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Hello everyone. In today’s video I’m going to show you how to properly shampoo with purple shampoo. So, in order to get the best results out of your purple shampoo I’ve been getting a lot of questions about this a lot and I’ve realized that people are using an entire bottle of shampoo, not doing it properly. So, you end up wasting a whole bottle and your hair’s still not toned. So, I want to show you and explain how to actually do it in the right order, and little tricks that you can use to absolutely optimize that bottle of purple shampoo. So, as I’ve mentioned to you many times before, I like to use the Naissant purple shampoo, and like I’ve said, it’s nicer for the hair than the Clairol ever was and I know that I mentioned that in a few videos before but it absolutely does tone your hair. It leaves the perfect amount of pigment. I noticed that a lot of purple shampoos either leave a kind of almost rosy tint or it’s very bright. So this is like a perfect amount of toning to give you that still very bright, blonde hair. You don’t want dull– if you are compromising dull to have ash in your hair, that’s not good. This just gives you that kind of luminous blonde where there’s no hint of brass or anything like that but it also doesn’t look flat and dull. So when wanting to tone your hair with a purple shampoo, the first thing you need to do is make sure your hair is cleansed and fresh and ready to take in that shampoo which is weird because shampoo is washing the hair that should be the first step but even once in a while with regular shampoo you should chelate your hair. If you don’t know what that is, check out my video on how to chelate your hair at home with products that you already own. So for a more simple version of that, what you will do is grab a lemon, slice it in half, and squirt it all over your head with the first half of the lemon, then grab the ends and squirt the second half on your ends and kind of rub that through. Your hair’s not going to feel great, and that’s absolutely okay. All it’s doing is it’s changing the pH balance in your hair The hair is basically open and ready to accept that purpleness in your shampoo. And once you rinse that, you are ready to apply your shampoo. just the way you would add any shampoo Just work up a lather leave it in for about 2-3 minutes, then go ahead and rinse that. Then you go in with the purple conditioner which is also essential if you want to lock in that purple color. So I know that if you just want to get the brass out, sometimes you just get the purple shampoo which is okay and I’ve done that before but if you really want to lock that purple in you want to use a purple conditioner as well. So then when I grab the conditioner, you apply a smaller amount on the palm of your hand and you rub it towards the ends first. When you apply conditioner, you kind of want to stick more to the ends. If you add a lot of conditioner to the roots, your hair is going to end up being, feeling weighed down and heavy and because you’ve just chelated your hair with the lemon and you kind of want that awesome volume that you kind of just gave your hair. And again, this doesn’t need to stay on very long– just another minute or so. And then you can go ahead and rinse your hair once again. and then I like to do a cold shot. Basically, lowering the temperature on the water, and making it really as cold as you can absolutely bear it and rinse your hair one last time. Turn off the water and you’re ready to towel dry and go on with a blow-out from there. So what the cold water does to your hair is it seals it back up. So with the lemon and the hot water in the beginning, it’s opened up your hair, making it susceptible and ready to receive that color. Once you are done and you have applied that conditioner, you want that hair to be sealed back up and what you’re going to do is you are going to ensure that that purpleness stays in your hair. And that’s what we want, obviously. We don’t want to have to use purple shampoo and conditioner every time we shampoo in order to maintain our blonde, perfect shade. So, go ahead and try it out. Try out these tricks and I guarantee that you will be able to go a little longer in between your shampoos without having to tone and use a purple shampoo every time. As always, thank you so much for watching I love you all Please give this a “thumbs up” for more hair videos and hair tutorials and tips. Please subscribe if you haven’t. You’re absolutely crazy if you haven’t yet and I will see you in the next video. Bye.

100 thoughts on “How To Do The Perfect Toning Shampoo Treatment on blonde hair

  1. Amazing tip! My shampoo and conditioner worked in a totally new level after using the lemon. Thanks!

  2. Hello Sweetie, thank you for the effort you put forth sharing this tips and info.
    I have a question: I want to tone my hair with wella or maybe another brand from a professional store,
    How do I apply olaplex or add olaplex to the toner? I don't know if I am formulating my question right
    how and how much olaplex to add to the toner and developer, do I add it in? after? etc
    thank you sweetie.

  3. At the end of your video you said, "thank you for watching I love you all. You should review your video and read your last comment; YOU MUST BE CRAZY IF YOU DON'T SUBSCRIBE.
    This not a good marketing strategy. Sometimes, and I have been through this over and over, sometimes people who do not have as many subscribers or thumbs up actually have better quality videos. I did like your video. Just a little over the top. Just spend the money buy the PRAVANA for the perfect blonde shampoo and conditioner you on need to you use a dime. The Perfect Blonde Mask works miracles.

  4. I just used these for the first time, and they turned my hair purple. I don't know what to do now.

  5. I see that this is a couple of years ago, but I need this info today. I got my hair colored silver but it isn't staying silver. This is the info I need and my hair stylist (who will not be coloring my hair anymore!) should have given me. I've been using silver shampoo & conditioner but you've given me tips to how to make it actually work. Thanks, doll!

  6. This was super helpful and informative. You have a great energy. Loved this video 🤓😘❤️💋🙂

  7. how long should i leave it in? my hair isn't superrr brassy but it's a tad too brassy for me. i want it about your color and i don't want a greyish color. should i do it 2-3 minutes or less?

  8. Hi.

    I wanted to know. What's the difference between a toner and purple shampoo and which one is better. I wanted to dye my hair a really light pink but i know the colour wont catch on if there are strong brassy colours in my hair.

  9. Hi, does anyone know if Bio Silk purple shampoo is any good? I'm wondering if I should get that or one from Sally since I'm not licensed ty

  10. I want to say thank you soooo much!! I did exactly what the steps were in vid and it completely banished the annoying yellow. 🙌🏻♥️🙌🏻

  11. Hi
    Please could you advise me I really need help. I have used blue shampoo on my brown hair because it was too warm and I wanted it ashy. It worked really well except my blonde roots have gone bright teal blue. How can I get rid of the blue roots, can I use lemon juice?

  12. I have tried the purple shampoo you recommend. It works! At first I did not use enough shampoo and I did not leave it on long enough, so the next day I used a big handful of shampoo and left it on 5 min. It worked great. Thank you.

  13. Arganlife Shampoo seems to be working, I don't see much hair falling out anymore. Since the 2st week I noticed the difference. My hair feels vey clean and bouncy. well worth the try. You can get more information on google as an argan life shampoo

  14. I had Frosch at home so used it and put on lemon juice. Then did the rest as told and even at first time it worked. It turned to a nice warm brown from brassy dark blonde. I think it may be ashy if i keep the purple shampoo thing. So thanks from Turkey, it was a great vid !

  15. Lemon is mad drying …as a colorist myself I wouldn't recommend . Clarifying shampoo works fine for the purpose it's made for…

  16. Curious, my roots are a darker blonde that always goes brassy orange color I hate hate hate.. I have tried doing purple toner but it seems to make the orange worse after awhile like it's lifting it.. Thoughts???  I'd like to get a prettier color???

  17. I just tried out 5 different purple shampoos to see which I like the best!! You can see the video on my channel if you like! I have a love hate relationship with Shimmer lights

  18. perfect advice, thank you ! I have to bleach softly again and after – transforming to grey and purple shampoo-conditioner.

  19. I'm really upset about this 🙁 I bought this product, used it tonight, put it on my hair for 3 minutes and my highlights have went purple! I was really looking forward to seeing the results and having new hair for a wedding I'm going to and my hairs turned purple😭 this is really disappointing x

  20. Question: my hair came out very yellow. I used blonde purple conditioner from sally and my color is platinum blonde. I do still have some lighter blonde pieces. Should I also get shampoo Ryan and how often should I do it?

  21. How often should we use the purple shampoo? I wash my hair maybe 3-4 times a week should i use this every time?

  22. Perhaps we could be shown how you would open the bottle??? 5 people in the house just tried and can't open it…

  23. Lemon is only alkaline when inside the body after being consumed. Otherwise lemons are extremely acidic and while they will lighten your hair, its really not the best route to go down.

  24. When i wash my hair with my purple shampoo i bought at the salin it made my hair feel dead.
    Tips for this not to happen

  25. My hair is now dyed copper, hand has been for many years. Under the copper there is probably dark/medium blond due to all the lifting that comes with the permanent dye. I would like to go blond and thought about stripping the copper with color oops, and than toning it or bleach it and then toning it. My question is what should I do first? Bleaching or stripping? (My natural hair is light brown). Thank you!

  26. I have remy hair extensions what purple shampoo is best ? I turned them purple with the matrix. Do you think the Kevin Murphy blonde angel would be safer ?

  27. Can you use the purple conditioner? The lady at Sally's told me if I wanted to get either the shampoo or conditioner and not both that the conditioner is better. (I have the shimmer lights)

  28. Hi, do you still recommend this shampoo? Love your tutorials! I had purple/lavendar hair and had it colored blonde. I have quite a bit "brassy hair". What shampoo do you recommend between this one? You stated not to use this one for every washing. Thanks

  29. My hairdresser said to avoid purple shampoos soon after toning as it can strip away the toner. It is better to use them after the toner is not as fresh. What do you think?

  30. Omg iv learned so much from your YouTube tutorials on dying, washing, anything and everything that has to do with going blonde… too awesome for words 😘😘😘

  31. Please help! My hair is being really strange lately. It’s gone it’s usual darker slightly gross red tone underneath like it does when it’s cold in UK. I’ve got an amazing purple shampoo and it’s just not hitting certain part of it. I sit there and specifically put it on those part and it won’t work and the rest of my hair looks beautiful. It was sunny a couple of weeks , so I popped some lemon on my hair and went to sit in the garden. It worked beautifully ok the parts that have stayed beautiful and light as usual. The underneath and parts just above my ears are still that ugly colour and it’s driving me bonkers. Should I shave it off or dye it silver? Actually really considering shaving it, it falls out in buckets anyways 😭😭

  32. Omg no no not lemon just wash your hair first in a normal shampoo one wash then use the purple shampoo and conditioner

  33. Thank you for always sharing. Does it have a sulfate free just because I have keratin in my hair . And also I have heard story’s that purple shampoos turn hair grayish… jeez I want bright sandy highlights . Any suggestions you might have . I would like brightness on my streaks . Thank you so much .

  34. Violet = Warmer, Cancels Pale Yellow to create White or Platinum, Modifies Light Yellow to create Pearl or Pale Beige, Tones Lemon Yellow to create Cooler, Dull Yellow, Deeper Yellow to Orange Little to No Effect.

    Purple = Cool, Cancels Pale Yellow to create Platinum – Pearl / Silver – Platinum, Cancels Light Yellow to create Pearl Beige / Silver-Ash, Tones Lemon Yellow to create Champagne / Silver-Beige, Modifies Deeper Yellow to create Medium Beige / Ash-Beige, Modifies Yellow-Orange and Orange to create Warm Wheat / Dark Sandy Blonde.

    Blue = Very Cool, Cancels Pale Yellow to create Silver-Blue / Blue, Tones Lemon Yellow to Green, Modifies Deeper Yellow to Olive Green, Drabs Yellow-Orange to Deep Beige / Deep Sandy Blonde, Drabs Orange to Dark Blonde.

  35. Is this something I should wait to do if I just toned my hair? I have finally achieved the blonde I want after 2 bleach and 2 toning sessions ♡♡♡ Want to keep it like this as long as possible! A friend just hooked me up with some of the more expensive purple shampoo and I bought a lemon yesterday 🙂

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