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– Hi there, everybody. I get asked quite a lot about
how to drain your sinuses. If you have sinus pain or sinus pressure that builds up over a period of time. Now, some people suffer
from this more than others. And at certain times of
year, it can be worse. So we’re gonna go for a nice simple, natural drainage technique that I’ll demonstrate for you right now. And if you have any other
questions, by all means just ask. But let’s go straight into it, shall we? You want to be seated in a
semi-reclined position like this, somewhere between 45 and
60 degrees from horizontal. And what that does, it’s the ideal posture for letting the sinuses drain naturally. But we’re gonna give them
a bit of a helping hand. The first thing that you do, you want to make sure you’re breathing through your mouth, not your nose. That might be self-evident, because if you’ve got blocked sinuses, you’re probably not
doing a lot of breathing through your nose anyway. But it is worth saying. The start of the procedure, sitting nice and relaxed, semi-reclined, breathing through your mouth. You turn your head to the side to expose your
sternocleidomastoid muscle here. It runs from just below the ear to the top of the chest there. It’s called the SCN for short. And what you do is you take
two fingers or your thumb, and you strip down the muscle from the ear all the way down to the chest, three to four times. And the idea here is to relax the muscle. You do it both sides so that you’re very nice and relaxed
in there to start with. Then you take the two index fingers and you locate the hard,
bony part of the nose here at the bridge. And you run your fingers down
until you get to the cartilage where it becomes a little
bit more soft and movable. The movement with your finger, circular movement like so, in and out with increasing
and decreasing pressure. When you’ve got it on your face, it looks something like this. Now you continue this
for about 30 seconds, with as much pressure as you can stand. And that’ll be different for
you to me, and with everyone. Sometimes when your sinuses
are really blocked up and things are a bit inflamed, it can be a lighter
pressure that’s required. Once you’ve done that for 30 seconds, you take your fingers and
you strip down the muscles to relax the face like this, either side of the face. Three to four times. Then take those same fingers again, run them along the inside
orbit of the eye just here, and you’ll find a little notch. That’s called the supraorbital notch. Now it’s harder to find on
some people than others, if you have a particularly small skull or a particularly fine notch, it might be a bit difficult to find. Look for it, for that spot that when you
get a finger on it and you go, “Oh, that’s the spot.” Focus your attention
there, and in the same way, increasing and decreasing
pressure with little circles, just in here. Looks something like this. And do this for another 30 seconds. Once you’ve done that, take your fingers and strip
across the top of the forehead like this to relax the muscles down. And that’s it. What you should feel at
the end of this process is more relaxed in the face. And if you are getting it right, spot-on the first time, you’ll have that lovely sensation
of your sinuses draining all the way down the back
of your throat and clearing. Which is, let’s face it,
what we’re doing this for. You might find repeating it a
few times is more than useful. And do realize that if you are going straight out into public, you will have some red marks on your face, so be mindful of when you do it. Other than that, have fun, happy sinus drainage, and I’ll talk to you soon.

43 thoughts on “How to easily clear blocked sinuses, naturally.

  1. I was in extreme distress and with it being nearly 2am I resorted to google and came across this vid. It actually worked. Thanks!

  2. Thank you I tried it and I got relief. I have had stuffy sinuses for months now mainly due to hormonal changes due to menopause, and this has helped a lot.

  3. It totally worked, but then I became completely blocked up again right after. I repeated it and there was a little relief, and then completely blocked once again. Any advice? Thank you for posting this!

  4. thanks alots ,currently treating my sinus(chronic) for three years now 
    will get in touch with you for more help 

  5. Thanks that helped a lot. Do you have any easy way to help with a deviated nasal septum? I don't have any major side effects like nose bleeds, but it does get really annoying. I was just hoping there could be an easy way to make it shift a little more to the middle thank you.

  6. Great video!  It's nice to have a simple straight-forward how to without mention of chi, chakras, energy, or life force.

  7. Two questions:  Is this based on acupuncture meridians?

    What do you think of the Buteyko method to clear sinuses?

  8. Exceleent. I just did that and felt some clearing. I am breathing a little better than I was. I will have to favorite this for future use. Thanks again

  9. Thank you a lot it didn't totally cleared my sinuses but at least it minimized the pain of the pressure and the pressure itself.
    So anyways thanks =D

  10. thanks for the video. Also i've noticed that taking water or hot/spicy items ¬†loosen the mucus for a few minutes… makes it easier to clear.

  11. Thanks Dr im from Jamaica and my mother have trouble sinuses it work for her I want on youtube to find ways to help and you have, trying to use herbal treatment it's the best and least or no side effect

  12. Awesome awesome awesome. Actually all I did was the index fingers to the sides of the nose and the circular motions for a couple minutes and I'm completely drained! Thanks so much!

  13. Dr Adam:  My father is 84 and I don't know if he has a sinus problem.  At nights when he sleeps, between hours of 2Am and 6 Am he complains about some how blood draining in to some part of the nose.  It turns into dried up blood and hence blocks his breathing but later in the morning he is fine.  Afternoon sleep he is fine. Other one is blocked anyways like 90% because of a deviated septum.  is this a sinus problem?  can u help or maybe suggest whom I should take him to?  ENT just says moisten it with OCEAN spray

  14. That was helpful. Do you have anything for headache as a result of blocked sinuses symptoms?.  Thanks

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