Taking Charge of Your Health

Did you know that thick and lustrous hair
is a sign that your health is in balance? Natural hair loss,
breakage, early balding
and greying are indicators that your body may need support
to regain your optimal state of well-being. As the science of Ayurveda gracefully reminds
us– every part of our physiology is connected to the greater whole– and hair is no exception. Pure, organic, whole plants are a powerful,
natural, and effective way to care for your hair and nurture its innate beauty and strength. What makes hair fall out? Ayurveda believes that excess heat and natural
toxins in the body are a major factor. The Healthy Hair Bundle targets the systemic
cause of hair loss, premature balding, and graying by cleansing the liver, cooling the
body, and detoxifying the system overall. It’s a combination of three revitalizing
products that create a synergistic effect when used both internally and externally. Start within by taking Healthy Hair tablets. Our formula delivers a potent combination
of Ayurvedic herbs that have been used for centuries to support robust hair growth, color,
and shine. Bhringaraj, also known as “the king of hair,”
strengthens the hair follicles and rejuvenates the scalp. Other herbs like amalaki, hibiscus, and gotu
kola, support softness and provides nutrients that lead to a full, natural head of hair. So how do you take it? I recommend starting with two to four tablets
up to three times per day. Because our formulation is gentle and safe,
serving amount can vary depending on what you discover works best for you. Just remember to take it daily, with food
or on an empty stomach, and with a large glass of water. Next, apply Healthy Hair Oil externally. Gently massaging your head with our traditionally
crafted hair oil stimulates the hair follicles and infuses supportive herbs deep into your
scalp– strengthening and thickening the hair at its roots. A unique combination of coconut and sesame
oils moisturize and protect your hair ends. I recommend using Healthy Hair Oil to treat
yourself to a head massage once a week. You can also cover with a shower cap and leave
in overnight. When you are ready to wash out, apply shampoo
to dry hair, then wash as normal. Finally, boost your results with Triphala. For the body to produce and maintain thick
and lustrous hair, the digestive system must be able to break down, absorb, and assimilate
food nutrients. Direct to camera: Triphala offers a gentle
way to make sure that happens. It’s a blend of three fruits that encourages
the subtle removal of natural toxins from the GI tract, helping to tone and nourish
all the tissues of the body. Complete your healthy hair routine by taking
1 or 2 tablets on an empty stomach either first thing in the morning, before bed, or
both. Most of our customers see results quickly. I recommend at least 6 to 12 weeks for your
body to balance and show improvement. The Healthy Hair Bundle is for hair of all
types, textures, and lengths. Give your hair the care it deserves, and gain
the confidence to let you and your hair shine with the Healthy Hair Bundle.

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