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More than 50,000 premed applicants apply each
year to medical school and less than 40% get accepted. More and more applicants are applying each
year, and the matriculation rate has been trending downward. Every program receives thousands of applications
each year and can only accept a handful of students. I want to help you maximize your chances to
get you accepted. Stay tuned! What’s going on guys! J from In an ideal world, there would be a perfect
way to select applicants who would make great physicians. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal
world. So programs have to operate with incomplete
information about applicants and their potential to succeed in medical school and afterward
as compassionate and competent physicians. Here are six common reasons medical school
applicants are rejected. If you can address all 6, you’ll be in great
shape during your application cycle and maximize your chances of acceptance. The first reason is a Low MCAT. Unless you have a very strong GPA to compensate
for a low MCAT, you should consider retaking the test. If you’re not sure what constitutes a low
score, check the statistics on average MCAT scores for matriculants at schools you are
interested in and consult your academic advisor. Don’t be discouraged if your first test
did not go as well as you wanted – taking a standardized test like the MCAT is a skill
that can be learned – meaning you can improve with the proper mindset, work ethic, and focus. Retaking the test is understandable. While it is preferred to do it once and be
done with it, don’t think that schools will automatically reject you for retaking the
test. I have gone over my own success with the MCAT
as well as overviews of materials and study schedules to help you also achieve a killer
score. Check out my MCAT playlist for a good starting
point and tips on materials, study schedules, and test day advice. Reason number two; Low GPA with a decreasing
trend: if your GPA is low, it should at least be showing an upward trend with improving
grades as you progress through college. An upward trend demonstrates improvement,
resilience, and work ethic. And that’s sexy. If you have a low GPA without an increasing
trend, strongly consider a postbacc program to strengthen your application. If your grades are suffering, it’s not a
question of intelligence but study habits. Medical schools want to make sure you can
handle the academic rigors necessary for a career as a physician. Medical school is very different from college. You won’t necessarily be learning more difficult
concepts – that depends on what your college major was – but you will be learning much
more volume in a shorter period of time. Therefore mastering your study habits in college
is crucial. I’ve made a few videos on study habits – check
them out to increase your efficiency and effectiveness. Number three is weak personal statement or
secondaries: while the majority of your application is objective test scores, the personal statement
and secondaries are your chance to let your personality shine through. These essays should not be taken lightly as
they hold significant influence. We all know to get our personal statements
reviewed, but I would extend that to say that many of your secondaries should be as well. Thoughtful introspective writing will go a
long way – confusing or incomprehensible writing will get your application thrown out. At the same time, be true to yourself. If you try to portray as someone you are not,
it is very likely to backfire on you. I go over what makes for a memorable and effective
personal statement in this video above. Suboptimal letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation can make or break
your application. If you look good on paper but someone says
you’re terrible to work with, good luck getting into med school. Be careful when selecting who you are going
to ask to write your letter. It is better to obtain a letter from someone
who knows you well and can write a strong letter versus a big name who doesn’t know
you as well. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have a few extra
letters of recommendation so you can tailor which letter goes to which school. For example, you may want to submit different
letters to different institutions based on your professor’s connections and where they
trained. This is a minor point though, remember the
most important factor is that the person writing the letter knows you well, thinks you would
be a great medical student and physician, and is able to portray that convincingly in
their letter of recommendation. Learn how to secure strong letters of recommendation
and who to ask in this video above. Number five: Lack of Extracurriculars. You are a multifaceted person and there’s
more to you than just numbers. Be sure to adequately demonstrate this on
your application. While not absolutely necessary, having research
or healthcare related experiences will greatly increase your chances of success. Relevant extracurriculars such as clinical
volunteering or research demonstrate you have some understanding of the medical profession. The key here being quality over quantity. Being well rounded also means having non-medical
extracurriculars. If you play a sport competitively or started
a club for something not healthcare related, be sure to mention it. The application committees definitely want
to hear about it! Learn more in the extracurriculars video I
made above. And this last point is huge; the interview
day. Getting your foot in the door with an interview
is only half the equation. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by failing
to prepare adequately for the interview. Prepare for common questions, know the program
and why you want to go there, and be calm and composed. I created summary sheets of my own research
and important points on healthcare reform, which was very relevant at the time, and still
is. Using these review sheets before interviews
helped me speak eloquently about my research in detail and come across as well informed
regarding healthcare policies and the future of medicine. Also, I highly recommend doing some mock interviews
with your school career center which should be free of charge. And remember to be professional even when
you’re not in the interview room. Behaving unprofessional at any point during
the interview day is a sure way to get rejected. Even when you’re not at the school, a faculty
member or other person affiliated with the school could be nearby. Whether that’s on the plane, on the train,
whatever. So if you act like a terrible person, do not
be surprised if you do not receive an acceptance letter. That is it for this video guys, thank you
all so much for watching. If you liked the video, make sure you press
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you have not already and I will see you guys in that next one.

100 thoughts on “How to Get Into Medical School | 6 Reasons for Rejection

  1. Do you have any videos for someone who might be thinking about pursuing a career as a mid-level provider? Yknow like a Physician's Assistant or a Nurse Practitioner?

  2. I am a sophomore, premed major. I was nervous and didn't really know how to plan my next two years. Watching your video motivated me. Great video and very positive attitude. Thanks and keep posting more videos like this.

  3. Yo were is the personal statement vid? Im pretty sure you had one up before. I really wanted to see the link again for review options

  4. I studied a Pre-Veterinary curriculum in undergrad. I've since graduated and plan to apply next year. Since I was a vet student, I didn't get any human medical experience. The extracurricular video is geared toward people who are still in school and I can't do most of it. I'm in the military and cannot leave for periods of time. Do you have any suggestions, apart from shadowing, that I can do in the evenings/weekends to improve my chances? I did several non-medical related ones. Is shadowing sufficient if I'm solid in the other areas?

  5. Ive been thinking about making a short video series on how to get involved with undergrad research and I really like how you format your videos. What programs and software do you use?

  6. I'm in year 10 taking GCSE , I want to be at the top end of medicine , I'm currently achieving 2 A*'s and 2 A's and 6 B's , I still have 2 years to improve , so can I get some advice and also what grades would you except at bare minimum?

  7. In Austria its crazy only 10% of applicants get into med school and most people take the entrance exam like 3 to 4 years in a row and still dont get in

    But at least our medical education is free once we get in

  8. I hear a lot of people say that being a nurse doesn't give you an edge over other applicants and I call complete bullshit on that one i was so curious that i actually emailed several schools osteopathic and allopathic and some were very PC about saying nursing shows your capable of handling a large and rigorous workload but they take each undergraduate major equally… some osteopathic schools though didn't outright say yes but they did say we rarely reject nurses who meet the minimal standard lol

  9. I am rebuilding my academic career in a way…i caved in to anxiety and family troubles and got to probation in 3rd year…i am slowly working on study habits (though only getting to 70-80) and rebuilding my confidence. I was always confused after coming to Canada because of the emphasis on extracurricular activities as I have never been very outgoing…and had trouble understanding volunteering for a cv..i have slowly accepted it for building empathy, testing one’s ability to balance a busy schedule and grades and getting a look into different living conditions…i do think i have empathy…i will work on volunteering this year…i will probably have to do a second degree… i have tried to think of other options but my mind, although usually shy, doesn’t want to let go of surgeon and scientist….As i study more and learn more of the difference research makes, i want to combine the two even more…of course the first goal is med school…
    But still…am i dreaming if i think i can get to med school? Also, i live in canada 🙂

  10. Great video! I just posted a video about things I wish I was told before starting pre-med, link is in my channel.

  11. In Canada, you might as well just forget about it. The acceptance rates here are extremely low, prices for med school are ridiculously high, and testing is rigorous

  12. if I'm taking the MCAT again but own't know my score until late June, what should I do about submitting my application? I did all right the first time but I want a more competitive score. Should I submit my application in late june?

  13. IM a student of class 10. i just passed ssc in Bangladesh. Im confused to understand the difference between medical & medical collage . Coould you please explain ?

  14. Who do you get letter of recommendation from ? & how many people interview or is it just 1 person that does ?

  15. Would it help my chances if my relatives teach at my #1 med school (in the medical school itself) & in the school's hospital as a head of a program?

  16. If I´m from another country, Do I need a recommendation? Because in my country we don´t need that. I´m from Colombia.

  17. I would think they would be accepting more since there is a predicted massive shortage of medical personnel/professionals

  18. Is it true that even one fulfills the conditions to get into a medical school in Usa he/she might be denied because America prefers Americans to foreign students

  19. Hey nice video man. Is the hardest part really getting in? I ask because I've been grinding over my application and obsessing over it, as well as have put in over 1000 hours towards MCAT studying. I'll be taking it in July, but feel like the process of going through this burns you out. Does it get better once you're in med school, or in comparison to med school, is the MCAT like a walk in the park?

  20. I have been involved with dental school admissions as a dental school professor for many years. This is very good advice. Kudos!

  21. I’m just entering highschool and I’m already stressing about this kind of stuff. I need help…..

  22. Hey med school insiders I have a question. OK so I'm still in highschool and I am taking medical sciences as an option I have also been on a basketball and swim team before so I was wondering since I want to become a doctor would those help in getting into med school?

  23. I still dont understand why everything is so difficult there, here we just get inscripted, do a year of CBC and then you can go to medical school, and everything is free, and i mean Everything. Well, except the books

  24. I'm Canadian and trying to get into neurology in Korea and Japan, but not Canada or the US. I'm starting with medical translation in hospitals and a lot of miscellaneous things, rejection would be even more likely than it is here so I'm doing as much as possible

  25. I really want to study medicine but I got a c in physics and a B in maths.(in igcse )Will that effect my chances of getting into a medical school? Please reply i need help.

  26. I was homeschooled for high school do you think that that would affect in any way of my my chances of getting into medical school

  27. Hmmm… does someone knows a respiratory therapist can get into med school? I’m planning to go but not sure if they could accept my bachelor’s degree in respiratory therapy to get myself into the program?

    Edit: or can I go to a nurse practitioner or physician assistant program? Those are cool too!

  28. I want to take AP classes do volunteering and internships and so far my grades are good (I'm a freshman) but I want to join clubs but the only thing I am really interested in is art club and also the photography club but the rest of the clubs my school provides i'm not really
    going to like and feel happy if I join but if I don't join I fear that the University I want to go to
    will think I am not involved enough outside of class, should I be worried??

  29. I have a speech impediment, will it affect me on going into the field of medicine? I am doing my best to correct it, but it’s a neurological disorder that can’t be fully cured. Will interviewers look down upon that?

  30. Recently my dream is to get into med school to become a GP. Im a senior in highschool and I didnt have the best grades the first 3 years, I had mostly As, Bs, Cs and rarely a D

  31. I am currently a senior in high school, I’ve wanted to go to medical school for as long as I can remember. I am currently in an EMT program, I’d say I’m a good, overall A student and plan to go to college and get a BSN and apply to Med school right after. I’ve always wanted to do more, learn, have experience. I’m scared that once it comes down to it my grades won’t be enough, which is why I’ve volunteered at hospitals and gotten myself into the EMT program. I’ve just always been scared of the what ifs. What if my grades aren’t good enough, what if i’m just not good enough to be a doctor. I know grades do matter, but would experience be more valuable? or will that not be enough?

  32. How do I make my GPA better?
    I was sick all of my sophomore year of college and got my gallbladder removed in the summer of 2018. Then this semster in my junior year my father passed away. Grief and school dont mesh well.

    My GPA has plummeted so I'm wondering how I can get myself back in the running for med school cause I really want to be an OB/GYN.

  33. I am 13 years old and reading in a high school. I am from Bangladesh. I want to get into med school outside my country. What I have to do?

  34. Question… I'm currently taking EMR in high school… (freshman) if I take this class all 4 years does that count as a extracurricular activity?

  35. I’m going to be doing ib (I’m still in high school) and most likely going to a Canadian university so I have no idea what my gpa would be

  36. I'm curious as to your expertise or qualifications to be able to discuss and/or make recommendations on getting into medical school.  Are you currently in medical school?  Are you are resident ??  A Physician ??  Getting into medical is indeed very difficult and unless you have been accepted into a medical school, then one has no idea on what it takes to get in.

  37. I am interested in shadowing a physician but I have a couple of questions. What is the best way to go about finding a physician that would allow you to shadow? I plan to specialize in family medicine but my family has good relations with a pediatrician, would that matter or does it need to be a family physician? I am in pre-med but not far along, so I need to wait until I have a couple more semesters under my belt? What do they look at when deciding if you will be able to shadow? I have around 100 hours as a veterinarian shadow so I have some medical knowledge. And lastly, what would I be doing? I assume it would be different from shadowing at a vet. Any help is appreciated!

  38. #1 reason is partying/screwing around when you should be studying for mcat and getting A’s in your science classes.

  39. The funny thing about getting into med school is you want to learn about what it takes to be a doctor , but then you have to go through subjects that are completely unrelated ,like calculus from mathematics and physics.

    Just because one studies well does not guarantee one will be an excellent doctor.
    A doctor studies for the sake of learning , not for the sake of studying.

    Another reason why some struggle to get into medicine is due to the lack of finance.
    And many gave up because of that , OR they had to wait till their 40s or 50s to study again.

    I have nothing , my parents are retired , they can barely support themselves. I can't just leave them and no one caring for them , my only solution is to care for them till they've passed on , then I can continue with my studies, but I'm sure I'm already in my 60s by then

  40. Medicine sucks these days… think twice before you bust your ass for many many many years about becoming a doctor. Trust me!!!!

  41. Despite being in junior high, I’m really worried about not being able to get into medical school. My grades seem average and my parent has been lecturing about it. Seeing your videos gives me so many tips and is really helpful 🙂

  42. This has reassured me that I still have a great chance of getting in to medical school. Haven't taken the mcat yet (will this summer) and I'm working to make sure I absolutely nail it. The only thing here that will most likely hurt me is my GPA which isn't bad per se but not quite good enough for med school but I still have a full year to fix that (I'm a junior.) Thanks for making this video as I've been in a slump lately over my GPA and this assured me that my dream still has a good chance of coming true.

  43. That's crazy. In Poland you take maturity exam after high school, you need to pass biology, chemistry, phisics or maths and best people get accepted based on the exam score.

  44. Hello, im from Poland and i want to study medicine in UK. Right Now im in 2 class high school. I want to write on polish ,,Matura” 3 A levels. Chemistry, Biology and English. And i’v got a question. Im not really good at maths or physics so that’s why I’m choosing English as my third A level. Do I still have a chance to get to any medical school with those 3 A levels?

  45. 1. Low MCAT
    2. Low GPA with a decreasing trend
    3. Weak Personal Statement
    4. Suboptimal Letters of Recommendation
    5. Lack of Extracurriculars
    6. The Interview

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