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Muscle testing, What is it (muscle testing)? How does it (muscle testing)
work? There is a lot of misconceptions there’s a lot of abuse some people ask
me does muscle testing work I think that’s kind of like asking does language
work you can use language to lie you can use language to inform you can use
language to deceive you can use muscle testing for all of those purposes so it
all depends on what are you trying to do with it if you use it as a tool and you
have some integrity it’s a fabulous tool so let’s show you what it is so first of
all if you hold your arm out parallel to the ground keep that elbow straight so
we’re going to keep the person stable we’re not going to put the arm out here
and pretend that we’re pushing out here and she falls over and call that a
muscle test that’s just silly but we keep it where everyone is stable I get
in close and I can just lean in very very gently I’m gonna start applying a
few ounces and then I gradually build up to about a pound or two and what I’m
looking for is a solid feel so right there I got about two pounds of pressure
I have what I call a lock all right so I’m pushing on the bone the bone is held
up by muscle the muscle is controlled by a signal from the brain so we’re
checking all three components in that muscle test so just to make sure we know
the feeling here I’m leaning in I got two pounds and it’s really nice and
solid I have a lock now if you move your right leg forward please a little bit
more right there so now we’re gonna do this again everyone is still perfectly
stable there is no pushing anyone over now we start with ounces we gradually
increase I feel for that lock and there is no lock all right there is no solid
place where that resistance matches so what’s the difference thank you what’s
the difference between the muscle function here and
here while the bone hasn’t changed the muscle hasn’t changed they’re still
there they’re physiologically the exact same but the muscle function changes
because the signal from the brain changes so when we use it like this it’s
a neurological reflex just like if some if you’re sitting with a foot dangling
and someone taps your your knee you’re gonna get a patellar reflex your nervous
system is supposed to behave a certain way well here when you put the leg
forward your brain interprets that as walking because normally when you walk a
leg goes forward and the brain also knows that this is not very useful when
you try to walk it has practiced this ever since you started crawling your
brain learned that there’s something called cross crawl that looks like this
so when we are in this position the brain is going to try to turn this
muscle off it’s going to inhibit that muscle so you can swing back so let’s
check that if you move your left leg forward now this looks like the cross
crawl pattern that the brain recognizes everyone is stable we go real real slow
we feel for the lock and there’s a perfect lock okay you can feel that
difference good and so now this pattern matches and the brain is going to turn
on this muscle is going to facilitate that muscle all right
so step back for me now with experience of tens of thousands of doctors on tens
of thousands of patients we have learned that there are different things that are
normal and different things that are abnormal so this is normal to in
hibbett this is normal to facilitate so everyone has a little button if you will
sitting right here that we can use to practice this and you can do the same at
home if you like it’s the skill it’s an art it takes a while to learn but
there’s nothing magical about it and match for me so here we get a an unlock
or an inhibition here we get a lock or a facilitation
so it’s just a great way to practice if you want to learn how this works now
there are other things that we can check to see if the nervous system is behaving
normally and because you are a person with a brain and a heart those organs
are electrical they communicate and act through electricity that means your body
is an electromagnetic field and I am an electromagnetic field so if I put my
hand into your field I’m going to change certain aspects of how your nervous
system is communicating and this is by the way it’s not controversial
we are electromagnetic fields and when you put two electromagnetic fields
together they’re going to affect each other that’s just pure physics so one
thing that we know is that the belly button has certain energies that are
pretty sensitive so it’s a good place to start so if I put my hand here and I
push and we test that arm I get an unlock and that’s a normal response for
someone that doesn’t get that unlock we called it that the regulation is blocked
or stuck that means their nervous system is not processing it’s not turning
things on and off with the sensitivity that we need for the body to heal and
adapt and do the it’s supposed to and we’ve also found
that there usually a number of different stressors that interfere with the body
to cause it to be stuck okay so that’s one of the things that you want to
address or find someone who can address it because that is usually one of the
most important barriers to healing people have tried hundred different
things and they just can’t seem to to get any better
very often the body is just kind of stuck so I hope that helps we please
comment on the video subscribe so you can stay tuned for more information but
we’d really like to know your opinions on this your experiences try it out and
see if there’s any questions if there’s any inconsistencies that you have we’d
love to try to clear those up for you and again don’t come and just say that
oh there’s no way that this can work because it does if it’s something you
don’t understand then just inform yourself okay it’s pure physics it’s
pure neurology there’s nothing strange about it it does take a little bit of
practice so be patient if it’s something that you’d like to learn it comes in
very handy because you can start checking things whether you have certain
sensitivities or food intolerances they’re ways that that even a layperson
can use this to their advantage so let me know if you learn something if you
have questions if you have experiences with it and we’d love to have a dialogue
about this thank you

20 thoughts on “How To Do Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing

  1. This is very interesting, i have had pain in my back mostly upper neck to shoulder down into the arm for about 15 years and whenever doctors try to check my reflexes they hardly respond i have no trouble moving my arms or legs around but sometimes they will go numb when im in certain positions and that will cause my tingling and burning sensations to increase or decrease.. I wake up 1-2 times at night having to pee and i feel stressed out and have trouble being around people cause of it.. Currently seeing a Chiropractor but she don't take any xrays and im affraid im just wasting my money for a short time relief.. 🙁 I eat super healthy only organic food 100% and i workout (not to much/rest recovery is important) :).. any thought on this??.. sry for rambling kinda desperate at this time.

  2. I have had a couple of kinesiology sessions before and found them to be helpful and I was surprised at the results so I know it works. My question is how can I apply the technique you've shown on myself to ask my body about nutritional deficiencies/best foods for myself? I'd love to have more sessions when my finances improve but in the meantime…Thank you!

  3. Hi, I have been studying NRT for a while but I can't seem to get the calibration; lock versus unlock. Everyone seems to have a lock on both sides. Advice?

  4. There is not alot of money to be made by science or the medical field. Hence money is not put into research or results. Isn't it ironic that natural herbs are called witchcraft but how many medicines are derivotives of plants? Amazing.

  5. Thank you for the clear and honest demonstration of muscle testing. There is so much abuse of it on YouTube.
    I have been a kinesiologist, and teacher of it for 30+ years and have proven the integrity of this work countless times. Please keep making videos to inform people of this wonderful healing technique. Yes it does take practice, practice, practice……just as learning any art does, but so worthwhile. Many blessings.

  6. I've long wondered how my chiro could have me hold out my left arm, hold it gently in his right hand and wave his left hand over various parts of me. He can tell if I'm eating (too much of) the wrong foods. If I'm weak (I guess you'd say unlocked) he will put one finger between my eyebrows and press gently. Instant strength. I call him my voodoo doctor (no chicken entrails ever harmed in his procedures).

  7. Thank you. My question is, do you muscle test yourself? If so, how do you do it, and/or what technique works best for you?

  8. Do you not find a clear circuit 1st and address the switching? Surely you cant have an accurate indicator muscle response without doing this 1st.

  9. Firstly, NRT works. I am living proof of it. My health care provider is the only one I trust with my health and he is an NRT practitioner. No needles, all non-invasive, no blood tests, no X-rays, the body will tell him all he needs to know.

  10. 0:40 What, no introduction of your assistant? Gee whiz. —–>>> Maybe I'm too negative and that's why muscle testing doesn't work for me. lol! Is she standing on a scale and so that's how you know it's 2lbs of pressure? 6:08 I had surgery where they inserted a camera into my belly button to reach my uterus and remove an ovarian cyst. Would that block the energy flow? My waist has expanded from 33 to 38 in a year! My periods stopped abruptly also from a very regular 28 day cycle to zero right after surgery, she did not remove my other ovary and my uterus is still in place. Sorry to those who think this is TMI but I'm at a loss as to what's wrong.

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