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Hey, guys, Dr. Ax here. Today I’m going to
teach you how you heal a burn or sunburn really fast naturally. I know,
you know, the summer months it’s so easy, if you go on vacation, it’s very
easy to get a sunburn. In fact, just about every person I know at least once
a year is going to get some sort of a sunburn. Obviously, the sun is great.
You can get Vitamin D from it, but you can get too much at certain times
and get burnt. The other thing is, you know, you may burn
your hand cooking. I know, actually, I burnt my hand the other day actually
making some food at my house. I know another thing that I’ve done
before is I’ve cycled in the past and actually fallen and gotten scraped
up and kind of gotten a road rash or burn in that way. What I want to do is go over the top things
that you should be using if you get a sunburn or a burn somewhere
that’s going to help the area heal more quickly and also it’s going
to relieve pain. It’s going to sooth the area and there are three key ingredients
you need in order to do that. The first thing you need is peppermint essential
oil. Now peppermint essential oil actually is known to help sooth
and cool an area. It has natural analgesic properties. So it’s
going to relieve the pain in the area and also it’s going to help sooth inflammation
in that area. So the first thing you need is peppermint essential
oil. The next thing is lavender essential oil and
lavender is probably the number one thing you can use to naturally
help heal burns. In fact, there was a French chemist who burned his arm. In
fact, he spilled chemicals on his arm, had burns third degree all over his
arm. He put his arm in lavender essential oil every day for three
weeks and afterwards there wasn’t a single appearance of a third degree
burn on his arm. He healed it completely. So you know, lavender has incredible
benefits especially for your skin, and so in restoring the skin and
reducing the appearance of scarring after a burn, lavender oil is essential. The other thing here is one of the things
that we know help heals burns is aloe vera gel and aloe vera contains polysaccharides
and other specific nutrients that actually support cellular communication
in your cells’ regenerating and healing. Aloe vera, the other
key ingredient you need in actually supporting your body in healing
from a burn. With aloe vera, you want to buy the organic aloe vera
gel or natural aloe vera gel. This is a great brand, Lily of the Desert,
one of my favorites. And so what you can do is number one, you
can actually take aloe vera with these two essential oils, and you can put
them in, let’s say, like a little glass jar and just put it on your body regularly,
or a plastic jar. You can actually make it into more of an ointment
by adding in some raw honey as well. So if you want to make it an ointment
you can thicken it up a little bit by adding in some raw honey, and that’ll
help it stay on your skin. Or one of my favorite things, and this is
the best for sunburns, especially, is mixing aloe vera with the peppermint
oil with essential oil and adding in just a pinch of water, about
half a bottle of water, just about two ounces and actually making a little
spray bottle here you can actually do, like so, and this is going to
have the thing that’s naturally going to heal this sunburn. So you can actually
just spray it all over your body. You put it in this little spray bottle. But if you use these three key ingredients
of aloe vera gel, peppermint oil, and lavender essential oil, these are
the three key ingredients that can help your body heal from a burn, whether
it be a sunburn or an actual burn you get from a heat related injury from,
let’s say, a stove or oven. These are three ingredients that are going
to help you heal from a burn very quickly.

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