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Greetings, Eric Bakker, naturopath. Thank you for coming back to my channel. I always appreciate it. Have you subscribed yet? Please subscribe. Right, what do you think of my funky shirt? Anyway, let’s get into this video. We’re not talking about funky shirts. We’re talking about anal itching, and it’s
bad for some people. It’s so bad, you’ve got no idea. I’ve got patients from many different countries
who’ve got an itchy bottom. That’s right, an itchy bottom. Now you may be laughing right now, but I can
tell you, this is a really serious problem for some people, and it can drive them crazy. Can you imagine how embarrassing it is to
have an itchy backside, how embarrassing it is if you’re out in public? Even if you’re not in public, it’s very embarrassing. It’s terribly embarrassing in fact. So what can we do to help these poor people
with anal itching? Now let me tell you something, everybody gets
anal itching, right? From time to time, we’ve always had that feeling. You know, there’s something not quite right
there. Anal itching is not impossible to get, but
what is bad is when it’s intractable, consistent, or persistent. It stays there for days and days and days
on end. Some people have it 24/7. Some people have it for years. So what the heck do you do with this problem? Well, the first thing that I really want you
to do is try and work out, do you have any kind of preexisting digestive problem that
was there before the anal itching? Do you have hemorrhoids? Have you any anal fissures, and tears in that
area? Have you got hemorrhoids? Do you have diabetes? Do you have thyroid disease? Do you have … There are many different conditions
that can be prelude to this particular type of symptom. So see it as a symptom being a problem, okay? Let’s look at your motor car, all right? Now when you turn on your motor car, the engine
runs and puts exhaust gases out. What about if you get way too much smoke coming
out the tailpipe, or when you get backfires, or you get problems? That alerts you that it’s likely not going
to be in the tailpipe, it’s most likely going to be further upstream somewhere in the engine
that needs sorting out, right? Many people with anal itching have got a problem
which they haven’t really understood or tapped into. That could be long-term constipation or diarrhea. It could be a Candida problem. Excuse me. It could be a parasite problem. It could be a bacterial infection, like a
strep or staph infection. These are quite common. It can be viruses. Some people with herpes simplex, a cold sore. A type two herpes can get it down there as
well in the rectum area. As you can see there’s a whole lot of different
reasons why you can get this problem called anal itching. I’m gonna tell you now, one of the most common
things I see in people is Candida albicans. So many people have got itching in that area
from a yeast infection. It is not fun. I have given up count how many hundreds of
stool test results I’ve seen with very high Candida load where anal itching was present. And the patient was never tested for a fungal
or bacterial problem. They were just put on some kind of rectal
cream. That’s not good enough. That’s certainly not good enough for somebody
like you who’s suffering from this. Go to your doctor, get analyzed. If the doctor doesn’t want to help you, go
to a gastroenterologist. Talk about the problem. Get the area thoroughly checked out. Get some findings. Get a specialist’s report, okay? A specialist’s report is usually one A4 piece
of paper, and it will have the specialist’s findings on it saying, “Mrs. Smith came to
see. She was a delightful lady. But we haven’t found some inflammation,” you
know? And it’ll all be in medical talk. Some of these words you may not understand,
but somebody like me can read that kind of weird stuff. Well, we can read it. We don’t really wanna look at the rectal area. We let the gastroenterologists do that. But the findings on the paper from the specialist
will be very good. That coupled with a comprehensive stool analysis
is your best shot for anal itching. So first go to a doctor. If no joy, go to a gastroenterologist. Get a specialist’s report. On your own back, then you can decide whether
you want a medical treatment or natural. Then get a stool test done. Go and see your naturopathic physician or
integrative doctor. Ask for a comprehensive stool analysis, preferably
three samples. One each day for three days, which includes
a parasite screening because you must eliminate the potential for having a parasitic infection. There are many parasites, for example, like
threadworms, different types of worms that can really cause a lot of anal itching. So get that done. Find out what it is. Work with a practitioner. Work through it. But always, always, consider the possibility
of a Candida yeast infection. I’ve seen this too many times with anal itching,
too many times to ignore the connection. You could also just treat the Candida, and
to see how the itch goes, all right? Treat for Candida. Check out my other videos. I’m sure there are other videos I’ve done
on anal itching. But this gives you a heads up. You can get on top of this problem. In nine out of 10 cases it can be fixed, and
often pretty quick. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. You are so right. There are signs you have a yeast infection all along the way before it finally slams you. I love the shirt and your channel.

  2. Beautiful hip shirt love the color you are a lifesaver with your information I am someone who lives in Los Angeles California and I am going to order your products very soon

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