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How to get periods immediately using natural
foods. 1. Many women nowadays do not have regular periods. This condition is medically known as oligomenorrhea
and is very common. 2. Irregular periods are caused by a variety
of different factors such as stress, weight gain, weight loss, diet and many more. 3. You may wish to start a period as soon as
possible and to keep them regular. This can help if you are going on holiday
and are overdue, or simply want to feel healthy and in balance. 4. Today’s natural remedies help to regulate
oestrogen, the hormone responsible for controlling your menstrual cycle. Some of these have been used by women for
centuries as a traditional medicine. 5. The following remedies should not be used
if you are pregnant as they can cause miscarriage, so be mindful of this and consult a doctor
if you are unsure. Let’s take a look at three natural remedies
which can trigger a period. Remedy #1: Parsley Tea You Will Need: 60g Parsley Leaves (around 1/4 cup) 250ml Cold Water Method: Chop the parsley leaves to release the natural
chemicals and add to the glass of water. Place this in the refrigerator and allow it
to infuse for 2-4 hours. Use a sieve to extract the leaves and then
drink. Parsley has been used to induce periods for
centuries in traditional medicine. It contains two natural substances called
myristicin and apiol. These stimulate contractions of the uterus
and work to trigger periods. Remedy #2: Cumin Seeds You Will Need: 1 Tablespoon Cumin Seeds 250ml Boiling Water Method: Steep the cumin seeds in hot water and allow
the natural compounds to release into the water. Allow them to steep for 10 minutes before
straining and drinking. Cumin seeds also known as Jeera works to regularize
the menstrual cycle by generating heat in the body. It does this by unblocking blood vessels and
allowing the free flow of blood. This also can be taken during a period to
reduce cramps and period pain. Remedy #3: Ginger Root You Will Need: 2 Inches of fresh Raw Ginger 400ml Of Boiling Water Method: Peel the ginger and slice thinly to maximise
its surface area. Add this to a pan with the hot water and boil
for 20 minutes, before straining and drinking. Ginger has been used as an emmenagoguge to
stimulate menstruation for thousands of years. It is an extremely healthy spice which has
a range of health benefits which can be seen in our other videos. This also has pain relieving qualities which
help to soothe period pain, and relieve nausea and dizziness. 6. The remedies in today’s video have been tried
and tested by millions of women. Everyone’s body responds differently so you
may wish to try each remedy and see what works best for you. 7. Eating foods rich in Vitamin C also helps
to regulate the menstrual cycle. We recommend a daily teaspoon of amla powder
as this contains 20 times more vitamin c than orange juice. 8. Many women find that taking regular hot baths
helps to induce a period. This relaxes the body and allows you to release
built up physical and emotional stress. Relaxation often balances bodily functions
such as menstruation. The hot water also increases blood circulation. 9. Herbal remedies for bringing on a periods
are called emmenagogues. There are many other herbs which come under
this caterogry such as yarrow, feverfew, rosemary, sage, mugwort, juniper and celery seed. Try out different remedies and see which works
best for you. 10. To learn more about natural remedies and healthy
foods, please see our other videos. Thank you very much for listening, a like
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