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To become a General Practitioner, which is
commonly now known as either a Family Medicine Doctor or a Primary Care Physician, you first
need to complete your Bachelors Degree. This is the first step towards any career as a
Doctor, and typically a Pre-Med student will major in a science, however this isn’t necessary.
If you choose not to major in a science though, you need to make sure you do all of your science
prerequisites to be able to take the Medical College Admissions Test. The MCAT is a standardized
exam that all students who are applying to Medical School must take. The MCAT along with
your GPA and the college that you attended, will be factored into the Medical School’s
decision as to whether or not to admit you. You really want to focus on keeping a strong
GPA while you’re doing your Bachelors Degree, a 3.75 or higher will make you a strong candidate,
and do well on the MCAT. Next, you apply to Medical School and to apply to Medical School,
there is a standardized service called AMCAS, and one hundred and twenty one of the one
hundred and twenty nine accredited Medical Schools in the United States participate in
this program and through AMCAS, you can apply to one or all of them, and typically most
applicants to Medical School will apply to multiple Medical Colleges because it is a
very competitive field and you improve your odds of being accepted if you apply to multiple
schools. The next step along the way is to complete your medical education. Now Medical
School is an additional four year degree program. The first two years are typically reserved
for didactic instruction is Health Sciences, with some experience in Clinical care and
after completing the, those first two years you will need to pass the step of the United
States Medical Licensing Exam. This exam covers your basic knowledge of Health science, Disease
Process and Treatment Modalities. Then you need to complete the second two years of your,
of Medical school and it’s during these two years that you really learn your Clinical
knowledge and skills to become a Practicing Physician. At this point you need to pass
the second step to the USMLE Exam, and then you are conferred the degree of M.D. if you
are attending an Allopathic School, or D.O. if you’re attending an Osteopathic School.
Either way, the scope of practice in the United States is the same. Now the next step is to
complete a residency in Family Medicine. Now this is a three year residency program and
constitutes what’s known as your Graduate Medical Education. This is required before
you can actually practice independently as a Physician. Upon completing your three year
residency in Family Medicine or Primary Care, you will sit for the Board Exam in whichever
State you wish to practice and then you are ready to practice independently as a General

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