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According to Ashtanga hridaya samhita, seventh ashta deals with Jara Chikitsa or Rasayana Chikitsa known as Rejuvenation therapy, one of the important topic famous for kudipravesha rasayana process. The impression was that this treatment system is only possible in earlier times and not now . also a strong perception was created that the treatment is limited to time constraints. a process which is limited to time cannot be a science, this strong thought gave me the courage to perform treatment. by omen, my earlier teacher of Ayurveda mentioned kaya kalpa is impossible but can perform only vathathavyam a part of science which is impossible to perform now doesn’t come under science but comes under history and then I asked my guru that, since seventh anka cannot be performed, the name may be changed from ashta vaidhyam (eight fold) to sapta vaidhyam (seven fold) -Ayurveda is an eight fold system- finally my teachers agreed and allowed me to do Kaya kalpa practice on certain conditions that I do more study and testing On October 1976, I decided to start kaya kalpa (kudiprevesham). From that day onwards studies and research were carried out till year 2000 Met with saint who has got immense knowledge in making kuti/cottage for rejuvenation therapy According to his advice referred certain books and came to understand the process of making kuti scientifically with some
practical changes possible and started buiding Kuti Without leaving the scientific aspect of buiding kuti the process started Kudi is made using sudha (special bricks), lime and earth Changes made is for temperature regulation In early days continuous flow of water is used to regulate kuti temperature but now air conditioners are used. Changes are made in the measurement and thickness of bricks Wood is used for fixing windows and door only. For other openings iron is used instead of wood Ishana kone(North east corner) is the proper place for kuti. Agnikone (Southeast corner)and Niryatikone (Southwest corner) should be occupied with building. Vayukone (North west) should be kept vacant according to vastu. Many great masters in ayurveda shared and imparted their knowledge and gave proper guidance to complete kuti Masters from across the country came unexpectedly and gave proper advice on tantra, mantra and vastu First, horoscope of the person should be checked before starting the kaya kalpa process Kaya kalpa is exactly tapas/austerity By doing such a valuable, deep and poweful practice it should be checked that whether the person is eligible By seeing the horoscope, if he is fully eligible then only the process starts Panchabhootas and saptadadhukal in universe is connected to body and this body is send to reverse natural aging process kaya kalpa. And for this astronomy and horoscope plays necessary role The mind should be matured enough to practice these rituals and being in closed kuti,where light does not enter, no visitors,
complete purification of body is what we sees through the horoscope of a person

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