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Hi guys, welcome to Natural cure tips. Today i am going to tell you a real story
from pakistan, and also i will give such a formula that will change your life. After watching this video, you will be thankful
to me. In pakistan there is an old man, almost 67
years old. He have 3 wife 17 kids already, the interesting
thing is that, now on that Age, he is going to do 4th marriage. Because he said, i have much power to satisfy
4th wife. When someone asked about the secret of his
health, then he gave this formula that i am going to give you. This doesn’t matter on what age you are, it
doesn’t matter how much healthy or how much week you are, this formula will change your
life. But there is one condition, you have to use
this formula minimum 3 months. That old man using that formula from last
6 months. Guys, i would like to tell you most important
thing here, when you will use this formula don’t think that you will become healthy just
with this formula. with this formula you must have to increase
your foods. eat good and healthy foods with this formula,
with this formula which foods you will eat, this formula will boost the power of that
food and will make your stomach more powerful. Lets talk about that. For this formula you will take 4 things. 1st, good quality dates, 6 pieces. 2nd, dried apricot, 4 pieces. 3rd, Small cardamom, 2 pieces. 4th, honey, 3 spoon. You will take half cup of water and add all
these items in that for 10 minutes. After that you will take 1 glass of fresh
milk and boil it, after boiling add this mixture into that milk and cook it for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, cold the milk and drink
it, and eat all dates and apricot. You will use this formula 1 time in a day. And minimum 3 months you have to use it, after
using this formula you will see the result. And try to use this formula on empty stomach,
don’t use after eating. If you want to use after eating, then use
minimum after 1 and half hour. all people can use this formula, and it is
best to use in winter season. so guys i hope you will use this formula , please
keep watching my videos i will come back with more helthy information. Till that time take care and good bye.

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  3. Dark chocolate, milk, Banana, Eggs, Avocado, sweet sesame, dates, almond, peanuts. Love them all. Eat and enjoy good food.

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