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Welcome to the VitaLife show. I’m
doctor Janine Bowring and today’s topic what we’re talking
about is cellulite now in previous videos I’ve been asked you know what are your favorite tricks
for dealing with cellulite and I will share
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about how to treat your medical conditions naturally to help with your beauty routine and
doing it all naturally from the inside out so again today we’re talking about
cellulite. Now cellulite of course effects women more so then men and it’s partly hormonal issue but
has a lot to do with toxicity and blood flow as well and the lymphatic
system so with the tips I’ll be sharing
today will be addressing all those issues as to why you may have a cellulite problem in the
first place so you know maybe it is hereditary
thing if your mom had you know a lot of cellulite perhaps
you do as well but often you have the same diet the same hormonal makeup as what your
mom or the women in your family do as well so this
could be part of it also the same exposure to some of those toxins so that’s
why detoxification is so important when wanting to treat and also prevent
cellulite one of the best things that we can do in
terms of protocols and my first on the list a
protocols is skin brushing so getting a
natural bristle brush in the shower and a lot of people say to
do it wet but I actually prefer to do it dry so it
doesn’t really matter but basically what you do is you brush with that natural body brush always
towards the hearts so start at the extremities and work your way toward the heart and
not only does this stimulate circulation helps with that
connective tissue and that dimpling effect that you may
see no matter where you may have the cellulite and of course the most common
area is the backs of the legs and the buttocks also the tummy
as well and again hormonally for different
reasons women have the cellulite at different areas sometimes the back the
arms as well so make sure you use that brush in the
shower either wet or dry and always working towards the heart which
is really important for circulation now next on protocol list is the massage so if you you know have the ability to go and get
a professional massage especially someone who works really deep tissue so
myofascial release type of massage that’s what you’re
looking for but if you go to a regular massage therapist ask for deep tissue
massage it usually hurts a little bit so I just warn you with that but really helps to get in that connective tissue to try to
alleviate some of those adhesion that have happened so and helps of
course get that circulation going Flushing those toxins out Massage is number two on the list. Number 3 on the list is actually a coffee scrub. In a further future video I’ll actually show you exactly how you
make it, so be sure to look for that and be sure to subscribe of course so that as
soon as we upload that video you’ll be the first person to get the
actual recipe and I’ll show you exactly how to mix it up and you do the coffee scrub and put it
on your skin so basically you’re using coffee grounds and it’s really you know usually easy to
get those if you drink coffee some brown sugar and some coconut oil
and you mix it all up in this concoction and put it right on your area of
cellulite and let it sit there for about a half an
hour or so. Very relaxing but at the same time a great way to address that cellulite and you do that about twice a week so forth on the list of course I’ve
talked a lot about detoxification which is really important because those toxins and the toxin
build up what happens at the cellular level is that our cells hold
onto extra water and fat to try to dilute those toxins so were all exposed to toxins daily you know from the environment really important to detoxify and I
always say at least four times a year at the changes each season it’s great to do a full body detox and
that’s exactly what we’ve created with the VitaDetox here at VitaTree Nutritional’s a full body detox for all the internal
organs so it includes the liver cleanse a digestive cleanse the lymphatic cleanse
which is really important for the cellulite issue a blood cleanse
as well so comprehensive so do check it out at you’ll absolutely love
it and you’ll see dramatic improvement in your cellulite in
using the VitaDetox 5th on my list of protocols for cellulite issue is hormonal so addressing the hormonal issue
of course affects women more so then men with the cellulite so if there’s a hormonal imbalance issue progesterone and estrogen have to be in
balance to manage the fluid retention in your
body so this is really important so we actually created VitaWomen’s formula
to help to address your estrogen and progesterone levels if you have other you know issues and
symptoms related to your hormones being outta whack whether is perimenopausal, menopausal
could be PMS type symptoms water retention weight gain before your cycle VitaWomen’s will be your absolute
best friend I couldn’t live without it I’ve had four babies myself a lot of
hormonal ups and downs over the years and
VitaWomen’s is my saving grace as it is for so many thousand of
women across North America because of it’s great effects the
ingredients of course have a high efficacy and we
don’t use any those things that shouldn’t be vitamins so no fillers, no magnesium stearate, so check out our VitaWomen’s formula this
is you know ringing true for you this will be your very best friend in terms of a
supplement now six on the list of our protocol for cellulite is addressing
lymphatic congestion. The lymphatic system there is a lot of toxins that can accumulate here a lymphatic system needs to be you know prime at a most functioning to address cellulite and getting you rid of that cellular debris We actually have our Cold/Flu and Immune Formula which helps to address are lymphatic flow helping to get at that cellular debris so that’s our Cold/Flu and Immune Formula
you can check that out at and number seven on the list is our brand new launch which is coming
out very soon our Veins and Circulation Formula it actually formulated even though its called
Veins and Circulation it’s actually formulated for cellulite as well so wonderful formulation in
terms of natural ingredients to address again the circulatory issues especially
in legs because we see you know that cellulite issue at the backs of the legs mostly but helping to address cellulite as well
because it helps with that circulation going lymphatic flow going especially in the leg so and but in the
circulation in general so check that out it will be watching very soon so make
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