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[Music] hello everyone and welcome to my channel my name is Hamza and I’ve recently started of pregnancy series and I have done a video on preconception in our Veda a few months ago and today is all about conceiving the I already Quay or whatever I’m going to share today something I’m tried and tested and applied into my own life because I have a two-year-old and I’m expecting again so yeah this has worked really well for me so I thought I would share these tips with you and I’m also going to be talking about my personal experience as well I will also be doing a kind of pregnancy vlog so hopefully every week I’ll be uploading videos so you can follow my pregnancy journey I’m already six months pregnant so you’ll be able to follow I’ve been taking videos from week six to now so I will upload them every Friday now vlogging about pregnancy might be a bit controversial because in Indian culture you kind of keep these things secret you don’t tell anybody you’re pregnant until you deliver and have a baby so these are like pregnancy delivery or even worse conception are things we don’t talk about so I just wanted to kind of open up about these topics and normalize them because they are as important as any other health topic or even more important because you are kind of creating your child it’s not a casual thing you are creating the next generation so it’s something very powerful you know conception is it’s it’s and so it should be given a lot more importance in the society preconception and conception because here you have the the capacity and the power to kind of create and form the next generation which is very empowering as also I wanted whatever I’m going to share is applies to both men and women so girls out there if you’re watching please share this video with your partner your husband and I want guys to be involved in these aspects as well because you create a child together both men and women need to be healthy for babies to be healthy and this might be a bit of a longish video so just get yourself comfortable and grab some hot drink like a turmeric milk which is perfect for the occasion and really good for fertility just getting myself comfortable here so I have taken some notes so please forgive me this is just so that I don’t forget anything so basically in Ayurveda your body your mind and your soul affect your health and the creation of a child is the expression of your health so your health during pregnancy and conception time will affect baby’s health and future development so we research proves that all the main organs are formed during the first three months of your pregnancy so and even more so during the first few hours or even a few days after fertilization and that’s when all the cells multiply and divide into different parts of the body so any birth defect that could happen would happen die so sorry okay so anybody think that couldn’t I think the baby would will happen then so that’s why there is um there is a lot of importance given to kind of get ready in all aspects so that’s why preconception is in our Veda is given even more importance than pregnancy itself its preconception care is basically the process of detoxifying and rejuvenating your body your mind your soul so that you can welcome a new child into your body your heart and your home so Alvida compares growing a child similar to growing a plant and there are four main factors that will affect its growth so first of all its seed quality second is nutrition and diet third is the field which is the body in the useless and forces the time and season so let’s start with the seed quality so according to our radar there are seven types of Nursing that right seven types of tissues or tattoos and it starts with you eating digesting assimilating and transforming that into nutrition or nutrients and then it becomes your plasma your blood your muscle your bones bone marrow and then finally the reproductive cell which is also called chakras huh – so that’s the sperm or the egg so any problem starting from the quality of your food to the different types of tissue can affect the quality of the seed and this seed is the seed of life it contains all the genetic formation right he’s bottle is leaking he’s saying is that okay so sorry for that there’ll be a few disturbances so what I was saying is that yeah the seed of life contains all the genetic information so anything that goes wrong could have really terrible consequences for the health of the baby and its development another tissue that is created at the end of this transformative process is ojas now ojas is the kind of or eliminate it’s your strength your health your immunity the clarity of your mind the sparkle in your eye the shine on your hair the glow on your skin so all these things I create your odors if you have the roaches you know that the seed is of good quality because both of them are created and at the end of the process and to kind of have this process running smoothly the first tab is to kind of detoxify there is a whole process in Ayurvedic called panchakarma just series of treatments that you can follow to kind of get rid of toxins so that you know whatever you food you have simulate will be whatever you food you take basically will be assimilated and transformed correctly another way to detoxify is using aloe vera juice first thing in the morning one tablespoon so that will help you eliminate your waste kind of get rid of all the toxins something as I’ve been taking is copper water so basically you just tow water into a copper vessel I have a little copper pot before going to bed and then you drink that water first thing in the morning like two three glasses and and then this will also it has a lot of health benefit it will help you detoxify and basically improve your immunity so it’s kind of overall improving your health and I have done a video I’ll link it here so you can check that out about three powerful three miraculous drinks in arabela now let’s move on to the nutrition now I read ah advises you to eat sattvic so what is sattvic it is the quality of the food basically anything that is organic fresh home-cooked and freshly cooked with especially with love and it’s not anything that has been processed specially with machinery or that has been frozen for a long period of time because it’s just loses is life and its energy its without prana so why it’s a trick because it’s not only more nutritious but also it has more energy and it will kind of raise your vibrational level as well so because in our Veda whatever you eat basically in your gut health affects your mood and your mind as well so sattvic is really healthy food for you other tips for eating astonishing eat in a hurry you shouldn’t overreach always leave a little bit of empty space and then don’t and then yeah eating a happy and calm environment don’t watch TV while still eating or take your phone for instance what I’ve done is that I have slowly started eating organic and swapping food like at least my staple food I’ve swapped it to organic food starting with for example milk milk is like given a lot of importance during conception time you make rice puddings and you drink a lot of milk like before going to bed like turmeric and saffron and almonds you are all these things and then you have that it’s like perfect fertility boosting drink in our Lida so I have swapped my milk I’m actually it’s been years and years now like since I was a teenager or since forever I think because my parents were also using organic milk basically organic milk is from cows there are grass fed in the open air in the fields there are happy and running around everywhere they’re not like in their little cubicles injected with hormones and antibiotics and treated badly because I read also says that you take the food you take the feelings of of the food so we might all lose here hello G is also an important food for fertility then there is like soaked almonds and walnuts there are days pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds honey all the fruits and leafy vegetables are advised in our way though now you can go before exactly I mean a few days before conceiving you can go on a liquid diet so that’s easier to digest and process and it also helps you detoxify so you’re kind of ready for the embryo and foods that you need to avoid obviously tea coffee alcohol you need to stop smoking if you are and then anything that’s hot and spicy onions garlic and especially meat and all these foods need to be avoided because they are not sattvic they are either rajasic automatic which is basically unhealthy food for conception and generally for health other supplements than you can take for women there is something there is a hub in our Vedic culture Terry it looks like this this one is from organic India basically this hub is really really good for rebalancing your hormonal system and generally for all problems in women this is really really good so you can take one or two tablets a day after a meal for guys there is a hub called ashwagandha that they can take and there is also sorry I’m just gonna Granta there’s also this mix of hub called shaven brush this one is from double so basically it’s a mix of 40 hubs with some key and some honey and it’s really good for him improving your immunity and generally improving your health so obviously that will also affect your fertility now moving on to the third factor which is the field also called Chaitra in Ayurveda this is where your whole pregnancy have grows and by the baby grows basically so it’s not just your uterus but your overall body because everything is linked now to have a healthy uterus you need balanced OSHA’s especially your sari especially you uh-vatar and your pita need to be in a balanced stage pregnancy is more like cava like more heavy stage but beta and beta needs to be calm down before you can see because any issues could result in for example miscarriage bleeding or high blood pressure for instance you also need a peaceful and calm mind to have a healthy body obviously and then you need a body free of toxins now toxins are absolutely everywhere whether it’s in your food with pesticides and chemicals that’s why I would be the suggest you eat organic I don’t think and that in 5000 years ago that was the concept of organic but basically sattvic is organic so yeah talking about toxins they are absolutely everywhere so what is in your food or in your makeup in your cleaning products so that’s why I have gone come I don’t buy any of the cleaning products I make them at home with vinegar and water and then I make my own soap with castile soap or several de marsay then I make my own moisturizer with coconut oil and shea butter which are also gets your tiny boosts a nice so and then they also have switched since a few years now two organic makeups whatever I’m wearing right now is all organic a link a link here to my video about organic brands and organic my makeup now issues that you need to solve before conceiving because they can affect your pregnancy sorry URI is just going around and issues that can affect your pregnancy are like fibroids PCOS anemia excess weight thyroid problems so you might need to sort them out before you become pregnant so he wants to come on in my lap and drink his milk is how it works so to check the health of your uterus basically check if you have regular and normal periods if you don’t you might want to you know so all these problems and have regular periods before you start for trying for a baby basically now I don’t know another issue I wanted to point out is stress basically stress is an important cause hello there stress is an important cause of infertility now stress is is the biggest disease in the 21st century hello sorry for this so basically stress is the biggest disease of the 20s so there are so many now let me talk with me yeah I’m just doing a video about conception I don’t know what I was saying this is gonna be really funny for stress basically it’s the biggest disease of the 21st century it has caused so many illnesses that we don’t even we are not even aware that they are linked to stress but they are basically stress puts your body into a constant state of like panic mode and so only so your body only focuses on the vital organs like your brain your heart your digestion but it kind of shuts down the non vital organs like your reproductive system is just shut down so yeah try to I don’t know what you sing no this is gonna be part of the video ways to reduce stress I like doing yoga yoga nidra pranayama which are breathing exercises but also meditation now meditation is something that I have been doing with my partner in the preconception period like few months before conceiving so we kind of just sit down and reflect I think just not no doing anything nowadays is a big thing because we constantly like doing doing doing watching TV or something all the time so it’s a time to just kind of bond you think of your relationship you just basically you sit down in a vertical position very grounded in a comfortable position and then you close your eyes and you just reflect on the relationship with your partner on the bond you share the love you share and the family you want to have so you visualize Wow so you visualize the family you want to have and the child you want to have you cannot invite them we invite that the soul you want or invite the child you want so yeah I lost my my thoughts now because of your foot so in ancient times parents used to kind of meditate for long periods of time like they would go in mountains and retire and then you know meditate and pray for a child it’s it’s basically it’s a transformative process you transform yourself so that you are kind of ready in all aspects physically emotionally spiritually to be worthy of that child than you asking for worthy of that soul now let’s move on to the fourth factor that affect your fertility is timing you might already know that the best time to conceive is during ovulation this is two weeks after the first day of your last period which is the most fertile time in your whole cycle nowadays there’s lots of ovulation tests then you can that can help you determine that fertile window and I’ve also been using some apps especially the natural cycle app basically it comes with a thermo thermometer so you check your temperature first thing in the morning and then it tells you whether you can well yeah whether you’re fertile or not so initially I was using that as a contraceptive tool but you can also use it to get pregnant basically now there are certain days that you need to conceive and these are basically six seven eight ten twelve fourteen and fifteen days after the end of your period another way that suggests that you kind of hold on don’t do anything for a week before ovulation then you try for the baby then you wait again for the next part I window you shouldn’t also try to conceive obviously during periods during transition periods like dawn dusk full moon our new moon all unary clips obviously the best season to conceive is spring is the season of life this is where flowers are blossoming animals are mating and breeding so why not take advantage of this law of nature to get pregnant ourselves because we are part of nature and yeah during my for my second baby basically I conceived in May which was really good for my first pregnancy I was in my last trimester in summer which was an ideal because the heat didn’t help with the swelling and etc so this time round a lily vine winter which is hopefully gonna be better yeah you can follow me on my blog so you’ll know how it goes now moving on to age the best age to conceive would be probably between 20 and 35 in Indian philosophy there is a whole people in your life called grass ashram this is when you kind of settle down on your money like have kids and raise kids and if this is also when you the most physically fit and things you need to consider before conceiving and having a family is the relationship first of all with your partner so your relationship needs to be really strong because this is going to be the base of your family after you deliver and after you have kids it’s really hard period and it can affect your relationship so make sure your base is strong enough to kind of have you know have a family now secondly it’s your career so think about your profession and your work will you be able to achieve a work-life balance and will you have time to dedicate to to your child basically and raise him properly so now let’s move on to the practicality of things how you should conceive basically you should be in a nice and peaceful environment in a nicely decorated room and a bed like with some flowers and some pops you can turn on some salt lamp or turn on some candles infuse some essential oils like rose lavender or jasmine a very relaxing and you should do this in a happy cheerful and joyful mood there shouldn’t be any negative feelings affecting your mind like fear frustration anger depression or even anxiety these are not good and you should do this in feelings of love and and respect because in feelings of love and respect because conceiving is a sacred act it’s not anything casual it’s a big thing because you’re gonna be your child sorry let me finish and then once you’re done once you’re done you can go for a room shower drink some turmeric milk with some saffron almonds and ginger so this is kind of very fortifying and really good for fertility and and conception if you watch Indian movies you always see the bride like on the wedding night coming with a glass of like milk going into the wedding room so yeah this is like it has become a tradition as well so yeah that’s it for for the practical stuff and I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and if you find these tips useful please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more videos you’ll be able to follow me on my pregnancy journey so yeah see you in my next one bye

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