going to add in a little bit of collagen protein powder and you can drink
that about three times for three times in three days and then afterwards doing a diet. Again, you’re going to do a smoothie for breakfast.
It’s going to have cherries, about a half a cup each of cherries, blueberries and cranberries,
along with some collagen protein powder and coconut milk and some greens powder, a thing
of spirulina. So that’s going to be breakfast. For lunch you’re going to actually do that
smoothie or juice, and then for dinner you’re going to do a big salad with a chicken breast. If you can follow that kidney cleanse protocol,
I’m telling you, you’re going to feel your energy levels go absolutely through the roof.
This isn’t only just good as a kidney cleanse, it’s a good way to reset your adrenal glands.
So if you struggle with adrenal fatigue this is another incredible . . . doing a kidney
cleanse can help you in overcoming adrenal fatigue. If you want to learn more about the health
of your kidneys and adrenal glands make sure you visit my website,, or just do
a Google search for Dr. Axe adrenal diet or Dr. Axe kidney cleanse and you’re going to
find some great information on my site. Also, if you want to learn more natural remedies,
natural cleanses and cures, make sure you sign up here for my YouTube channel. I want to say hey, thanks so much for watching
and learning my tips on how to naturally cleanse your kidneys

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  2. I boil up stinging nettles milk thistles.. parsley spinach celery carrot for 40 min then strain the juice out .use juice as a tonic with fresh ginger mint leaves tumeric it's amazing .My own recipe

  3. does cranberry juice off the supermarket shelf work or does it have to be fresh cranberry juice from fresh cranberries

  4. Take chlorella not spirulina it has neuro toxins. Reduce protein comsuptiom  lots of vegetables and fruits and lots of water.

  5. Ala is great for kidneys. My mother took ala alpha lipoic acid 600mg daily within 1 month her gfr went up from 23 to 36.
    I read about ala 600mg and astragalus 2g daily in the book the kidney solution by Dr. Duncan.
    Life saving supplements

  6. I bought that one it’s not from concentrate and it’s real cranberry I’ve had UTI 9 times so I urinate a lot at night I started drinking cranberry juice and I feel better

  7. Hi dr axe you are doing great job i love your videoes I belong to south Asia plz can you tell few fruits that are good for kidneys and easily available here in this region.regards

  8. if you're kidneys are having a hard time filtering…just go to Wal-Mart and buy a new filter….and might as well change the filters in your lungs too.

  9. I thought too much vitamin C is bad for your kidneys. Would 3 cups of high vitamin C nettle tea a day be harmful?

  10. For everyone on here commenting about oxalate. Do you’re homework and learn about calcium intake through plants and moderation of oxalate levels. You can eat oxalates with a calcium source. These bind together and exit the body instead of creating stones. Cliff notes don’t cure stones!

  11. Why would you add collagen protein to help kidneys? If you’re doing a cleanse you don’t give the kidneys ANY protein!! They need a rest from protein too much stresses them, but I’m sure you’re saying that to SELL your supplement

  12. Thank you Dr. Axe. There are so many if us who truly appreciate what you do and your products. GOD Bless you

  13. Edgar Cayce specifically recommends the Watermelon Seed Tea as a kidney flush.Described in the Edgar Cayce Health readings, Watermelon Seed Tea was recommended for its diuretic properties. Cayce also described this mild flavor tea to flush and cleanse the bladder and kidneys, relieve inflammation and improve healthy urine flow.

  14. ^Cooking gets rid of oxalic acid from all oxalic fruit and veg mentioned. Especially beets and parsley are best in kidney cleanse, nettle tea is one of the best….

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  17. Actually if you really think about it, water is your best option but so is cranberry juice along with other good fruit juices

  18. 90% kidney stones are Calcium Oxalate crystals as pee chemistry Calcium Oxalte being Base so we have to treat it with eating foods that have Acid
    The best thing to dissolve Calcium oxalate is Lemon Juice pure lemon juice like u add 2 lemons in a glass of water no sugar and salt and drink it twice daily avooyd fried and artificial foods eat oryanic eat only veg avoid meat Fast twice a week and also drink at least 4 – 5 lites of water daily
    This method is for removing kidney stones
    Also Drinking Cane juice can avoid ur temptation to eat sweet because it has healthy sugar and is also good for liver and kodneys detoxifying body

  19. actually, just keep eating foods that are natural, no processed foods at all. one small scoop of ice cream after dinner is ok I think, but make sure you had a good exercise before that.

  20. The kidney and liver tea was the best…. My tongue showed me what was bothering my thinking problems and memory problems it was super white and hard to scrub off but when I drunk those two teas it went away in three days…(Depending on how bad it is you might have to go longer than three days)

  21. And uric acid? You dont want to add protein if your kidneys cant flush excess uric acid anymore from excess protein in the diet.

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  24. So should I do any of these cleaners in a certain order? Colon,liver, then kidney?? Please advise….ps you have educated me so much…my whole family is steadily getting healthier and eating healthier…. Oh and loving bone broth now!!!

  25. My left kidney has been hurting the past couple of days. I work 12 hour shifts. I didn't have time to drink alot of water and didn't pee for 15 hours! I think thats why its hurting.

  26. Lifting the veil: a video on..
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    Think about it folks.. Our glands are our NATURAL FILTERS.. IF YOU CUT THEM AWAY.. OUR INTERNEL SEPTIC TANK BACKS UP.. By not cutting out high acidic foods from our diet. And not flushing our inner septic tanks..
    ……… WE DIE….

  27. Arnt beets high in oxalate content ? That in turn causes Kidney stones? I have had kidney stones twice – and have been to told to avoid high oxalate content foods like Spinach and Beetroot. Would be great if you could clarify that. Thanks !

  28. I don't know what happened, but I have been subscribed to your channel for over a year to year and a half. For some reason I have been unsubscribed. I subscribed again today. I just thought to give you a heads up about this.

  29. People please help my mom has kidney disease, 1 kidney became really small, she has no gall bladder and no thyroid too, both were removed . I need to know what diet should my mom have ? Please help

  30. Dr. Josh could you make a video on Diabetes Insipidus. It's very hard to maintain hidrated I'm 40 and look all shribled up.

  31. So if you have an infection this cleanse will clear it up or do we still need antibiotics? I hate taking antis…they ruin my stomach.

  32. Excuse me Dr Axe My Prolactin is 338 and Creatinine is 55 I actually want to ask you are those levels fine ?

    Could you Plz Reply
    Thank you

  33. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I've been diagnosed with psoriazis and hopefully this is the missing link. Will not go on cortisone.

  34. Cranberries, Cherries, Blue Berries and Celery is marvelous for kidney cleanse in a juice smoothie. The Doc said more but I like this suggestion. Easier for me.
    Add spiruilina.

  35. I have a silly question about juice fasting and intermittent fasting. If you do this, wouldn't it be a bad thing that you're not meeting you're daily calorie intake? As well, you wouldn't be getting your RDAs of important minerals like salt.

  36. I've actually tried this cleanse a couple of times, even if I'm not a kidney patient. BUT I work with kidney patients and I have a channel here on Youtube made for kidney patients… so I always try to find out what's best for them. And I must say that I really like this cleanse, it made me feel a bit more tired but overall great. So thank you Dr. Axe!

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